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Indigo Prophecy

original title: Fahrenheit


Censored Version
Rating: ESRB Mature, 17+
Region: USA

Uncensored version
Rating: USK 16
Region: Germany

Release: Oct 21, 2011 - Author: LiquidSnakE - Translator: Bensn
In 2005 'Indigo Prophecy' was released and has since become a silent insiders' tip among the fans of adventure games. Rather than being a conventional game, the title actually stands for an interactive Sci-Fi-Thriller: A man is being murdered on the toilette of a diner in the middle of New York City. The gamer plays the role of his murderer called Lucas Kane - who is actually not guilty – and has the task to reveal the conspiracy about the mysterious Indigo-child in order to save both his own life and mankind in general. What is really interesting and extraordinary about ‘Indigo Prophecy’ though is the fact that you do not only play the role of the alleged culprit but also of the investigating agents. It feels a bit as if you would play a game of chess against yourself: Being Lucas Kane, you have to hide evidence and flee from the police, while playing the police-duo Carla and Tyler, it is your job to find that just-hidden evidence and to convict the murderer. All in all it is a thrilling game of cat-and-mouse which brings a story that unfortunately slacks off massively during the last third.

The original titel of the game is "Fahrenheit". That's the title the game has got in the most countries of the world. Beside that, the most countries also got the uncensored version. In the USA and North America the game was re-titled to 'Indigo Prophecy' to avoid associations with Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11". The ESRB gave the original version the rating "Adults Only" which is an absolute no-go as all bigger American mail-order businesses and malls refuse to sale videogames having that classification. In order to prevent a financial disaster, the publisher Atari engaged quantic dream to alter the game. All of the affected scenes not very surprisingly contain erotic content.

note: The screenshots of this censorship report are a bit blurry because ‘Indigo Prophecy’ features a permanent random noise in order to persuade the gamer of being in a movie (similar to that one of ‘Silent Hill’ or ‘Manhunt’, only slighter). There is nothing I could do about that.
Removed Mini-game

In ‘Indigo Prophecy’ most of the gamer’s decisions have corresponding effects on the storyline. That way Lucas Tiffany is able to come closer to his Ex-girlfriend again – too close for the ESRB. Not only is the sex scene displayed relatively revealing, it is interactive as well. During short quicktime-events, you are supposed to push the analogue-stick forward in order to increase the pleasure of your partner. This mini-game and the relating artwork has been removed completely for the American version.

(Pictures from the uncensored version only)

Alleviated shower scene

During the Cut-scene at the beginning of the level “Dark Omen” you can see Carla taking a shower in her apartment. A moment later the telephone starts ringing and she therefore leaves the shower. For doing so, she was given a pink bathing suit in the US-version. Paradox: right when she leaves the shower, the suit is ‘suddenly’ gone…

(Since the picture ended up a bit small, I enlarged the relevant parts for a better illustration.)

US-Version:German Version:

Alleviated sex-scene

For the US-version, the sex-scene of Lucas and Carla (not interactive this time) has been censored as strongly as the first one with Tiffany. The camera moves over the curtains of the Zuwagon while faint moaning can be heard. In contrast to that, the German version shows this action quite openly, too.

US-Version:German Version:

censored Bonus-video

As you have played through the game once, you have the possibility to unlock several extras and gimmicks with the bonus points collected during the game, like e.g. a series of videos. One of those videos, “Sam’s Dance” features Tyler’s girlfriend doing striptease for him. While the US-version fades to black shortly after she has thrown her black dress into Tyler’s face, the German version shows her dancing a little longer and features a completely uncensored front view of the naked Sam right before the fading sets in.

US-Version:German Version:

Altered Cover picture

The traces of blood on the knife and on the protagonist’s hand have been reduced drastically for the cover of ‘Indigo Prophecy’.

US-Version:German Version: