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Weibchen, Die


  • Theatrical Version
  • Original Version
Release: Apr 25, 2019 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Asphyxia
The theatrical version was compared with the original version. Both versions were released on a Blu-ray and DVD set from the German Distributor "Bildstörung".

Eve lands in the health resort Bad Marein to cure her nervous breakdown in the clinic of Dr. Barbara. But everything is a bit strange here. It seems that there are only women present, with the exception of the gardener Adam. A group of men stranded there because of a car failure may feel at home among the pretty women, but Eve watches them get murdered one by one. Are the murders real or just a hallucination of her? What is really behind the health resort and Dr. Barbara's intentions?

"Die Weibchen" is a somewhat undeservedly forgotten psychedelic film that successfully oscillates between art and exploitation. The crazy camera pans, the great music, the wild imagery, Uschi Glas and the pretty girls provide a unique film experience.

"Bildstörung" released the film at the end of May in a Blu-ray/DVD set. On the Blu-ray is the theatrical version, while on the DVD they have still packed an original version, which is presumably an earlier edited version of the film, which has never been released before. Most of the differences are scene enhancements that can range from a few seconds to half a minute. The scene parts were probably removed from the theatrical version to make it a bit smoother. It's interesting that at the end some gruesome details are missing, which could be traced back to censorship cuts. The original version also has a different score, partly in places where there is nothing to be heard in the theatrical version and vice versa.
As a conclusion you can say that you don't miss much in the theatrical version, because in the original version there are mainly extensions of existing scenes to be found. Since the theatrical version is also the version preferred by the director, I advise you to first look at this version and then, if you are interested, to look at the original version again.
In addition to an audio commentary, the bonus material also includes interviews with the actors (also with Uschi Glas), trailers and picture galleries. It's great that "Bildstörung" has taken so much effort with the release and if you consider that nowadays the umpteenth edition of a horror movie in a Mediabook is available for 30€ and the Blu-ray of "Die Weibchen" is available for less than 20€, you can only recommend a purchase. It is worth it.


Theatrical version: 79:30 min. (78:31 min. without the black screen/with music)
Original version: 86:04 min.


The Inter-Verleih logo can be seen. Some fisheye pictures from the moving train can be seen.


A differently designed Inter-Verleih logo can be seen.

KF: 24 sec.
UF: 10 sec.


In the theatrical version, the title inserts are colourful, in the original version only white. The script/page according to an idea is designed differently, otherwise the insertions are the same. In the original version the train can be heard, in the theatrical version the title music.

KF: 1:56 Min.
UF: 1:51 Min.


In the original version, the camera panning through the train compartment begins much earlier.

UF: 20 sec.



Eve sees a distorted picture of the female passengers when she talks about the fact that her condition cannot even be remedied with tablets.


Eve can be seen longer. A woman walks through the compartment. The monologue is the same.

KF: 16 sec.
UF: 28 sec.


Eve can be seen longer, followed by the distorted image of the passengers, but differently cut than in the theatrical version. As a monologue, one hears the recommendations of her doctor.

UF: 24 sec.


The girl who closed the car door for Eve can be seen a little longer.

UF: 3 sec.


The journey to the resort is longer, and the driver also says "That's okay" on Eve's statement that she's not the type for a health cure.

UF: 7 sec.


The driver gets out and opens the trunk.

UF: 6 sec.


Eve looks after the car and looks around.

UF: 4 sec.


The car drives away while the camera zooms back. Eve enters the building. One of the sisters seems to flee from her. She follows her and enters the garden. The theatrical version starts again when Astrid gets up from the chair.

UF: 27 sec.


The camera pans over Eve, who introduces herself. Eve turns to the side. Then you see Miriam earlier.

UF: 11 sec.


Eve introduces herself to Miriam and runs back to Astrid.

UF: 13 sec.


The theatrical version cuts on Eve, who introduces herself to Xenia.

In the UF Xenia can still be seen as Eve introduces herself.

KF: 2 sec.
UF: 4 sec.


Eve introduces herself to Olga and turns to the side. The first part of this shot was shown in the theatrical version before.

UF: 5 sec.


The girl is holding a glass with a set of teeth in her hand. She puts it down and runs outside. Then the theatrical version starts again.

UF: 18 sec.


After Eve has received the injection, you can see the three men looking around Bad Marein.

UF: 22 sec.


Cut to Tommy, then the camera pans to Olaf. A woman looks through the aquarium, then you see Olaf turning to the side.

The theatrical version starts again when the old woman with the sunglasses can be seen.

UF: 12 sec.


Leo turns to the side.

UF: 3 sec.


The camera pans from the smoking woman to the two men who look around critically.

UF: 12 sec.


Olaf asks Leo again if he notices this too.

UF: 5 sec.


Cut onto the woman. Tommy sits down at the table with his two friends.

UF: 7 sec.


The camera pans through the room. One of the artworks can be seen.

UF: 21 sec.


Cut to the nurse who thinks everything's gonna be beautiful.

UF: 3 sec.


The "man's visit" is a little longer. The camera zooms in on one of the women.

UF: 7 sec.


The sleeping pill dissolves longer in the glass, then the nurse leaves the room.

UF: 14 sec.


Before Eve wakes up, the camera gives up on one of the women.

UF: 3 sec.


The camera moves back from the stabbed Olaf. The next shot starts earlier with a camera movement from the record player to the woman.

