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Dr. Lamb

original title: Gao yang yi sheng


  • HK DVD
  • Austrian DVD
Release: May 21, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut Hong Kong DVD by Winson (CAT III) and the uncut Austrian DVD by XT Video (Unrated)
Dr. Lamb represents another crude and to some extent boring Category III movie from Hong Kong, which were quite common in the 90ies. Only a few of those (Untold Story, Sex & Zen, Ebola Syndrome) are actually recommendable. A problem for the western viewer is the connection between HK slapstick humour and brutal splatter scenes.
All HK versions of Dr. Lamb are cut. The newly released Austrian DVD for the first time contains the film in its uncut version. Apart from censorship cuts the HK version misses some film tears, which, however, were not mentioned in this cutting report. Besides, the HK version's audio has been censored. Whenever there's swearing in the film (which is very frequent) a BEEP rings out.
Cut version = 88:47 Min. (NTSC)
Uncut version = 85:36 Min. (PAL)

Missing scenes 26 seconds, 21.5 sec. censorship & 4.5 sec. film tears
48:13 Lam (Simon Yam) chipping into the prostitute's left shoulder with a meat-hatchet.
1 sec.

50:09 Brief shot of Lam sawing into the woman's right arm with a disk saw.
0.5 sec.

50:14 Another shot of him severing her arm.
1 sec.

50:47 Short but gory shot of him sawing into her stomach and shreds of flesh flying about.
0.5 sec.

64:10 After Lam has stabbed into the woman's chest with a scalpel, the HK version lacks a shot of his sweaty face and then another close-up in which he stabs into her chest.
3 sec.

64:16 End of a shot of the woman from above. Lam stabs into her chest with the scalpel.
2.5 sec.

64:17 He goes on stabbing the woman obsessively. Cut to his face and how looks around.
3.5 sec.

65:47 Beginning of a shot in which Lam holds the woman's wobbling severed breast in his hand. Beforehand, her face comes into view.
5.5 sec.

77:48 While the policemen are watching a video tape of the killer, a short shot of him cutting the woman in the chest from the abovementioned cut is missing. Scarcely perceptible.
0.5 sec.

77:53 Again there is a similar shot missing and again it is barely recognizable.
0.5 sec.

77:54 Another (bad) video shot.
1 sec.

78:00 For the last time a shot of the screen was cut. This time practically nothing is visible.
1.5 sec.