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1.10 The Forest of Chakra


  • US Version
  • Japanese TV Version
Release: Apr 27, 2011 - Author: Jim - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB - more from this series
In this episode there is no time difference. The intro as well as the credits are not taken into consideration.

On September 10th in 2005 the smash hit anime "Naruto" started airing in the "Toonami" program of Cartoon Network. However, for a lower rating some edits were necessary.
Yet, the level of editing is really moderate (especially compared to the german which contains almost not a single drop of blood and is also otherwise HEAVILY censored). Usually it's just that some blood has been removed or reduced, the fights itself are usually completely intact.
Besides that the US version had some scenes redrawn. Usually faces of characters or other minor "mistakes" were corrected, to look more like the manga.

Of course the US version had it's own opener and ending, which was resented by many fans because it wasn't really a song, sounding as good as the original songs used for opening and ending credits. Besides that all the original names were kept, but some are spelled or pronounced not correctly.
Yet, the US version is very good - for a censored version.
For comparisons goes:
Left: japanese version
Right: US version

Considering this episode: In this episode there was only on censoring cut and an adjusted scene. One could also mention one scene, in which Zabuza gets hit by the throwing needles, which has not been edited compared to the preceding episode. A funny fact about this issue is the duration of the scene in which a freeze frame is viewable for a long time (in negative colours) which makes the cuts of the preceding hilarious. In this episode the intro as well as the credits have not been taken into consideration, therefore there is no time difference.
The scene in which Zabuza pulls out the needles from his throat was skipped. Instead the following scene starts earlier.

No time difference

The transition of the scene has been changed. While the Japanese version offers a soft and fluent transition the US version is only inserted.

No time difference