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The Walking Dead: Season 8

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The Walking Dead

8.16 Wrath


  • TV-Version
  • Blu-ray (Extended Version)
Release: Nov 13, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia - more from this series
This is a comparison between the German TV broadcast version and the German extended Blu-ray version

- 5 deviations, 1 of them with alternative material
- Time difference: 236,2 sec (= 3:56 min)

Broadcasting since 2010 AMCīs The Walking Dead is a great success.
8 years later the show is still running and reached its corresponding 8th season.

Among itīs German home cinema releases, the seasons 4 and 6 stood out above all:
In the 4th season there were two extended versions and one uncensored version of the final episode. In season 6, an episode with the still defused F-word was to be seen and the season finale was extended in several scenes by a few curses from Negan (notorious for his loose mouth).

After the season 7 home cinema release made an exception again, season 8 has 6 episodes in extended form.
The already available US-Blu-ray was available to us and in contrast to season 6 not both versions, but only the extended versions are on the discs. These are the episodes 5, 6, 8, 14, 15 and 16. On the 8th of November 2018 the season will also be released in Germany on Blu-ray (and fortunately you get the longer versions aswell. However, the German counterpart will include the regular TV versions and the extended versions available as bonus content in english with German subtitles.

Episode 16 (Wrath) offers about 4 minutes more content. In contrast to the previous episode, this is only distributed over a few longer additional scenes, of which the one with Negan stands out. In detailed montage he is given more time to deliver some speeches. The other additional monologues are basically not worth mentioning.

Run time specifications are arranged according to the following scheme
TV version in NTSC / American Blu-ray
Because of an reference at the beginning, the TV version starts a little earlier. (not included in the cut-comparison/duration)

+ 6 sec

03:21 / 03:15-04:00

Siddiq has more dialogue: "I don't believe what my mother believed. I'm a doctor. Well, resident. I don't know if we have souls. But I was out there a long time. And in the end, all I had left was what my mother had given me. This idea of a-- of a kind of goodness to frame my life with, and it did keep me going, whether it was true or I was-- I was just doing it for my mother."

45,1 sec

09:42 / 10:22-12:11

After the opening credits (and an extended black screen that is not included in the duration/number of cuts), the extended Version shows an additional scene with Negan. In his bed he remembers previous moments. At first you can hear him speaking from the Off, then you can hear a speech to his followers. He sits thoughtfully in the middle at the table and hits it several times with Lucille.

"Look at me lookin' at you. In case it's not abundantly clear why I am grinning from ear to ear, it's because you magnificent creatures are about to usher in a beautiful new day. Now, what Rick and his mini pricks, dicks, and hicks don't understand is that there are winners and there are losers. You lose, you die. You live, you win-- you get the prize, you get the shit. That shit gets you more shit. We got Eugene from Ricky. He made us enough bullets to blast their asses into the stratosphere. We live...they'll die. See, what Ricky doesn't understand, he thinks that everybody wins, that everyone lives. That's cute. That's a lie. We show people the truth so they can be saved. Before it's too late. That... is who we are. We... are... Saviors."

109,7 sec (= 1:50 min)

33:47 / 36:16-36:59

After the black screen interference, the following scene starts a bit earlier: Dwight sits there paralyzed and Daryl comes drivin by. He does talking to Dwight until he finally gets up; "What the hell you doing? Hmm? Sittin' there like you belong. No, this shit ain't settled. What you should've done is run. Get in. Get in the damn truck. Get up!"

42,5 sec

35:40 / 38:51-39:07

Eugene's getting an additional scene walking around.

16,5 sec

40:05-40:08 / 43:33-43:58

At the end of the scene you see Morgan in the TV version grinning a bit longer.

In the extended Version you see Jadis/Anne marching inside with a suitcase and looks back at Morgan again. In another scene we can see Morgan looking thoughtfully upwards.

extended Version 22,5 sec longer

TV-Versionextended Blu-ray Version