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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children


  • Original Version
  • Complete Edition
Release: May 05, 2009 - Author: Jim - Translator: Jim - external link: IMDB

The original

Final Fantasy is a videogame series everyone should know by now. What Tolkien did for the Fantasy Genre, Final Fantasy did for the RPG Genre near the end of the 80's. Things which are known and taken for granted these days, like elemental attacks, were invented by this series. The surely most famous part is "Final Fantasy VII", which was released on Playstation back then and ported to PC later on.
For the time back then Final Fantasy VII had very nice graphics, an unbelievable amount of plot and depth (the game had three discs on the Playstation, four discs were needed for the PC version) and last but not least the thing Square, today known as Square-Enix, is pretty famous for: beautiful rendervideos. Final Fantasy VII is one of the most popular parts and accordingly has a large fanbase.

But although Square-Enix released a Final Fantasy VII themed techdemo for the PS 3, it's said until today that there won't be a Remake with updated graphics and sounds. Yet the franchise has been "relaunched" a few yeras ago. New spin-offs as games were released, but the first step was made by a movie in the year 2005: Advent Children.

The movie's background

As Advent Children, or short AC, has been anounced for the first time, a twitch went through the fans. The amazing looking trailer seemed to promise what many were hoping for: Final Fantasy VII with up to date graphics. Everyone was hoping for his favorite to show and "sound up" - the original game hat no voice acting at all, even not in the rendered videos.

On September the 14th in 2005 the day had come - the official release in Japan. Although the movie had been leaked two weeks earlier, it was a success like expected. 420.000 copies of the Direct-to-DVD CGI movie were sold in the first week. One year later Square-Enix stated that over 1,4 Million copies have been sold.
But the movie was received with mixed reactions. Of course everyone praised the visuals, and rightly so. But on the other hand Square was accused that they turned Final Fantasy VII down to a simple action flick without that what the game had been famous for - character development and plot, and rightly so.

And really: large parts of the film are action sequences. They are done nicely without a doubt, but they are just action scenes nonetheless. The plot is confusing and doesn't seem to be well-thought-out, the characters are two dimensional or have been altered completly (the best example is Reno, who is a pure comedic relieve in the movie, while being a coldblooded muderer of hundreds in the game). This has also been taken with mixed reactions.

The "Complete"-Edition

In 2006 Square-Enix annoucned a prolonged version of the movie on Blu-Ray on the TGS, called "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete". Although no details about the changes were given, it was stated that the Complete-Version should be 25 minutes longer with new footage and that the old footage should be overhauled. Next to the new version an Anime-OVA should be on the disc, called "On the way to a smile".
Square-Enix kept their word.

On April the 16th in 2009 the Blu-Ray was released in Japan. The Complete Edition is really 25 minutes longer than the original version. Old scenes were overhauled or made anew partially, Details and new scenes were added. But those who expected more "Final Fantasy VII" in the movie now were disappointed: the changes focus strongly on the boy Denzel. New scenes with the original characters are rare and there is not really much more depth at all.

Although one can say that the Complete Edition is the better version, because Square-Enix showed off what they are good at and what they were good at ten yeras ago: Eye-Candy! The picture of the Blu-Ray is a dream in HD and whoever thought the graphics of the DVD couldn't look any better would see: it can! Of course this doesn't make the DVD any less good looking, but the comparisons in the footer should show the difference to anyone.
Yet there are differences which one wouldn't notice if you don't watch both versions at the same time - like the added traces of dirt. Those details are without any relevance to the movie itself, but they make it look nicer and less sterile. And for some parts it was just impossible to say if the scene had been altered of if it was just the excellent quality of the Blu-Ray.

By the way: the Japanese Blu-Ray contains a completly English dubbed version of the movie, but no English subtitles. It is also region-free and can be played on any Blu-Ray player. A North-America release has been anounced for June the 2nd 2009. As usual, the Japanese Blu-Ray is quite expensive and will contain the same content as the US release.


Whether the complete edition is worth the eventual re-buy it is a decision everyone has to make for himself. Whoever expects a new movie or new scenes with his old favorite character will be disappointed. But if you can live with the fact that a huge "chunk" of plot is continued with a no-brainer action flick, you should give the Blu-Ray a chance. For those who liked the film in it's original version the new picture quality alone will most likely be a reason to buy the Blu-Ray.
The clouds have been renewed.