UF: 20 sec.


The nurse can be seen before Eve storms down the hallway with the woman to show her the body.

UF: 4 sec.


The theatrical version cuts onto one of the women, while Eve continues to be seen in the original version.

KF: 1 sec.
UF: 1 sec.


The woman in red asks what's wrong with Eve, who keeps stammering of a corpse. Another woman appears, slips through her hair and says that she is an angel. The woman in red wishes a good night.

UF: 25 sec.


The girl throws two knives into the heart of the doll.

UF: 6 sec.


Eve can be seen longer after she's been drugged. The next shot shows the commissioner earlier.

UF: 10 sec.


The commissioner turns to the side and leaves the room. The room turns orange and two women appear to be praying.

UF: 35 sec.


The camera pans across the park before Eve goes outside.

UF: 5 sec.


The woman reiterates "to the hairdresser". The camera pans through the hairdresser's salon. Eve is greeted, then the theatrical version starts again with the question whether she is registered.

UF: 25 sec.


After Eve has drawn the curtain, the woman is zoomed in.

UF: 8 sec.


Eve runs towards the building longer, then you see her a little earlier.

UF: 1 sec.


The woman takes off the cap and wipes herself over the bald head.

UF: 4 sec.


In the theatrical version, the camera pans from the woman to Eve, who talks to the man and then back to the woman.

The original version shows the woman from the front. She walks away slowly.

KF: 9 sec.
UF: 9 sec.


Eve is a little longer to see. The man asks "Help?"

UF: 2 sec.


Eve tells the commissioner that the shoes are too big for the gardener.

UF: 4 sec.


The commissioner walks away and Johnny repeats his last sentence "In Bad Marein such murders happen every day".

UF: 10 sec.


The theatrical version shows the gardener running forward.

In the original version, Eve walks to the tree house where Leo is having fun. The gardener is downstairs. Johnny hears a scream but the women around him calm him down by offering him something to eat.

KF: 7 sec.
UF: 25 sec.


In the theatrical version, Eve looks at the gardener and flees, running into one of the women.

The original version shows an alternative view. Then one of the women asks Eve what happened. The next scene with the tree can be seen earlier.

KF: 11 sec.
UF: 30 sec.


In the original version, the camera moves back and forth between the women before Tommy is invited into the tree house.

UF: 19 sec.


In the theatrical version, the gardener is wet-sprayed by the water from the hose after the girl has taken her foot off the hose.

In the original version, he continues to look at the hose.

KF: 1 sec.
UF: 1 sec.


The gardener is to be seen earlier than he walks through the garden with the bird cage in his hand.

UF: 5 sec.


Eve can be seen a little earlier than she turns away from the horrific view .

UF: 3 sec.


The fast camera ride through the garden is a bit longer. After that you can see the gardener.

UF: 3 sec.


The camera still zooms in on Eve's mirror image after she comes out of the shower.

UF: 4 sec.


The theatrical version shows the picture of the praying mantis again as Eve is reading from the book.

KF: 2 sec.


Once again the picture can be seen in the theatrical version.

KF: 1 sec.


The woman comes further forward. Then the camera pans over towards Eve, who slowly opens her eyes.

UF: 27 sec.


In the theatrical version, the camera zooms in on the priestess.

The original version shows an alternative shot. Then you can see one of the altar servers.

KF: 9 sec.
UF: 4 sec.


The camera pans over the women in front of the church. Eve comes out and repeats the words "praying mantis, mating act, the female eats the male".

UF: 33 sec.


The theatrical version cuts onto the corset in the fire, while the orator speaks of it.

In the original version the orator is still to be seen.

KF: 2 sec.
UF: 2 sec.


Tommy's early. He says, "Well, now, cut it."

UF: 2 sec.


In the theatrical version the scene follows in which the girl seduces Johnny only to let him down again.

The scene comes in the original version at [01:11:22].

No time difference


The woman says if this isn't another happy day. Then the camera pans over the nurse.

UF: 17 sec.


The nurse leaves the room and extinguishes the light. She told a colleague that it was a wonderful evening and that she should prepare this champagne.

UF: 25 sec.


The original version now shows the scene in which the girl seduces Johnny only to let him down again.

No time difference.


Before Eve leaves is cut on some women from Bad Marein.

UF: 13 sec.


In the theatrical version you can see Eve walking to the workshop.

The original version still shows how Johnny's arm is sawed off.

KF: 23 sec.
UF: 2 sec.


The woman walks to the side and puts the bloody hand in a glass. Cut on Dolly, who notices the knocking of Eve.

UF: 14 sec.


Dolly says she's excited about Eve's visit. Eve asks about Johnny's car. Dolly claims that he sold it to a friend before he left. Eve stares into space.

UF: 25 sec.


The new spa guest Maria can be seen a little longer.

UF: 3 sec.


The camera pans from Maria to the park.

UF: 9 sec.


In the theatrical version Eve sits in the train, the camera moves over the other passengers. She repeats "You can take the liberty, Dr. Barbara in Bad Marein".

In the original version Eve can be seen foremost. The other passengers look blurred. She also repeats the sentences.

KF: 27 sec.
UF: 25 sec.


The theatrical version shows at the end once more the picture of the praying mantis.

The original version ends with the statue instead.

KF: 18 sec (1:06 min incl. black screen with music)
UF: 26 sec.