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Space Quest I

original title: Space Quest I - The Sarien Encounter


Version 2.0
Region: Worldwide

Version 1.0
Region: Worldwide

Release: Jun 21, 2012 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: Gladion
Space Quest is a very famous adventure-series made by Sierra. Instead of a stallward hero you have to deal with space-janitor Roger Wilco to master the adventures. The first installment, "The Sarien Encounter", starts off right as the spaceship Roger is on duty on is being raided and the important star generator is stolen by the evil Sariens.

There are two different versions of the EGA-variant, though. Du to trademark reasons the version 2.0 had to be edited slightly.

The original version 1.0 has been compared to the altered version 2.0.

The robot store in Uncle Flats

In the settlement of Uncle Flats on the planet Kerona, there is a robot store, where you have to buy a navigational robot later to leave the planet. To make fun of Toys-R-Us, the store was named "Droids-R-Us".

Toys-R-Us was not in the mood for joking, though, and sued Sierra. Even though they lost, Sierra was forced to change the name of the robot store. So there was a second version programmed, where the store was renamed "Droids-B-Us" (both the graphics and the text were changed). Version 1.0 is hard to find nowadays, therefore the slightly different colors in the comparison screenshots, as version 1.0 is the Amiga-version while Version 2.0 is the PC-version. (Since the versions are all the same on all systems, there is no difference beside the colors).
Version 1.0Version 2.0

The changing goes even beyond the programmed game. The game was shipped with two coupons that could have been used in-game (even though they didn't appear in the inventory). One of them is from the robot store and was also altered accordingly.

By the way, it seems that the creators were hardly happy with this law suit, as in the later released VGA-remake, they went the extra mile and made fun of the Toys-R-Us-giraffe.
Strangely, they were not sued for that!