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2.12 The Lemon AIDS Walk


  • TV Version
  • US DVD
Release: Jun 01, 2011 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV version (MTV) and the uncut US DVD.

For the second season of "Drawn Together" the producers again were forced to create a censored TV version. Naked breasts and private parts were censored by black boxes and several precarious scenes had to be cut out or at least shortened. Some episodes had to be shortened in order to reach a standard TV runtime; the DVD includes all the scenes that were cut out. E.g. the first episode of the second season includes a pretty funny musical number.


MTV: 20:52 min.
US-DVD: 21:31 min.

After hero left, the scene continues.

Speaker: "Congratulations, original cast of Drawn Together. For winning the badminton game you recieve a pound of ground beef and a quarter cup of water."
Glove: "Buhya, that's all I need."

He then high fives Megazord.

13 sec.


The guard leaves the store, Spanky county his sweets.

Saleswoman: "That'll be $2.46."
Spanky: "Can you break a fifty?"

8 sec.


The TV Version does not show Foxxy's mouth but cuts to her body.

No difference in time.


Some more dialog after Wooldoor ran away.

Spanky: "I feel so guilty."
Clara: "Me, too. Poor Wolldoor."
Spanky: "Not about that, I watered down one of the lemonade juggs with my piss. If only I knew which one?"

11 sec.


In the uncensored version, Hero hits the girl, whereas the TV Version shows Foxxy longer drinking from the toilet.

No difference in time.


The donkey also gets smacked by Hero, the TV Version features some water instead.

No difference in time.


In the TV Version Hero just stands around with the bat instead of hitting Xandir.

DVD: 3 sec.
TV: 2 sec.


Olivia leaves the house while Popeye suggests a punch.

2 sec.