No time difference

The "498 years earlier" text is covered by fog which then leads over into the next scene. In the complete version this happens later. First we see a dialogue between Rufus and Kadaj here.

Kadaj: "Why did humanity even care? You destroy everything you ever created and begin anew. As if anything would change."

We see an elevator, going up in an abandoned building. The door opens and Kadaj pulls Rufus out in a wheelchair.

Rufus: "I guess we're not good at learning from our memories. We rather kill our past, look for something precious in the rubble and build our future in this thing."

Kadaj: "Is that why you hide mother? To kill your past?"

Rufus: "We tried to kill a more urging problem."

Kadaj: "You're talking about the Stigma? But it was you who created this evil. ... I see. You really seem to have a short memory."

Rufus: "No... not me. You see, I choose to forget."

The camera moves to the sky, now the fog sets in which came before in the original version. In the complete version the text "2 weeks earlier" has been added.

78 Seconds

The scene where the helicopters enters the crater has been overhauled and is a bit longer.

4 Seconds

The crater has been made anew.

No time difference

The lifestream has been made anew.

No time difference

The meteor has been overhauled completly.

No time difference

The scene with Sephiroth in the flames of Nibelheim has been overhauled.

No time difference

Cati Sith has been added in the Complete Version and Barret's muzzle flash has been slightly overhauled.

No time difference

The scene where the lifestream forms against the meteor has been overhauled.

No time difference

The first scene where the life in the outskirts of Midgar is shown has been made completly anew. In the normal version the camera drives down a street, shows a busy crossing and then the monument in the middle of it.

In the Complete Version the outskirts are shown as a whole. The camera drives past a streetsign and shows the busy crossing. A child puts down a flower on the foot of the monument.

14 Seconds

The shot of the monument has been overhauled.

No time difference

The following scenes where the life in the outskirts is shown have been made completly anew. In the Original Version a few scenes are shown, then a girl says "Let's go" to a boy and they run away. The camera shows an alley where a few homeless orphans are sitting.

The Complete Version shows more and different scenes from the life in the city. A homeless who is suffering from the Stigmata dies silently and starts bleeding. Again we see the kids who are watching this, now the girl says "Let's go" to the boy and they run away with a few pieces of junk in their hands. The camera shows two homeless orphans in an alley. A man who is dying from the Stigmata stumbles into the alley. He is strongly bleeding and the girl covers the boys eyes.

38 Seconds

Tifa works longer in the bar while listening to the radio. In the Normal Version only the telephone ringing is heard and Tifa isn't listening to the radio at all (pictures are only for the new scenes, the radio is talking during the whole scene)

Radio: "The commission's report from this morning shows: the lifestreamconcentration in the atmosphhere has dropped to a mere hundred of levels compared to 2 years ago. However, the concentration remains toxic. Around the Shinra Company main building as well as the company's mako reactors. To prevent the onset of Geostigma the commission advices you to stay away from these buildings and the surrounding areas. Next up: should Shinra be held financial responsible for the crisis?"

5 Seconds

When Tifa is leaving to answer the phone she is shown in an additional angle.
4 Seconds

The scene where Tifa goes to the telephone has been overhauled.

No time difference

The title has been overhauled and "Complete" has been added.
The whole credits were changed like this. A new font is used and the position and timing has been slightly changed, but the text remains the same.

No time difference

Denzel looks at a picture with Marlene, Cloud and himself on it. He rolls over to the other site.

Denzel: "Don't run away bro..."

He covers his head with the blanket.

17 Seconds

The scene has been prolonged by a few frames before Clouds' coat comes into the picture.

>0,5 Seconds

In the Complete Version Reno opens the door a bit, Cloud slams it shut and locks it. In the Original Version he locks it instantly, while Reno talks to him through the closed door.

No time difference

Rufus' dialogue with Cloud is longer.

Rufus: "It has been 2 years since the world is on the speed again, so what could be the new threat? Well, the answer is simple: Geostigma. And we believe that Sephiroth is the culprit. The people blame the Makoenergy and even the Lifestream, but aren't them the wrong things to blame? The Lifestream has been there ever since and even Makoenergy is part of our lives for fourty years now, yet we never saw even one case of Geostigma before. So what happened, what changed? I can only think of on possibility: Sephiroth's return."

