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Season 10 (equals the not-announced Volume 9 in the US / Region 2 + PAL)

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The Last of Us

Family Guy

8.11 Dial Meg for Murder


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Oct 02, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the uncensored DVD Version (DVD Version represented by the UK release "Season 10").

- 12 differences, among them darunter two with auditory differences and eight with alternate footage
- Difference: 73.1 sec

As usual, almost any newer episode of Family Guy has been released as uncensored and extended version on DVD. The latest season 10 has just started to air in the US (September 2011) but the last episode released on DVD is episode "8.08". It's available on "Volume 8" and was released in June 2010. Since then, no further box has been released or even announced so far for some reason. But the English people know what they're doing. While the UK counterpart was always released a couple of months after the box set in the US (the UK Season 9 equal to the US Vol. 8 was released 5 months later), the next UK box is already available. "Season 10" contains the episodes "8.09" until "8.19", the episode Partial Terms of Endearment, which got banned from TV in the US, plus the first 3 episodes of season 9 and it was released in May 2011.

The third episode of this box, 8x11 ("Dial Meg for Murder"), contains lots of alterations. In most cases, sth. has been censored. The most interesting difference is probably that Peter isn't completely naked in the TV Version when he's being molested by the bull. The animation in the DVD Version is the same but he's totally nude here. Apart from that, there are several alternate or new dialogs with a ruder lines. Joe's reaction on the phone is another new scene which is kind of nice.

The woman from the magazine-publishing house says "They twist the bull's balls before they run, that's why they're jacked up" at first. Not until then, Brian wonders why this isn't illegal.

3.6 sec


In the TV Version, Peter is wearing underpants in the "being molested by a bull" scene.

no difference

TV VersionDVD Version


In the TV Version, the scene ends with a shot of Lois and the kids while the while the actually happenings take place in the off.
The DVD Version sticks with the happenings. As a result of that, the reaction shot is missing.

no difference

TV VersionDVD Version


Again Peter and the bull. Peter's still (not) naked.

no difference

TV VersionDVD Version


Equal dialog, different animation. The TV Version shows Lois and Meg from a further distance.

no difference

TV VersionDVD Version


In the DVD Version, a shot of Lois being alone follows. She says: "I've dated convicts, I know how they talk. One day they promise you the world. The next day you're spitting balloons of heroin into their mouths during visits."
Then a shot of them. The angle is equal to the angle in the TV Version. In the process of Meg fighting back, she swings her arms: "Luke doesn't do drugs."

The TV Version sticks with the same angle all the time. Since there's no need for Meg to defend herself because there's no drug accusation, she doesn't swing her arms either.

DVD Version 11.9 sec longer

TV VersionDVD Version


In the TV Version, Luke goes to Meg in the evening. In the DVD Version, it's broad day light. The only difference here is the background of three animations.

no difference

TV VersionDVD Version

Modified audio track / Alternate

After Meg kissed him, Lukes comment why he's rather with her is more direct in the DVD Version.

TV: "And it's nice to be in front of someone for a change."
DVD: "That tastes better than a guy's penis, I tell you."

no difference
screen for illustration reasons


Now the reason for the previous day/night alteration. The DVD Version contains an additional scene in the evening, starting with a shot of the Griffin house. The other family members are worried about Meg because she stays in her room all day.

At the table. Meg says: "Mom, can I be excused? I wanna go eat my food in my room."
Lois: "Sure, Meg, if you want."
Now, Meg reaches for food for two people and leaves. Stewie comments that with: "Eating disorder..."
Lois to Brian: "I don't know what's going on with Meg. She doesn't wanna leave her room."
Brian: "She's depressed because she's in love with a man she can't be with."
Then a consistent hammering noise from the top floor. Brian jumps to conclusions and says: "Listen to that. Poor kid banging her headboard into the wall out of frustration and loneliness. Probably got her legs up in sadness."
Now a water faucet noise. Lois says: "Listen to her now. Washing her face off in the sink after crying so much."
Peter: "Probably got tears in her hair, poor thing."
Brian: "I'll go up and talk to her."
He leaves and Stewie finally mentions the obvious: "Am I the only one who thinks she's getting fucked up there?"

42.6 sec


In the DVD Version, Brian asks "Everything all right?" first, right after he came in.
Meg replies: "Yeah, yeah. Everything's fine."

2.6 sec

Modified audio track / Alternate

When Peter comes in, he says sth. entirely different.

TV: "Brian, will you call me on my mickey mouse phone?"
DVD: "Brian, if you don't come back, I'm eating the slice of pie that was designated for you."

DVD Version 2 sec longer
screen for illustration reasons


Joe also replies on the phone before he starts chasing Luke: "Peter, first off, thank you. I have to admit I was a little disappointed you didn't say anything about the living room rearrangement. Second of all, oh, my God. I'm on my way."

10.4 sec