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Escape from Women's Prison

original title: Le evase - Storie di sesso e di violenze


  • US Version
  • Italian Version
Release: Jan 05, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The violent Monica breaks out of a women's prison together with Diana, Erica, Betty. Her brother Pierre is supposed to help them escape, but he is seriously injured in an unplanned meeting with the police. In their desperation, the fugitives ram a bus in which a group of tennis players are on their way to a tournament. Terry, one of the players, knows the area and leads the group to a remote house where a judge lives. The captured girls are locked in the basement. The resolute Anna dares an escape with the bus driver Marco, which is unfortunately thwarted. Anna is locked up again, while Marco is degraded to a perverted object of lust by Erica. Monica uses the judge to buy medicine for Pierre in a nearby pharmacy. The judge manages to send a call for help. When the police surround the house in the evening, the women threaten to kill their hostages one by one. The situation escalates.

Raunchy Italo exploitation that's worth a look for trash fans

The original title Le evase - Storie di sesso e di violenze translated into English means as much as The Fugitives - A Story of Sex and Violence and quickly makes clear what scriptwriter and director Giovanni Brusadori had in mind. However, we don't get to see a women-in-prison film here, but rather an abduction drama with exploitation elements. The US title Escape from Women's Prison is not completely off-topic, but the movie poster on which four women escape from a cell while a guard is pushed to the ground also raises false expectations, because the escape of the wild women in the movie consists only of them roping down from a wall. The plot quickly shifts to the remote house of the judge, where the tennis players end up as prisoners in the basement.

At the beginning, Monica is still the leader of the women's group, but her support begins to crumble due to conflicts, because the rest of the chain gang would rather get rid of the half-dead Pierre sooner rather than later. The beautiful clothes in the luxury villa make the ladies' fuses blow even faster. Erica throws herself into a tight nightgown and forces bus driver Marco to have extramarital sex. Diana also gets horny and tries to live out her lesbian tendencies on the helpful Claudine, while fat Betty takes a bath before the fridge is looted.

In order not to give you the idea that this is just a shallow attempt to satisfy the sensationalism of the audience, Brusadori has over-subversively packed a political context into the film in an inelegant way, because the pretty Monica is a revolutionary who uses violence to rebel against the establishment and finally gives power back to the common people. The old judge tries to argue unsuccessfully against it and therefore has to pee in his pants as punishment. The revolution is just dirty. But revenge is sweet, because when Monica loses her supremacy in the group, his hour strikes. Without trousers, but with a raised limp, he shows the failed revolutionary leader what obscene deeds the upper class is capable of.

Despite all doubts, the movie isn't as bad as some reviews might suggest. The cast of competent genre greats like Lilli Carati, who you know as the young, angry and willing Tina from To Be Twenty alongside Gloria Guida, is outstanding. Marina Daunia dives into the naziploitation flicks Private House of the SS Girls. A pleasant eye-catcher is Zora Kerova, known and loved as a sex-show dancer from The New York Ripper and as a chest hanger in Cannibal Ferox. Watching this non-masterpiece of Italian cinematography is therefore still recommended.

Severin's US Blu-ray features two versions of Escape from Women's Prison

Getting an uncut version of the film was a delicate matter before the release of the US Blu-ray. Most of the more widely distributed releases were more or less heavily cut. On the one hand, the Blu-ray contains the US version of the film with a runtime of 83 minutes. As a note before the film makes clear, Severin had a theatrical print available for this. This version is longer than the previous US DVD releases by Brentwood/BCI, but by far not yet complete.

The second version is the Italian cut of the film. Except for a few tears, this version can be considered complete, but the quality of the film is noticeably lower than the US version. It lacks sharpness and contrast. Now one has the annoying choice to watch the movie in a worse image quality or in the edited version with better image quality. Unfortunately, the US version is cut very clumsily in some places, so that the Italian version is recommended for a first viewing. Lovers of the film can choose the US version, which is a little bit faster without missing the essential exploitation delicacies.


US version: 83:24 min.
Italian version: 94:16 min.

The US version was compared to the Italian version. Both are included on the US Blu-ray by Severin.


The US version starts immediately with the title insertion.

