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2.10 The One with Russ


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Feb 25, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the Extended Version.

12 differences, among them 7 with alternative footage
Length difference: 86.3 sec (= 1:26 min)

The Blu-ray release only contains the TV versions of the episodes, as was the case with the first season. Those who know the DVD releases from the USA or Great Britain will surely miss the extended versions, which can be found on these DVDs.

Episode 2x10 (The One with Russ contains almost one and a half minute more footage which is a result of lots of little differences. The most remarkable one is the Ross doppelganger having a conversation with Julie at the end of the episode. Furthermore, Fun Bobby's relapse to alcohol and the additional comments about Joey's play are quite as well. Bottom line, the Extended Version is worth being watched.

More conversation before Joey reads the review in the newspaper.
Ross: "Come on, no one wore underwear back then. I'm sure the critics appreciated your authenticity. Nice genitals by the way."
Joey: "Thanks, man!"

Different angle of Joey actually finding the review.

Extended Version 8.5 sec longer

TV VersionExtended Version


Joey bends over to Ross und reads from the bad review: "The only enjoyable moment is when the king is beheaded and he can speak no more."

6.1 sec


After the opening credits, the scene at the table starts earlier.
Rachel: "Well, was there anything else you ever wanted to be?"
Joey: "I don't know."

His next comment begins earlier in the Extended Version plus it's a close-up while it's a medium long shot in the TV Version.

Extended Version 3.1 sec longer

TV VersionExtended Version


When Joey speaks about his job offer, Fun Bobby (right after his promise to quit drinking) reacts as usual. He raises a flask and says: "Here's to Joey!"
Since both Monica and Phoebe are giving him "the look", he corrects himself and says "Here, Joey". Then he passes him the flask.

As a result, the following reaction shot of Joey's is different as well. In the TV Version, Joey just keeps being happy about the offer while he's confused when he reaches for the flask in the Extended Version.

Extended Version 7.4 sec longer

TV VersionExtended Version


Another question in disbelief.
Phoebe: "You have a date?"
Rachel: "Yeah. I have a date."

3.2 sec


After Joey's objection "With a man?", Rachel responds sarcastically in the Extended Version: "No, with a crouton."
Then she says from a different angle: "What is so strange about me having a date?"
Only in the Extended Version, Chandler can't believe it and says: "...with a crouton?"

Extended Version 5.6 sec longer

TV VersionExtended Version


More black screen due to a commercoal break.

+ 2 sec


After an irrelevant alternate take through Estelle's glass door (no screens), Estelle is earlier on the phone: "Estelle Leonard, Talent Agency! Oh Stanley, would you stop calling me already? No, n-n-n-no..."

Extended Version 9.4 sec longer


Fun Bobby doesn't make progress with his story: "...and I'm walking, and I'm walking, and I'm walking, and I'm walking."
Chandler interrupts: "Ok, so you were saying you were walking..."

8 sec


In the TV Version, Chandler makes an annoyed gesture with his hands. The Extended Version shows perplexed Monica first, then Phoebe makes a comment about Fun Bobby's story: "Huh, so-so it's a helpful fact as well as funny."

Extended Version 8.8 sec longer

TV VersionExtended Version


After Ross' correction, the TV Version cuts to him for a moment while the distance shot starts earlier in the Extended Version.

no difference

TV VersionExtended Version


Phoebe makes a comment about Monica's stash: "Excuse me, Miss! In an event of a water landing, could this seat be used as a floatation device?"

7.3 sec


The TV Version ends with Chandler and Phoebe - Russ und Julie haven't said a single word to each other.

Besides cutting to Chandler and Phoebe, the Extended Version shows Russ und Julie approaching each other. After a little chat, they're leaving together.

Julie: "Have we met?"
Russ: "I don't think so."
Julie: "You look real familiar."
Russ: "Well maybe, uh, maybe we can talk about it over a cup of coffee."
Julie: "You know what? I'm sick of coffee! Let's go get us some juice!"
Russ says goodbye to Chandler and Phoebe: "All right. Bye."
Phoebe & Chandler reply insecure: "Bye."

Extended Version 20.9 sec longer