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original title: Tau Ming Chong


  • BBFC 15 International Version
  • Uncensored International Version
Release: Nov 14, 2009 - Author: azog - Translator: lll - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the British DVD by Metrodome (Two Disc Collector's Edition), a censored version of the international cut, and the uncencored international cut (using the German DVD by NEW KSM), which differs from the HK version in many minor rearrangements.

According to The Cinematograph Films (Animals) Act 1937, which prohibits exhibiting cruelty against animals, the film was censored for UK distribution.

It is illegal to show any scene ‘organised or directed’ for the purposes of the film to involve actual cruelty to animals.

The BBFC was disturbed by scenes of horses plunging to the ground.

Cuts were required to remove all sight of animal cruelty (horses being made to fall forward onto their necks), in accordance with the Cinematograph Films (Animals) Act 1937

The cuts – all in the Battle of Shu scene – are well done and hardly noticeable.

Running times:

running time Metrodome = 01:48:22 (01:45:39 without final credits)
running time NEW KSM = 01:48:53 (01:46:10 without final credits)
number of cuts = 8
running time of cuts = 15.28 sec (the remaining discrepency resulting from an extra logo by German distributor NEW KSM)

Picture comparison:

Mega Star:


UK DVD: 00:00:00
INT DVD: 00:00:00

The British DVD starts off with the Media Asia Group sign, while the German version of the international cut first shows the KSM logo.

14.76 sec (time difference between both versions up to the Media Asia Group sign)

UK DVD: 00:36:11
INT DVD: 00:36:26

The first fall takes place as the two groups of riders clash, shortly after the gang surrounding Zhao Er-hu (Andy Lau) blindfold the horses.

1.8 sec

UK DVD: 00:36:11
INT DVD: 00:36:29

The two versions continue synchronously up to the next plunges.

1 sec

UK DVD: 00:36:18
INT DVD: 00:36:36

The results of the first cannon firing.

1.6 sec

UK DVD: 00:36:19
INT DVD: 00:36:38

Further consequences of the bombardment.

2.84 sec

UK DVD: 00:36:23
INT DVD: 00:36:46

Between two views of the shooting cannons.

1.16 sec

UK DVD: 00:36:24
INT DVD: 00:36:48

Subsequently, the cannons can be seen shortly, and more plunging follows.

1.92 sec

UK DVD: 00:36:43
INT DVD: 00:37:09

Zhao storms towards an opponent, while a horse falls in front of him.

3.28 sec

UK DVD: 00:37:00
INT DVD: 00:37:29

After General Pang Qing-Yun (Jet Li) throws some enemies from their mounts, the final fall and a bit of the General’s departure is missing.

1.68 sec