Instead, the Italian version begins with the title inserts of the producers.

US: 4 sec.
IT: 6 sec.


When the women have just gotten in, they notice that Anna is missing. One of the women runs back to the hotel to pick her up.

IT: 32 sec.


In the US version, we can see the two women getting in a little longer.

US: 4 sec.


The bus can be seen a little earlier, but the original title is displayed.

IT: 2 sec.


The scene with the girls in the bus while the title song is playing is much longer in the Italian version.

IT: 43 sec.


The scene in which the women climb off the wall starts a little earlier in the US.

US: 4 sec.


The escape in the car can be seen a little longer. Monica is worried about Pierre's driving. The next scene in the bus starts a little earlier.

IT: 15 sec.


Another shot of the bus can be seen before it is crossed by the escape vehicle. The shot in which that happens starts earlier.

IT: 11 sec.


The bus driver can be seen earlier after getting out of the bus.

IT: 2 sec.


Claudine wants to take a look at the injured Pierre, but Monica plays it down. Claudine tells the bus driver to drive more slowly, because otherwise Pierre feels greater pain. One of the fugitives (Betty) gives her dry clothes so she can change.

IT: 42 sec.


Monica runs forward a little. Terry tells her that they are a group of tennis players who are going to a tournament. Pierre calls for Monica. Terry says that she has seen Monica somewhere before but cannot remember.

IT: 40 sec.


The trainer hands out sandwiches and Betty grabs two of them. The other fugitive says to Monica that Pierre is dead weight, that they should get rid of him. Monica then goes to the fugitive.

The US only starts again when she tells her to shut up.

IT: 53 sec.


The girl tells Diana the way to the house. Diana threatens them that they should not joke with her. Marco suddenly stops the bus and jumps on Diana, but Monica forces him back into his driver's seat at gunpoint.

IT: 39 sec.


Monica asks if there's anybody else in the house. The judge denies. Diana says that the judge looks exactly like the one who put her in prison. She goes to him and gives him a punch in the stomach. She says Terry led her here.

IT: 24 sec.


While the judge says to Monica that she has committed serious crimes, she takes care of Pierre. The judge thinks her revolution is wrong because it is based on violence. Monica sees it as the only way for the proletariat to defend itself. The judge thinks that she will be punished for her actions.

IT: 1:02 min.


Monica sends Erica into the kitchen with the judge to make coffee.

IT: 6 sec.


The women take more clothes from the wardrobe. A fur coat arouses desires and Diana prevails and grabs the coat. Erica gets angry and calls Diana a slut. She calmly counters that Erica has always behaved like a bitch in heat. Betty tries to mediate.

IT: 1:12 min.


A small argument breaks out among the girls after one of them said that she finds the situation exciting. Marco says he was wrong about the kidnappers. He thought angels did it, but in reality they are criminals. Marco and the coach discover that they have little financial resources in case their kidnappers try to extort ransom money.

IT: 36 sec.


Erica holds a nightgown to her body in front of the mirror.

In the next scene, Diana is talking to Claudine earlier. She asks how old she is and wants her to join her on the sofa.

IT: 47 sec.


Monica holds the judge back as he tries to get into the car. She tells him she's driving. Then we see her getting in the car and driving away.

IT: 46 sec.


The tracking shot of Erica lying on the bed and singing starts earlier.

IT: 25 sec.


During the escape of Marco and Anna, a scene is missing in which they sneak along the house.

IT: 17 sec.


Anna's being chased by Betty.

IT: 21 sec.


After the sex scene between Erica and Marco, a short cut is made on the house. It's probably a film tear.

IT: 2 sec.


After Terry squeals, one of the girls goes after her. Terry says again that it was Anna's idea to escape and she tried to stop her. Terry says that she is on Monica's side and did not want her to be arrested. Diana does not believe Terry but Terry reiterates that she is a fan of Monica's movement. Coach says that's enough.

IT: 52 sec.


Film tear in the Italian version.

The judge looks to the side after he had to pee in his pants.

US: 2 sec.


The US version has English credits.

The picture freezes in the Italian version and the original credits can be seen.

US: 1:15 min.
IT: 1:13 min.