Cloud: "Sephiroth is dead!"

Rufus: "Of course he is, but what about his spirit? What if he could merge somehow with the Lifestream and the planet? I know... it's just my theory. But it is possible, right? And we can't heal the Stigmata until we find out the truth. So we took the first step and look for Sephiroth's traces. Can you guess where we went?"

Here the Normal Version sets in again, but Rufus has been taken out of the picture.

91 Seconds

The following dialogue between Rufus and Cloud has been expanded with a review. The perspective is a camera Elena was carrying. It shows what happend in the crater at the beginning of the movie. Elena runs down to the hurted Tseng, while shooting at Loz and Yazoo who fire back. Then Kadaj appears, grabs her und lifts her up before the picutre goes dead.
The dialogue/sound is taken directly from the beginning of the movie.

In the following dialogue between Cloud and Rufus different perspectives were used and a few scenes have been expanded, filled with slightly more dialogue orthey have been shortened. Unfortunately this scene was so complicated that I couldn't make a proper description or pictures for it, especially since some of the perspectives were used later or earlier in the scene.
One thing has been removed in the Complete Version. Reno speaks through the door to Cloud, he then kicks the door to show Reno to shut up. This doesn't happen in the Complete Version at all.

ca. 40 Seconds

We see the building where Rufus and Cloud talked, Reno lies down on a sofa.

Reno: "Now we just have to find Elena, hm? You got any new leads?"

Rude: "Not yet."

Reno sighs.

Reno: "Who would have thought Shinra's former employees would return to work? That's dedication! This will be a whole new start, I tell you."

Rude: "Well... those who are still alive have a lot to atone for."

Reno: "It's been two years, right?"

Reno: "Everything seems so much stronger. What a nightmare, hm? The world was almost going down and we were part of it. Seriously, how should we ever atone for that? ... Pity the director isn't here."

Rude: "... and Elena."

Reno: "I hope they're still alive."

Rude sits down next to Reno..

Rude: "They're all right. Like the president, Tseng escapes the god of death again and again. I'm sure of it."

Reno: "You're right!"

Suddenly black dusts comes through the door. The screen turns black and Kadaj is being heard.

Kadaj: "I found you..."

Change of scene: we see the 7th Heaven, the telephone rings and Denzel answers the phone. It's not heard who is speaking.

Denzel: "Church? Ah, I know that one. Yeah. I'll wait."

He holds the phone for a few seconds before hanging up. While doing so the camera drives around him into a flashback. We see Denzel when he was still living on the street. He roams over the junkyard, sits down and holds his head because of sudden pain. He moans, looks at his hand and discovers black Geostigma liquid.

He walks over the old church and sees Cloud's motorcycle, which he examines closely.Then he tries to grab something, but can't reach it. When he walked around the bike it's shown that it's Cloud's cell. He looks around for a moment, then he just pulls it off.

He opens the phone, dials a number, but hears only a recorded message.

Message: "Your call to Sector 7 can't be reached at the moment."

The camera drives through the slums and stops over a broken phone and picture of Denzel with his parents. Sighing Denzel hangs up again.

He wants to throw the phone down in anger, but he stops. He browses through the list of calls, they all came from 7th Heaven. Then he calls it, but just when someone is answering he hangs up. Seconds later the phone is ringing, the call is coming from the 7th Heaven.

Denzel answers the phone and Tifa is heard.

Tifa: "Cloud... you rarely call back. Did something happen? ... Cloud?"

Denzel: "No, that's not me."

Tifa: "Who is that? Isn't that Cloud's telephone?"

Denzel: "I don't know."

Tifa: "Who are you?"

Denzel: "I don't know. Please... I don't know what to do. I can't do this anymore."

Denzel starts crying and drops the metal pipe.

Tifa: "Are you crying?"

Suddenly some kind of rumbling is heard in the background, the camera starts shaking and Denzel is going on his knees because of pain - he also drops the cell.

Tifa: "What's going on? Are you okay? Cloud! Cloud! Where are you?"

Denzel stares at his hand and again Geostigma liquid is sticking to it. More and more runs down his face and we see from his perspective how he is breaking down.

The picture turns black, then we hear Cloud.

