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American Pie Presents: Beta House


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Oct 29, 2008 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: SpecialEd - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Rated R Version and the Unrated Version.
In part 6 of the "American Pie"-franchise - "American Pie Presents: Beta House" Erik Stifler and his friend Cooze end up at college. There, his cousin Dwight is chief of the Beta Association - Erik wants to joins but before it is possible diverse tasks have to be dealt with ...
Like the previous five parts, this movie, too, was released in two versions: a Rated-R version and an unrated version. Some changes make you wonder: for example, a shot of two topless strippers was changed in the Rated-R version so that the girls wear bras but the following scenes remained untouched or during the Greek Games two shots showing breats were removed although earlier breasts were visible.
It seems, that first and foremost the goal is to make people purchase the product because of the "Unrated"-slogan.

 Compared pictures :



 Runtimes :
R-Rated: 86:49 Min. (NTSC)
Unrated: 84:39 Min. (PAL)
Alternative shot of the girl leaving the shower. The unrated version shows full frontal nudity.


R-Rated: 1,60 Sek.
Unrated: 1,60 Sek.

Again an alternative shot when the girl passes Erik.


R-Rated: 2,27 Sek.
Unrated: 2,27 Sek.

More scenes of dancing girls are shown.
Bull: "I can't handle it."
Dwight: "This is chicken scratch. You're a caveman."

Unrated: 12,33 Sek.

The Rated-R version only shows the girl´s belly - in the unrated version we also see her breasts.


R-Rated: 3,40 Sek.
Unrated: 2,67 Sek.

In the Rated-R version, during the first cut to Dwight and Wesley, the strippers who accompany them, wear bras.


R-Rated: 2,00 Sek.
Unrated: 2,00 Sek.

The stripper, who grabs Bobby, wears a bra in the Rated-R version.


R-Rated: 4,87 Sek.
Unrated: 4,90 Sek.

Alternative shot of Cooze and the girls.


R-Rated: 0,50 Sek.
Unrated: 0,53 Sek.

The models, who are lying in Cooze´s bed with him, wear underwear in the Rated-R version.


R-Rated: 1,83 Sek.
Unrated: 1,83 Sek.

Erik´s first load of ejaculate hits the wall.

Unrated: 0,70 Sek.

We miss part of the sex scene between Dwight and the nymphomaniac.

Unrated: 6,93 Sek.

After the sex, the girls pulls the blanket further downwards.

Unrated: 2,30 Sek.

Dwight is shown briefly longer.

Unrated: 0,43 Sek.

The shot runs briefly longer. Dwight holds his hand over the slightly wriggling girl
Dwight: "Hands and feet inside the tram. Next stop, penetration station, baby.”

Unrated: 4,57 Sek.

Alternative shots during the Opening-Bra-Contest. The Unrated shows the breasts of the competitors while the Rated-R version cuts to Edgar and Dwight.


R-Rated: 1,73 Sek.
Unrated: 1,73 Sek.

After the girl has taken off her top, the scene cuts to Edgar and Dwight who get stimulated by the girls.

Unrated: 2,43 Sek.

Dwight and the girl are shown a little bit earlier.

Unrated: 0,43 Sek.

We miss a cut to Dwight.

Unrated: 1,90 Sek.

In the unrated version, Cooze gets briefly longer sprinkled by Denise. The next shot shows him a few frames earlier. The Rated-R version instead shows a cut to Denise.


R-Rated: 1,63 Sek.
Unrated: 1,63 Sek.

A scene, which appears in the unrated version at the beginning of the end credits, is missing: Wesley awakes, happy that he obviously spent the night with a girl. When she comes from the shower, it turns out that it is the body building chick.

Mädel: "Hey big boy, ready to fill me up with some more protein?"

Wesely: "No, no, no, No!"

The camera pans downwards to Dwight and the other Beta´s.
Dwight: "Yes, the Blackout Menance strikes again."

Unrated: 35,30 Sek.

At the end of the end credits, the unrated version has another scene: Edgar is sitting in the Silver Dollar and is sniffing at the cap of a sheep costume when a stripper walks past him.

Edgar: "Wear this for your next dance, honey. Thanks."

Unrated: 15,17 Sek.