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Tasmanian Devils


  • Uncensored US TV Version
  • Censored Alternative Version
Release: Mar 19, 2014 - Author: Imbor Ed - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
The US Pay TV channel SyFy produces alternative and more harmless versions of its horror movies. It's unlikely that they do so especially for the German label Great Movies, but that very label licensed the alternative version of Tasmanian Devils, which features less splatter, but more story. Usually, the uncut version gets released on DVD in the USA

This comparison focuses on the extended story elements of the censored versions. This way, everybody who has seen the uncut version can find out what he misses. Another comparison shows the censorship of the alternative version.
The gamekeeper answers in the negative when he's asked if it could also be an abandoned lion or tiger in those caves. He explains that there's a certain stench, which the Aborigines call "devil's stench".

After that, he tells them something about himself and some of his friends. They used to come here often. After they had stolen some money from their parents, they partied in the caves like rock stars. Once, he left the group, because he had to pee. That's when he heard one of his friends scream (which he then tells in the US version, too).

The guy a litte longer.

He keeps describing the screams of his friends. They cry for mercy, for help, for him.

The two are shown a little bit longer.

He still talks about his friends who died. Dismembered, bones exposed and partially eaten up. Intestines, guts, faces. A real mess.

The scene in which the gamekeeper thinks back on the incident differs and is a little bit longer in the German version.
German Version 13s | US Version 5s

German VersionUS Version

20:55 At this point, a scene transition is longer in the German version. Not important. German Version +4s

The young gamekeeper tries to flirt with Alex. One guy of the group has to pee, which comes in quite handy for her. She accompanies him so she can get away from the gamekeeper. Unfortunately for her, Simon tries to hit on her, too. He threatens her by saying that he'll run away. Then, the group is shown in the truck a bit longer.
German Version 122s | US Version 6s

US Version

German Version