Cloud: "Hey!"

Denzel's breathing can be heard and we see from his perspective how Cloud is approaching him

Cloud: "Are you okay?"

He goes on his knees and reaches out for him, then the picture turns black again.

Denzel wakes up from his memory. Outside a motorcycle is heard and Denzel runs outside happily, awaiting Cloud. But only Loz drives past him, stops, looks back, smiles at him and then drives away.

356 Seconds

The two kids from the beginning bump into someone and fall down. The man apologizes and wants to help them, but then he touches a with Geostigma infected part and backs down screaming. Denzel watches the whole thing, while the man wipes his hand on his pants.

Man: "Can't you just stay inside?"

Denzel stands up, picks up the plush-Moogle and goes to the girl who tries to carry the boy on her back. He hands the Moogle to her, but she just grabs it and pushes him away. She looks at him angrily and with tears in her eyes. Afterwards she keeps on walking. Denzel watches her a bit confused, then the camera drives to the sky.

50 Seconds

Zack enjoys the airflow, then shots can be heard. He covers Cloud.

Zack: "Old man, stop somewhere behind a rock. Cloud, we're getting off!"

He places Cloud in safety, then walks away.

Zack: "My dreams and my honor..."

Change of scene: we see Zack who is short before dying, Cloud is kneeing next to him.

Zack: "... you can have it all. You... are my living legacy."

We see Cloud in the present again.

Cloud: "I swore that I would never forget on that day. But... I..."

(Note: in the Normal Version some of the "Gene-Flashes" were at the beginning of the review, which were not there in the Complete Edition)

40 Seconds

Between the short flashes different angles were used, showing Cloud on the ground (I won't take pictures of the flashes, they are identical in both versions).

No time difference

Instead of a white picture we have a black picture in the Complete Version. We hear Sephiroth talking.

Sephiroth: "Don't pretend to be sad. Why shake in fear that isn't even there? Do you know why, Cloud? Because you are nothing more than an empty puppet."

10 Seconds

Tifa has traces of dirt in her face (the traces are visible in EVERY part of this scene, but I won't take pictures or mention everyone of them, especially since many of the scenes won't be recognizable with the small pictures here)

No time difference


No time difference


No time difference

And again.

No time difference


No time difference


No time difference


No time difference


No time difference

In the Normal Version the girl comes to Denzel and stands before him, two children are running in the foreground. We see a close shot of Denzel.

In the Complete Version the kids are running along in the freoground and the girl is one of them. She stops, then walks over to Denzel

Girl: "Before... I'm sorry."

Denzel only nods.

23 Seconds

In the Normal Version the girl just says "Come with us, they can heal us!" and she pulls Denzel away.

In the Complete Version there is a short dialogue

Girl: "My brother... he isn't here anymore."

Denzel: "I see."

Mädchen: "You have the Stigma too?"

She takes his hand.

Mädchen: "Come with us! They can heal us!"

Then she pulls Denzel away too, but the scene has been slightly overhauled.

ca. 7 Seconds

As Cloud finds Tifa in the church she has, again, the traces of dirt in her faces (this goes on again for the whole scene).

No time difference

Cloud looks at the photo of Denzel on the nightstand and remembers how he met him the first time. We see a flashback.
Cloud puts Denzel on his motorcycle.

Cloud: "Tifa said I shall bring you home. Hold on tight."

Cloud notices that Denzel breaks down on his back and he can barely hold himself on the bike. He takes his hand to hold him himself, but notices that it's shaking. He squeezes it gently.

We see the truck with the infected kids, Yazoo loaded in, driving through a steppe. Denzel and the girl are sitting together.

Denzel: "Who are these people that will cure us?"

Girl: "Hmmm~... I don't know."

Denzel: "Hm... wel... everyone is fine for me."

The truck drives on, the camera goes over to the sky.

70 Seconds

The scene after Kadaj has put the Materia into his arm has been overhauled.

Then it is followed by a dialogue between Loz and Kadaj in the Complete Version. Loz is holding Marlene.

Loz: "So it really is a present from mother, yes?"

Kadaj: "Yeah, it should be."

Loz relaeses Marlene and walks over to the case with all the Materia in it.

Loz: "So bro is also hiding mother from us?"

