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Double Crossers, The

original title: Gui Ji Shuang Xiong


  • Export Version
  • Original Version
Release: Mar 05, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between Highlight Video's cut German VHS and Fortune Star's uncut Hong Kong version (both included on Schröder Media's German DVD).

- 12 cuts and one recut
- Cut duration: 111 sec (= 1:51 min)

A few additional master errors, each lasting less than 0.5 sec, were not listed in the report.


Directed in 1976, The Double Crossers features genre greats like Chen Sing, Michael Chan Wai-Man and Sammo Hung. The leading role, however, is played by Sin Il-ryong, who has otherwise not made much of an appearance. Unlike the German title "Kung Fu Killer" promises, it is more of a relatively conventional thriller - with 70's flair and a nice setting in Bali.

The version released in Germany on VHS should correspond to the British release by EMI according to the runtime information and the English credits indicate an export version. In Hong Kong, the film is almost 2 minutes longer, which turns out to be quite unspectacular on closer inspection. As far as possible, totally irrelevant and redundant shots were removed or shortened here and there. Towards the end, however, there is a longer intervention, because the actual ending is completely missing. While the two heroes get away scot-free in Germany, they let themselves be handcuffed by the policeman here, quite morally correct.

For the German DVD premiere, which has been available since March 4, 2021, the uncut master from Hong Kong was used. For the sake of completeness, the old German VHS version is also included as a bonus.


Runtimes are ordered as follows: German VHS in PAL / Hong Kong version in PAL

The HK has additional references to Fortune Star and Golden Harvest to start.
Not included in cut duration/amount.

50.3 sec

Credits deviate after about 1.5 minutes. The German VHS uses English export overlays, and for its own title overlay in this country, the image freezes briefly in the middle of the tracking shot. After the last credit, as an example here the first location insertion immediately afterwards, this was also reworked for the export version.

German VHSOriginal version

01:43 / 02:29-02:33

Even during this opening credits sequence, however, there are two cuts. After the shot of the skyline over the water, here is a first shot of the same street in the city.

4.5 sec

02:06 / 02:56-03:00

The next shot of a street is insignificantly longer. The following shot also starts a little earlier.

4.4 sec

10:21 / 11:15-11:22

The aircraft can be seen landing much earlier....

7 sec

10:32 / 11:33-11:42

...and also a bit longer.

8.7 sec

18:16 / 19:26-19:28

After the case is closed, the shot is a little longer and it is pushed to the side.

1.6 sec

20:25 / 21:37-21:44

Before the car stops, here's a long shot of the road.

6.7 sec

27:07 / 28:26-28:30

A first shot of the stairs and another of Nancy.

3.5 sec

30:41 / 32:04-32:08

The overturned car a little longer and from a different perspective.

3.8 sec

79:08 / 80:35-80:37

A shot at the table starts a little earlier.

2.1 sec

80:46 resp. 81:59-83:51 / 82:15-84:08 resp. 85:21

After the unsuccessful negotiation, Chen Sing and Lung are shown laughing at their trick right outside in the export version. In the original version, this is followed instead first by the scene on the oil rig where Boss Wang collapses. That comes unchanged in the export version about a minute later (so right after the scene with Chen and Lung outside).

No time difference.

89:39 / 91:09-91:19

In the motorcycle chase, one shot here starts (quite unnecessarily) much earlier. So you don't see the rider slowly descending the curve until from far above.

10.5 sec

91:37 / 93:17-93:18

Censorship: Chou stabs Lung more clearly in the stomach with a knife at the end and beginning of two shots.

1.1 sec

92:43-92:57 / 94:24-95:21

In the export version, the image freezes as our heroes grin with satisfaction and an end fade-in follows.

In the original version, the two instead don't accept that the cop will just let them get away with it. Chen reaches out his hand and Lung does the same. The policeman handcuffs them. But now they laugh again and stretch their handcuffed hands in the air. Above this picture, the end fade-in appears.

original version 43.2 sec longer.

Fortune Star's Hong Kong master has a corresponding note at the end.
Not included in cut duration/amount.

5 sec