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Massacre in Dinosaur Valley

original title: Nudo e Selvaggio


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Apr 09, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Extended Version (both available on the Austrian Blu-Ray by XT Video).

Professor Ibañez along with his daugther Eva wants to get to the legendary Dinosaur Valley which apparently is full of prehistoric bones. On their flight, they are accompanied by adventurer and archeologist Kevin who also is interested in dinosaur bones, fotographer José and his models Belinda and Monica as well as the Vietnam veteran John and his daugther Betty who is bummed out by her husband's impotence. During the flight, there is some turbulence and the plane has to make a forced landing in the Amazon Basin. The pilot and Professor Ibañez do not survice the crash while the rest of the group has to get through the jungle which is full of piranhas, bloodthirsty cannibals, hungry corcodiles and a group of ruthless diamaond collectors. Naturally, the group is decimated one by one.

It is actually pretty genious, how "Massacre in Dinosaur Valley" puts several exploitation-movie-elements together in order to entertain the audience over the course of the entire runtime. Since director Michele Massimo Tarantini had put out a few Italian sexy comedy flicks, it is no wonder that there are a few good-looking actresses in this movie who - for several different reasons - have to take off their clothes. Even the strongest voyeuristic undertones are interesting: After getting through a river, John looks at the two models - only to be confronted by his wife, saying that due to his impotence he would not be able to do anything about the situation anyway. Main actor Michael Sopkiw will keep you entertained as a poor man's Indiana Jones who finds a way out of any harmful situation. The confrontation with the cannibals is only one part of the movie and - thankfully enough - goes by without any animal being killed on camera. Instead, the Aquaras cannibals have a bizarre cult surrounding the dinosaur bones during which they try to sacrifice the two - barely dressed - girls.

Worldwide DVD releases are based on an uncut version. However, the US DVD by Shriek Show for instance a fistful of deleted scenes as bonus. In addition to the uncut Theatrical Version, the Austrian DVD by XT Video also contains a so-called Extended Version with the previously mentioned deleted scenes being back in the movie. Unfortunately, parts of those scenes are silent because there is no available audio tracks. The extended footage is all in the first act of the movie and were probably removed for pace reasons. Quite interesting are the scenes at the photoshoot. Besides some more skin, it is also being explained how the breaks down in the first place. The extended scenes regarding Kevin's arrival during which one of his dinosaur bones gets crushed by a truck is quite amusing as well. Other scenes such as the extended dialogs at the bar or the arrival and flight preparations are missing for a reason though. Fans should give it a shot anyway.


Theatrical Version: 88:52 min
Extended Version: 96:32 min

The models get in the car. The driver holds the door and gets to sneak a peek at Belinda's legs who flirts with him a little. Then the car drives off.

There is no audio for that scene.

Extended Version: 47 sec


The driver makes a few jokes about Kevin, that he could open a restaurant. Then he drives off and in the process, he runs over some of the bones. Kevin is terrified.

Extended Version: 26 sec


The hotel boss grabs a dead fish from the bag. He then gets the credit card and goes behind the counter. Kevin says the hotel reminded him of the Hilton because he had had to sleep in the jungle beforehand.

There is no audio for half of the scene.

Extended Version: 31 sec


The models keep getting changed and the photoshoot continues. Carlito gets on the hood in order to watch the two girls. He gets to excited and carried away that he falls off the hood and the tire blows. The photographer tells him to change the flat tire. Carlito appears desperate though because he will have to talk to town in order to do so.

Audio track only for the last dialog scene with Carlito and the director.

Extended Version: 54 sec


Kevin is surprised about all the food he gets for three bucks. The owner tells him he was even going to get a nightstand. Kevin starts to eat and looks at the girl at the table.

Extended Version: 23 sec


The pilot wants 200 bucks for the flight but Kevin explains that this was exactly the price for his silence. The pilot then wants his bottles and Kevin assures him he would.

Extended Version: 25 sec


Kevin gets to the dining hall where glass is being swept up. The owner is adding up how much Kevin owns him and the latter tells him to put the alcohol for the French guy on his tab as well. The owner warns him not to go to Dinosaur Valley because of some curse but Kevin says he just wanted to pick up a few bones. He intends to ship the box and he also wants to know the professor's room number.

Extended Version: 1:38 min


The professor says something to Kevin. Passengers arrive at the airport. John's relationship with the pilot appears a little awkward. The pilot shows his documents while the photographer seems to vibe with Betty. The passengers get on the plane while the professor speaks with the pilot. Kevin gets there just in time.

There is no audio for that scene.

Extended Version: 2:41 min