Kadaj: "No, that's this president-guy. Hiding things is one thing Shinra has always been good at."

Loz: "Then we have to search everywhere Shinra is."

Kadaj: "Hm... we'll have a lot of helpers soon."

Loz: "This will be fun."

Loz eyes two pieces of Materia.

Kadaj: "But first... we have to talk to our brother. He pretends not to be part of our family. That makes me really, really sad."

Kadaj waves his arm and releases some kind of energyblast which shoots past Loz and hits a tree to stop Marlene, who tried to sneak away before. The tree falls and blocks her way. The camera zooms to Kadaj.

Kadaj: "Right?"

56 Seconds

0:33:30After Denzel drank the water the Normal Version shows a close shot of his eye, the Complete Version shows both eyes.

No time difference

Kadaj talks longer.

Kadaj: "Look mother, all my new siblings. They will keep me company until I found you."

Then the camera shows the sky and the Normal Version sets in again, but the moon has been slightly overhauled.

20 Seconds

The scene where Vincent shoots through his own cape has been overhauled.

No time difference

The scene where Kadaj and Loz shoot through Vincent's cape has been overhauled.

No time difference

Here, the Normal Version is slightly longer than the Complete Version.

+ 3 Frames

Yazoo is shown one frame longer.

1 Frame

The shot of Reno and Rude is one frame longer in the Normal Version.

+1 Second

Different scenes where used while Reno is talking.

No time difference

Cloud arrives at the 7th Heaven with marlene. She touches his infected arm.

Marlene: "Does it hurt?"

Cloud: "Yeah. But not as bad as Denzel's."

Marlene: "Can it be cured?"

Cloud: "I don't know."

Marlene: "You tried so hard to find a cure for Denzel..."

Cloud: "You knew?"

Marlene: "Cloud, you should clean up your desk from time to time."

Cloud: "I guess you're right."

Marlene: "Hey Cloud. Did you leave because you couldn't cure Denzel's Stigma? Or was it because you have the Stigma yourself?"

Cloud: "I thought I could take care for myself."

Marlene: "How do you want to take care for your family if you can't even take care for yourself." Cloud looks at her amazed. "... Daddy would say something like that now."

Marlene: "Cloud, don't give up."

Cloud: "You and Denzel and Tifa have always there to help me. You have always been there when I needed you. Now it's my turn."

161 Seconds

The cut to Rufus' mouth has been removed and the following shot of his feet prolonged. The following scene has been overhauled.

No time difference

During the dialogue between Rufus and Kadaj, the scenes have been completly replaced. The original version showed "old" scenes from the movie, like the fall of Jenova, the meteor or the ruins of Midgar. In the Complete Version we see the actual dialogue (the dialogue itself stays the same).

No time difference

Reno's and Rude's suits have traces of dirt that weren't there in the original version.
(as with Tifa, this goes for all the following scenes, but I won't take pictures of every scene. Partially the traces of dirt have been there in the original version, and have been remade stronger for the Complete Version)
No time difference

Another example for the traces of dirt.

No time difference

Reno and Rude have additional dirt in their faces, Reno's nose is bleeding.

No time difference

The writing on the sign has been overhauled. It looks "deeper" now and isn't simply black.

No time difference

The entry of Yuffie and Cid has been overhauled. As Yuffie starts running the camera follows her, just before Denzel asks who that person is. In the Complete Version the camera doesn't follow Yuffie, but goes over to Denzel asking directly.

In the Original Version monsters jump at Tifa and Denzel, but they are defended by Cid with his rod, before he points at the new version of the "Sierra". In the Complete Version he just lands in front of Tifa and Denzel and points at the Sierra. The Sierra itself has been made anew too.

No time difference

Tifa: "Denzel... can you make it to the Bar?"

Denzel nods and they run a few steps. Denzel stops after a few steps, as he sees people lying on the street dying. Denzel remembers how his parents died. As he "returns" to the now and here, Tifa is holding his hand.

They keep on running, but one of the monstes attacks. Tifa kicks it away and the monster desintegrates, but three new creatures revive out of the ground. Tifa can handle them, but they turn into dust and surround Denzel, while Bahamut is preparing his attack in the background.

