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  • Alternative TV Version (Honor Guard)
  • German FSK 16 VHS Version
Release: Mar 07, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the alternative German Pay-TV version and the German VHS of VPS

24 deviations, including
* 7x additional material for the alternative German Pay-TV version
* 6x alternative courses

Difference: 134.4 sec (= 2:14 min)
* Additional material for the German VHS: 213.3 sec (= 3:33 min)
* Additional material for the alternative German Pay-TV version: 78.9 sec (= 1:19 min)

Version differences of WOLF LAKE

The 1978 Wolf Lake is already a small discovery: Again an quite relentlessly (and sometimes without question also rather exploitative) getting even with the American war traumas. Rod Steiger's character has lost his son in the war and he reacts irritatedly towards the deserter David, who accompanies him and three friends on a hunting trip in a forest hut. The mood is boiling and finally Steiger hunts down David and his girlfriend Linda in cold blood. Nevertheless, the film received a FSK 16 rating in Germany without any special censorship cuts.

In Germany on VHS and on TV one could discover different versions, which differ mainly by two characteristics: On VHS you can find a lot of short "flashforwards" in the first half, which already hint at the later escalation of violence, besides there is a more positive ending. Bad guy Steiger dies while he kills deserter David in the TV version. The version with David's death is said to have got the English title Honor Guard, but we couldn't find any worldwide releases with this title. In Germany again two versions with these striking differences were both released under the same title Amok-Jagd and also have the same dubbing.

But the worldwide version situation of the film is in detail incredibly chaotic and much more tricky than the very rough reference to "a version with flashforwards in the first half of the film and one with an alternative, grim ending", which can be found in the IMDb as well as OFDb and which was summarized in the previous section, suggests. The German VHS evaluation with the flashforwards and a positive ending is clearly based on the version found on the British VHS. However, it has an additional scene at the beginning, which anticipates the end of the film much more detailed and also beyond the film there are apparently some censored interferences for the German market. The German TV-version without flashforwards and with the grim ending again offers some of the moments from the UK-VHS, but is shortened in other parts.

Especially confusing is the US Blu-ray released in 2016, which manages to do without the flashforwards but nevertheless shows the positive end - and also shows 10 minutes of material across the film, which is apparently missing in all previous releases of the film. All in all, it is the longest version available in the best quality. This version was the inspiration for the German DVD premiere of Schröder Media, which will be available from 6th December 2018, and thus also reached Germany for the first time. In the bonus material, the German VHS version with the flashforwards and the alternative end of the Honor Guard-TV version have fortunately been included.

So summarized again:

1. British VHS, duration: 84 min (PAL)
Probably the original version of the movie, contains a introductory scene, flashforwards and the (at least in direct comparison) more positive ending. Perhaps the film was also released on VHS in the USA and other countries.

2. German VHS + Bonus on German DVD, duration: 80 min (PAL)
Based on the British VHS (same transitions etc) and also has the flashforwards and the positive ending. However, the introductory scene is missing and there are a few more cuts due to possible censorship.

3. German TV broadcasts, duration: 78 min (PAL)
Probably based on the alternative Honor Guard version: no flashforwards and a grim ending. There's also no introductory scene and there are more missing moments throughout the film, but also some missing shots from the German VHS as well as shots that don't appear in any other version.

4. US-Blu-ray + main version on German DVD, duration: 88 min (PAL) [91 min on Blu-ray]
Strange hybrid: no flashforwards but a positive ending. Also there is no introductory scene resp. of the compared releases you could only find them on the UK-VHS and there are also their version's own cuts again - but also over 10 minutes of exclusive material, which probably was missing in all earlier releases.

The German Pay-TV versions: HONOR GUARD

While in a further comparison we have dealt with the strange deviations of the US-Blu-ray and also presented the cut comparison between the German and the British VHS, we will now compare the two releases known in Germany so far. Although the TV version, as well as the Blu-ray, lacks all flash forwards, the main cut version is clearly closer to the German VHS version and was therefore compared with it.

In the second half, a few passages slipped in that are also familiar from the Blu-ray. Curiously enough there are also exclusive moments again respectively missing moments in both other versions on the one hand and on the other hand various cuts in scenes that are included in both the VHS and the US Blu-ray. In detail already exciting, but the most serious is of course the difference in the end scene - which is why this was also individually stored in the bonus material of the German DVD.

Runtime specifications are arranged according to the following scheme
German VHS in PAL / American Blu-ray
As far as possible, the screenshots were taken from the Blu-ray master, because the VHS is darkened and inferior in terms of quality.

At least the present recording starts 5 sec later with the first recording than the VHS.

The German title was recreated by the TV master (incl. idiot space).

German TV recordingGerman VHS

05:07 / 05:11-05:13

After the teasing "bearded lady" comment, the VHS fades in a few short moments before David's answer, when he shoots wildly around (comes at 83:13 on the Blu-ray).

2.1 sec

07:32 / 07:39-07:41

Same pattern as before: The "There are no problems here" statement at the VHS is garnished with a short insertion of the blood-drenched David running around with Linda in his arms.

Curiously enough, this is not included in the further course in any version of the film. This scene had probably been thought before the very last scene of the VHS, but was obviously deleted completely in the end.

1.6 sec

11:50 / 11:59-12:03

Before Charlie gets up, you see him briefly for the first time and as a flashforward, his rape of Linda is briefly shown (comes at 55:25 on the Blu-ray).

The beginning of Charlie's shot is included in the Blu-ray, and here the TV version is a little bit shortened in comparison to the Blu-ray, even apart from the flashforward.

