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1.08 Fromage


  • TV Version
  • Producer's Cut
Release: Oct 10, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version as broadcasted on the 16th of May 2013 and the Producer's Cut, taken from the US Blu-ray by Lionsgate.

- 6 alterations
- No difference in time

Although there were no indications during the broadcasts, and despite very explicit scenes that could be seen on TV, the advertisements for the home cinema release of this very recommendable series hinted at missing elements: "Unrated episodes featuring content that was cut for broadcast" were, for example, promised for the US release.
Five of the episodes are marked as "Producer's Cut" in the inlay and menus of the BD and are indeed different from the TV versions. However, there are no differences in running time, which means that it will be impossible to judge the contents of further releases on just the length. At least it can be said that all these changes are actually removed censoring and NOT the addition of scenes that were taken out of the episodes in order to tighten them up. These are all the episodes with alterations:

1x05: Coquilles
1x06: Entrée
1x08: Fromage
1x10: Buffet Froid
1x12: Relevés

In episode 8 (Fromage) a murder opens one of his victims' neck and you can see the vocal cords which he uses as strings for his cello. Almost all gory effects were toned down for the TV Version during the act of disembowelment as well as Will's imagination of how it might have happened. The Producer's Cut includes its original version.

By the way: the UK BD was released a few weeks earlier but only contains the censored versions of the episodes.
Alternate Footage

In the Producer's Cut you see another short shot of Tobias before the flashback of the murder starts.

TV Version 1.3 sec longer.

TV VersionProducer's Cut

Alternate Footage

In the TV Version you see the shot of the stomach slightly longer (not illustrated below). After that begins the shot of the bowels that were taken out.
The Producer's Cut cuts to a different shot of the stomach via jumpcut. You already see blood and Tobias already cuts into the flesh. Additionally, moves the guts around which at the moment are still pretty much in their place.

Producer's Cut 2.3 sec longer.

TV VersionProducer's Cut


The shot of the disembowelment is shown longer and more explicit in the Producer's Cut.

1.5 sec

Alternate Footage

When the white-yellow line (a signal for Will's imagination becoming more and more detailed) rushes through the image again, the TV Version shows a long shot of the corpse in cello form from the same perspective as previously. The Producer's Cut instead shows a close-up shot of the open neck.

No difference in time.

TV VersionProducer's Cut

Alternate Footage

During the next usage of this effect both versions show a close-up shot. In the TV Version the open neck is closed in accordance to the line that runs to the left (which actually fits to other flashbacks of that kind - the deed is displayed backwards), while the Producer's Cut shows the completed deed a little longer. Only after the beam of light is out of the frame the "wound" is also closed in the Producer's Cut.

No difference in time.

TV VersionProducer's Cut

Alternate Footage

The Producer's Cut shows an additional close-up shot of the ongoings in/around the open neck.
In the TV Version you instead see the previous shot slightly earlier (not illustrated below) and the following shot begins slighly earlier as well. The Producer's Cut continues when Tobias' hand is already on the chin.

TV Version 0.2 sec longer.

TV VersionProducer's Cut

Alternate Footage

In the Producer's Cut you see a longer shot during which the fingerboard is slownly put into the victim's mouth/neck.
The TV Version instead shows Will again, followed by an earlier shot of him going to the corpse. The Producer's Cut continues during this shot when the corpse can already be seen on the right side of the frame.

Producer's Cut 0.1 sec longer.

TV VersionProducer's Cut