Bahamut shoots his energy beam and hits a house, the blast throws Tifa to the ground. The three monsters jump at Denzel. In front of Cloud's inner eye we see a short memory of Aerith and Zack, then he activates his swords and throws one of them, which destorys all three monsters.

Clouds keeps driving towards Tifa, dodges and cuts a few pieces of wreckage to make his way, then he catches her and pulls her on the bike.

Cloud: "Sorry, I'm a bit late."

Tifa: "It's allright."

Cloud stops the bike, Tifa jumps off and takes care of Denzel.

Tifa: "Are you allright?"
(in the original version Cloud just stops his bike in front of Tifa and Denzel)

82 Seconds

Cloud grabs his swords differently.

No time difference

We see Denzel with the other civilians fleeing through the streets. Monster attack the people. Denzel is hit by another Stigma-attack and falls on his knees. One of the monsters notices him and starts running towards him.

Denzel: "I can do that!"

He starts running, grabs a metal pipe and starts hitting a hydrant. As it won't break he swings harder and the cap jumps off. The water beam hits the monster and throws it against a wall, where it keeps lying, screaming in pain. Denzel starts running again.

43 Seconds

Bahamut has traces from the battle.
(as before, I won't take pictures for every scene, especially since you barely notice these traces, because of how fast the scenes are cut)

No time difference

Bahamut bleeds in the Complete Version after Cloud could land his first hit.

No time difference

Blood and traces were added again.

No time difference


No time difference

And again.

No time difference


No time difference

Dirt has been added to Tifa's face.

No time difference

Again, Reno's and Rude's suits have traces of dirt.

No time difference

The drive down the building is slightly longer in the Original version.

+1 Second

The shot of Kadaj before Rufus' bullet hits the box has been slightly shortened.

ca. +2 Seconds

The position of the Jenova Box has been corrected, Reno and Rude haven been slightly overhauled.

Kein Zeitunterschieid

We see Tseng and Elena getting in position.

4 Seconds

In the original version we see Reno and Rude, trying to climb up the building. Yet, Rude fails to do so and falls down.

In the Complete Version the Turks gather around Rufus.

No time difference

The shot of the crossing has been shortened by a second.

+1 Second

From this part on the sun starts shining in the Complete Version, which gives the whole scene new light conditions. I will only use a few pictures for comparison, this goes for the whole chase until they enter the tunnel. After that the versions have identical light conditions again.
Plus: Kadaj's sword has been added as he drives to the higher part of the highway.

No time difference

Loz and Yazoo open fire with machines rifles on their bikes, then the Shinra helicopter catches up with them.

Reno: "You're messing with the wrong guy."

Reno opens fire on Loz and Yazoo now. Loz turns his bike, fights against Yazoo's bike and shoots like this on the helicopter.

They drive beneath a bridge and Loz quits to shoot, but the helicopter catches up from the side again. It enters the highway a bit in front of them. They let Cloud pass and fire two rockets, a big part of the highway blows up and the pressure wave hits Loz and Yazoo.

Reno looks at his "work" from above and laughs, but then Yazoo drives over the rubble and uses them as a ramp. He jumps towards the helicopter, hits rude, shoots at the control stick and flies out of it again. Reno wants to follow him, but the stick breaks. Yazoo lands on the highway again, Loz arrives now too next to him.

The helicopter starts spinning

Reno: "That's bad! That's bad! That's bad!" He looks out of the door and sees Rude, who is clinging to the helicopter. "Ooo~h, Rude. You're alivet?"

Rude: "Yeah... I'm just peachy."

The helicopter hits a tower and Rude and Reno are being thrown down, then the wreck crushes on the highway.

A piece of the wreck almost crushes Cloud, Rude and Reno just see the smoke from far away. Then they notice that Reno still has the stick in his hands and they start laughing. Another helicopter arrives above them. Elena lets down a rope and waves.

The highway is breaking down a bit more, then Loz and Yazoo catch up with Cloud again.

127 Seconds

The helicopter has been removed in the complete version. Instead we see the second helicopter fly away.

No time difference

Again the helicopter has been removed.

No time difference

Interesting: in the Complete Version Cloud has no shadow in this scene.

No time difference

Cloud's bike has now traces from the fight.

No time difference

Traces of dirt have been added to Cloud.

No time difference

The light effect as the swords hit each other has been weakend in the complete version.

