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original title: Rundown, The


  • BBFC 15 BD / UK Theatrical Version
  • UK DVD
Release: May 01, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British Blu-Ray (main movie: BBFC12A, additional material rating: BBFC15) and the uncut British DVD (BBFC 15)

- 34 cuts
- total cut length: 90,6 sec (= 1:31 min)

In Great Britain, this movie had been cut in order to achieve the more lucrative BBFC12 rating, however, only the uncut US Theatrical Version was released on DVD (tagged as "Director's Cut"). The later BD release turned out to be a bad surprise: despite the BBFC15 rating only the shortened BBFC12 version could be found on the disc!

This could also be verified with the help of our reader Gavin Salkeld, who is a composer and movie maker that takes a special interest in censoring issues and supplied us with details about the Theatrical Version of the movie.

This movie was cut quite thoroughly. The removed parts are quite often only a few frames long, yet still the total cut lenght of 1,5 minutes is quite remarkable. Almost all of the really violent bits were removed, some framecuts during shots showing guns towards the end were added as well.
A comparison of the soundtrack, however, showed no difference at all. That is, of course, if the scene even made it into the cut version...

Viewers from Britain who want to enjoy the movie in HD and uncut can order the German Blu-Ray, which features the uncut US Version.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
UK Blu-ray / UK-DVD
07:00 / 06:43-06:44

Beck puts his knee in one of the boy's face in an additional shot.

0,6 sec

17:39 / 16:57

Very short cloe-up showing the fingers of the guy getting hit by the whip.

0,3 sec

23:34 / 22:37-22:38

Travis headbutts Beck but just hurts himself.

1,2 sec

25:49 / 24:48-24:50

After getting punched in the face, the bad guy staggers around a bit until Beck puts a pistol in his mouth.

1,8 sec

25:55 / 24:55-24:56

Another shot of the pistol in the mouth.

1 sec

26:02 / 25:04-25:06

Beck turns around, forcing the guy to follow the movement.

2,4 sec

26:03 / 25:07-25:08

The shot starts a moment earlier and Beck's legs hitting the guy's chest can be seen.

0,4 sec

45:51 / 44:06-44:16

The first rather long cut: Beck's enemy looks angrily, then two of his colleagues beat up Beck further (in slow motion shots).

10,5 sec

45:55 / 44:20-44:35

The kick against his toros can be seen, then more rebels attack Beck. He can partially defend itself but is being brought to the ground by another attacker.

15 sec

45:57 / 44:36-44:38

Probably due to continuity reasons the shot of Beck getting up is missing.

1,6 sec

45:59 / 44:40-44:41

Beck receives another kick.

0,8 sec

47:01 / 45:40-46:03

At this point, a large piece was removed quite intelligently. After the leader came jumping along the British Blu-ray instantly shows Beck throwing him to the ground.

In the original version, Beck grabs his legs and throws him to the side when another rebel takes a burning stick and attacks him with it. Beck can disarm him and "extinguish" the burning end with another attacker's head. When two more opponents use lianas to attack, they get to feel the stick as well.
Eventually, Beck's first enemy of this part gets up again and holds a knife but Beck can grab his hands.

23,9 sec

47:09 / 46:10-46:13

A piece of wood bursts when Beck gets hit against the head with it.

3 sec

79:25 / 77:10-77:12

Beck hits the guy with both guns and then kicks him to the side.

1,5 sec

79:32 / 77:18-77:19

Another guy gets hjit with his own weapon.

0,9 sec

79:39 / 77:26-77:27

Another hit with the weapon and the following shot of some other guy approaching are missing.

1,2 sec

80:17 / 78:04-78:05

Travis attacking his opponent's eyes and preparing to jump on his adversary'S feet were removed as well.

1,2 sec

81:09 / 78:55-78:57

The first of many uncommon cuts, probably because the censors did not like the FPS atmosphere/ glorification of guns.

The tracking shot around one the guns shooting at travis was shortened.

1,8 sec

81:12 / 79:00-79:03


3,8 sec

81:13 / 79:04-79:06

More stylized shots before the window breaks.

2,2 sec

81:15 / 79:08-79:09

And again when someone fires a bullet.

0,6 sec

81:20 / 79:13

A trigger is being pulled in a close-up.

0,3 sec

81:31 / 79:24

A short shot of a shooter.

0,4 sec

81:38 / 79:31

A really short cut.

0,2 sec

81:48 / 79:41

It goes on and on... trigger is being pulled and a shot is fired.

0,4 sec

81:57 / 79:50

Only a few frames of evil guns were removed.

0,2 sec

82:03 / 79:56

A gun barrel and Beck can be seen for two frames each.

0,2 sec

82:04 / 79:57

A bad guy shooting and Beck again.

0,2 sec

82:04 / 79:57

Ditto (after just two uncut frames!).

0,2 sec

85:01 / 82:47-82:48

Beck is being whipped across the face.

0,9 sec

85:05 / 82:52-82:55

The the gun was loaded, Beck gets attacked earlier.

3,7 sec

85:12 / 83:02-83:05

Beck is being kicked in the stomach and head.

2,9 sec

85:35 / 83:27-83:31

The whip hits Beck at the neck, he is being hurled to the ground.

6,2 sec

85:58 / 83:53-83:54

Beck breaks his enemy's leg in a longshot.

0,7 sec