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  • Original Version
  • Integral Version
Release: Nov 17, 2020 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

In the realm of the Amazons

A long time ago in a mystical world: The evil and powerful wizard Kalungo and his barbarian mercenary troops manage to take over the town of Imbissi with its peace-loving inhabitants. Not even the high priest with his Stone of Wisdom could do anything against Kalungo's powerful flashes of light. The only hope for the now enslaved people lies in the Amazon warrior Dyala, who is sent to find the legendary sword of Azundati. She is accompanied by Tashi, who has received the order from her mother Tashinge to find Dyala, because there is an old family feud between the two women. Dyala and Tashi must survive many trials and dangers until they actually find the sword.

Thanks to Conan the Barbarian, the sword & sorcery genre gained enormous popularity in the mid 80's, which B-movie producer Roger Corman was able to exploit. He produced a whole series of similar films, including Deathstalker, which had three more sequels to follow, Barbarian Queen, Sorceress and also Amazons. The film is directed by Alejandro Sessa, who previously worked as a producer and would shoot his second and last film, Stormquest, one year later. The leading role as Dyala is played by Mindi Miller, who with her wild mane, the slightly awkward fight scenes and an extensive bathing scene made the most striking appearance in her filmography. Penelope Reed as the companion Tashi and Danitza Kingsley as the traitor Tashinge were also denied other great roles. The film is itself an unbelievably humorous and lively fantasy trash, which plunders its way through the genre in many different ways, including borrowings from the Artus saga. The tight costumes emphasize the female curves of the actresses, the fights are not very convincing, but the self-serving nude scenes, the sometimes crude monsters including a lecherous tree demon and flying ghosts, and the cute special effects make the B-movie heart beat faster. Next to Sorceress and Deathstalker, this is perhaps the best film from the Corman fantasy forge.

German mediabook contains several versions of the film

Besides the main version, the German Blu-ray by M-Square Classics/daredo contains an integral version in which various scenes from the German VHS version have been reintegrated into the film. It seems that these scenes are missing in the HD master. These are only action scenes, which round off the film a little bit. You can see Dyala luring one of the warriors into her trap, Tashinge being called by Kalungo at night or at the end of the film why Dyala has to leave the city. The most striking cut is the training scene in which Dyala shows the liberated women how to defend themselves. In a subsequent attack, the women can immediately make use of their newly learned skills.
The additional scenes are not necessarily important for the film, so you can stay with the main version. Especially the very long training sequence does not contribute to the main plot.

The German mediabook is highly recommended for those interested. You can choose between three versions of the film. On the Blu-ray, you will find the original version in HD and the integral version. On the DVD you can find the original version and the 4:3 open matte VHS version (German only). The mediabook is very beautifully designed and currently still available at a reasonable price.


Original version: 75:37 min.
Integral version: 83:34 min.

The original version was compared to the integral version.


After the sword appeared in the tree to Dyala, one shot is missing in which the soldiers of Kalungo walk through the city.

Int: 23 sec.


After the love scene of Tashinge and Kalungo, Dyala sneaks up on one of the warriors who is setting up a trap. She puts a noose around his neck. She releases the trap and the man is pulled up.

Int: 16 sec.


Tashi can be seen a little longer in the original version.

The integral version shows Tashinge rolling around in bed. She is called by Kalungo. Afterwards, she is briefly shown on the horse.

HF: 1 sec.
Int: 16 sec.


After Tashinge was interrogated by Kalungo, Dyala and Tashi are shown sitting in the forest with the liberated women. Tashi is thanking them for her liberation. They think about what to do now. Dyala says that she wants to help the prisoners and Tashi should recover first. She suggests that they should find the sword as soon as possible. Dyala insists on helping the people, because that way you are worthy to wield the sword. She also stresses that Tashi needs rest.

Afterwards, we see Dyala showing one of the liberated women how to use the spear. The woman is very clumsy and Tashi says that this will take forever.

Meanwhile, the warriors decide to search and kill the Amazons.

Using a wooden dummy tied together from branches, Dyala demonstrates the most important strikes to take out the enemy. Lati tries, but without much success. Dyala whispers something into her ear and her punches sit better afterwards. Tashi wants to know what she has told her. Dyala whispers something into her ear and they both laugh.

In a montage, Dyala trains the women in fighting.

One of the warriors sneaks up on Lati from behind. She manages to fend him off.

More warriors are advancing, but they have no chance against the women.

Dyala and Tashi say goodbye to the women because they have a mission to fulfill. They give them the advice to continue practicing.

Int: 4:58 min.


After the death of Tashinge, we see Dyala, dressed in white, rising from a stone. The queen stands beside her. She asks if she is a ghost now that her tree of life has been cut down. The queen is amazed that she is alive, which according to her belief is not possible. Dyala asks if her faith is only a lie. The queen has no answer and fears that the people cannot understand why Dyala is still alive. As a consequence, Dyala must leave.

The queen bids farewell to Dyala, who rides off.

Int: 2:05 min.