4.1 sec

Alternative / Additional material in the TV version
12:25-12:27 / 12:38-12:42

Same game as Charlie talks about the Indian who was previously employed here.

Curiously enough, only the TV master has an additional re-editing cut to Linda to cover this up ( while the Blu-ray stays consistently at this shot).

German VHS 2.4 sec longer

German TV recordingGerman VHS

18:30-18:31 / 18:46-18:47

Here, the US Blu-ray was a bit longer than the German VHS and the TV broadcast includes this part but the previous recording interrupts earlier: probably the first movie-reel change, when you see Linda a second time in the shower and Charlie hurries inside to the window.

TV version 0.2 sec longer

20:51 / 21:06-21:07

On "I really don't want anything to happen to her", the VHS again shows a flashforward to the gunshot fired at Linda (see Blu-ray 85:59) and the follow-up of David starts a handful of frames earlier.

0.8 sec

27:08 / 27:25-27:30

An additional view from above before David comes back with a branch to the boat with Charlie.

This and the following 15 seconds contained in both TV and VHS versions are missing from the US Blu-ray.

4.8 sec

Due to a movie-reel change once again recognizable with black dots in the picture, there are a few insignificant deviations in the frame area in the 33rd minute (compensates itself briefly one after the other).

Alternative / Additional material in the TV version
36:38-36:40 / 37:00-37:03

The "You won't get away alive here" comment is underlined by the VHS with a flashforward on the gunshots fired at David (see 77:13 on Blu-ray).
The TV version (like the US Blu-ray) has an additional cut to David.

US Blu-ray 1.3 sec longer

German TV RecordingGerman VHS

Alternative / Additional material in the TV version
36:41-36:44 / 37:04-37:06

Curiously enough, the next cut to David is a different shot (see mouth movement) which appears only in the TV version, while VHS and US-Blu-ray are identical.

No time difference

German TV RecordingGerman VHS

44:52 / 45:14-45:16

Charlie's shot is interrupted by a flashforward to the rape scene in the VHS ( comes at 55:38 on the Blu-ray).

1.5 sec

Alternative / Additional material in the TV version
49:28-49:44 / 49:52-50:09

Interesting: The end of the scene deviates. The US Blu-ray contains all the footage that can be found here and even a little more between the two passages described next.
In the TV version you can only see the beginning (Charlie looks meaningful a moment longer and takes the gun out of trembling Wilbur's hand), while the VHS shows David on the ground again and then pans towards Charlie.

It's quite conceivable that the scissors were put on for the German TV master because before Charlie takes the gun from Wilbur, he demands him to participate in the rape but Wilbur refuses.
Obviously there was no German synchronisation available and so the German TV-recording remains just silent, which doesn't really matter because of the relatively distant camera angle.The part that is still missing in the VHS-version shows again immediately afterwards Charlie's mouth movements in close-up respecitvely they couldn't have hidden that missing synchro inconspicuously.

No time difference

51:54 / 52:19-52:20

Master error: David puts Linda on the bed a moment earlier.

0.8 sec

52:01 / 52:27-52:29

David digs around at Linda's feet in a more distant camera position.

2.8 sec

Alternative / Additional material in the TV version
52:50-52:59 / 53:18-53:27

Strange: The dead Wilbur can be seen one second longer on the VHS/Blu-ray and then you only see an alternative (and somewhat longer) shot of Charlie on the TV version. Looks very similar, but his mouth-corners definitely move differently. The follow-up shot on the VHS starts a moment earlier.

No time difference

German TV recordingGerman VHS

59:21 / 59:49-59:54

Charlie can be seen earlier and says, "Yeah, what a shame."

4.2 sec

62:35-62:36 / 63:07

The small pier at the TV version (and on Blu-ray) a moment longer.

+ 1.3 sec

62:53-63:31 / 63:24

After the view of the boat, the TV version (and on Blu-ray) shows again Wilbur's feet in close-up and the camera slowly moves up his covered corpse. Thereupon again the small pier.

+ 37,5 sec

Additional material on the German VHS
65:03-65:06 / 64:56

Curious: After another view of the boat (which is also included in the VHS version, but was replaced by an alternative scene in the Blu-ray version) there is only in the TV version an additional scene of the dead Wilbur.

+ 3 sec

70:49 / 70:40-70:41

Movie-reel change: Sweeney can be seen a moment longer.

1.1 sec

71:13 / 71:06-71:11

Charlie can be seen significantly longer.

5 sec

71:33 / 71:31-71:59

Ditto, and he says, "He was a deserter. He was a deserter."

28.5 sec

74:15 / 74:41-74:56

David reaches a first time for the gun and shoots several times at the spot on the ceiling where the chainsaw is sawing just now through the wood. They stay briefly, then the chainsaw comes again.

15 sec

75:33 / 76:14-76:16

After Linda has been shot and David has turned around, the following camera movement starts a moment earlier.

2.1 sec

Alternative / Additional material in the TV version
76:38-76:43 / 77:21-79:04

After Charlie puts the gun on, the alternate ending starts.

In the TV version you see the horrified looking David again, then Charlie shoots respectively you see his gun in close-up and the picture freezes. The end credits follow immediately.

In the VHS-version Linda suddenly gets up again and shoots. Charlie goes down with a hit.
Then there's actually more of his death to see on Blu-ray and how David goes to Linda can be seen on VHS and Blu-ray in alternative form. Here, only the VHS process is illustrated.

German VHS version 98 sec (= 1:38 min) longer

The producer's assistant is mentioned in the end credits in both German versions (it is missing in the Blu-ray master).