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  • Theatrical Version
  • Editor's Cut
Release: Jul 19, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
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95:50 / 95:50-97:57

After Sandman transforms back into Flint, the biggest difference in the Editor's Cut follows: Mother Emma is at the park with Flint's daughter Penny. She talks about her dad who once again did not make it. Penny then gets closer to a sand castle and keeps looking at it. In this shape, Flint is able to see her again. With determination, he says he could not be stopped anymore. In other words, this scene perfectly illustrates Sandman's motivation to look for Spider-Man when Venom shows up.

Emma: "Honey, look at me. I know your father's made promises to you. But sometimes he makes promises that he can't always keep. I don't know. Something seems to always get in his way I guess. I just don't want you to get your hopes up. He'll only break your heart. Go get your things, okay?"
She moves forward on her crutches and spots a sand castle. When she touches the exterior, she spots a hand print on the interior which is why she puts her hand on it and moves the head forward with some kind of satisfaction."
Emma: "Penny, come on."
Penny: "Coming."
When she has left, she turns back around. The sand castle has vanished.
Then Flint: "I swear to him. He won't stop me again."

127.2 sec (= 2:07 min)

Additional Footage Theatrical Version
104:39-107:18 / 106:46

After the shower scene with Peter, the Editor's Cut continues with another one of his escapades at night - his conversation with Aunt May has been removed. She asks how he was and also about the situation regarding MJ. Peter explains he had not been ready yet and gives back the ring. Aunt May gives him a little pep talk. She also points out he was a decent human being and he would know what to do when the time was right.

+ 158.9 sec (= 2:39 min)

When Peter asks Harry for help in the 110th minute, the score is way different - there is more piano music in the Theatrical Version.

Screenshot to illustrate the scene

Alternate / ADditional Footage Theatrical Version
111:38-112:50 / 111:06-111:28

After Harry sends Peter out, he is being convinced to help Peter in an entirely different way.

In the Theatrical Version, he spots the sword on the ground. The butler enters the room gives a little speech about Spider-Man not being responsable for his father's death.

In the Editor's Cut, Harry only sees the broken picture of him with Peter and MJ. He contemplates and makes the decision to help Spider-Man - without having to be convinced/talked into it by anybody else.

Theatrical Version 49.9 sec longer

For the last time, the score differs in the 132nd/131st minute: Peter and MJ make up. The score sounds a bit more "epic" in the Editor's Cut.

Screenshot to illustrate the scene

The end credits start a little earlier in the Editor's Cut plus the score is different at first. Every now and then, the music section has been altered.

Theatrical VersionEditor's Cut

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