No time difference

The shot of the falling pieces of rubble has been slightly shortened in the complete version.

+1 Second

The scene where Sephiroth pierces Cloud has been made completly anew. The dialgue stays the same, so I won't cite it again.

In the normal version Sephiroth kicks Cloud away. He hits a wall and stays there, then he grimaces with pain and sees the sword in his shoulder. After the dialogue there is a short flashback to Aerith, Zack, Tifa and the orphans. He pulls out the sword, Sephiroth wants to stab him again but he leads it into the wall. Sephiroth dodges an attack with a jump. Cloud talks to him, then attacks again. Sephiroth dodges the attack again with a jump.

In the Complete Version Cloud is being kicked into the rubble too, but he runs out of it again and continues the fight. As he tries to jump-attack, Sephiroth rams the sword in his shoulder.

Sephiroth: "Is this a pain you have felt before? Let me remind you of it. And this time, I will engrave it into your memory."

A black wing comes out of his back before he throws Cloud up in the air and follows him.

Cloud can fight off the first to hit, then Sephiroth hits him and stabs him over and over again. Finally he rams his swords through Cloud's foot and throws him down to the ground again.

Moaning in pain Cloud lies in his own blood. He tries to get up, but can't manage to do so. Sephiroth floats over him, now comes the original dialogue. After that he flies down and Cloud has another flashback, like in the original version.

Cloud scares up, but he is in some sort of dream. Zack is standing behind him.

Zack: "Now matter how hopeless it looks... I wouldn't give up. Embrace your dreams. And no matter what happens... keep your honor as SOLDIER. Well... you never made it as a SOLDIER. But it's the feeling that counts, in the heart."

Cloud: "Zack..."

Zack: "Now... need some help?"

Cloud shakes his head and forces himself on the feet again.

Zack: "You have beaten him already once, right? This shouldn't be a problem for you."

Cloud: "Yeah..."

Zack: "Hey, don't forget..."

Cloud: "... that I am your living legacy."

The background changes again to the here now. Cloud attacks Sephiroth and throws him back.
After this scene Sephiroth lands on a mast and the fight continues like in the original version.

101 Seconds

The scene in which Cloud says "I pity you, you who understands nothing." has been overhauled.
(again I won't describe every scene in which Cloud has blood in the face now. He has blood in his face for the rest of the fight.)

No time difference

Cloud: "There is nothing worthless to me!"

Sephiroth smirks.

6 Seconds

The scene in which Cloud finishes off Sephiroth has been made completly anew, the attack stays the same. Cloud divides his sword in many pieces, then attacks Sephiroth again and again with more and more swords.

Normal Version:

Complete Version:

10 Seconds

In the Complete Version black dust is falling off of Sephiroth, also his wing has been overhauled.

No time difference

Again, dirt has been added to Cloud's face.

No time difference

Cloud takes away his hand from the bullet hole in the chest.

3 Seconds

In the normal version the outside can be seen through the window, in the complete version only smoke from the explosion is visible.
In the following scene the window frame has been overhauled.

No time difference

The scene has been overhauled.

No time difference

The telephone rings, Denzel answers it. It can't be heard what is being said, but suddenly he starts looking very happily. He says to Marlene "Let's go", she nods and they start to run. Outside on the streets a lot of telephones ring and kids are running on the streets. Among the kids is the girl from before. She runs along with Marlene, whom reaches out ot her and she takes the hand.

Another part of the slums is shown, the people are going to the old church.

75 Seconds

Again, Cloud is covered with blood and wounds in the Complete Version.

No time difference

The credits have been overhauled.

Also, the speed varies here: sometimes the Complete Version is faster, then the normal version catches up again and "overtakes" the CV.
Same goes for the music video after the credits. In both versions the chronology of scenes has been changed completely. Besides that the Complete Version shows some scenes from the movie which is not happening in the credits of the original version.
Also: these credits are the only part where the music was changed.

No time difference

After the picutre of Denzel and the main characters, which comes after the credits, the complete fassungs goes on.
A few flowers are shown, somewhere in the desert. The camera slowly zooms away, voices can be heard in the Off.

Voice 1: "Is this a grave?"

Voice 2: "No. Here the "hero's" journey began."

The picture turns white and Cloud's swords can be seen inside the church.

50 Seconds