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1.01 House of Chthon


  • TV Version
  • Unrated
Release: Mar 31, 2011 - Author: Jason - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the Uncut TV Version on Spike TV and the Uncut US Unrated DVD by New Line Home Entertainment.

After the moderate success of the TV series of the successful motion pictures in the US, the series got cancelled after one season. Rumor has it that it was more successful on a marathon on Spike TV, where the Unrated Versions were aired, and as a result of that the show should go on. But a confirmation is still outstanding.

After Pilot aired in the US, its Unrated Version was released on DVD. The entire season, which contains the Unrated Version of all episodes box followed in February 2008. Advertised with the promotionally effective "Unrated" slogan and comments like "Too graphic for TV!", the actual differences are moderat: some minor plot extensions here, some alternate footage there, slightly more erotic and some "bad language". That's it. The other episodes contain similar "extensions".

The time indes refers to the TV Version from Spike TV.
The remaining difference is a result of rounding the running time of particular cut scenes to a half or a complete second. Furthermore differences below 1 sec aren't being considered due to a lack of relevance.
Some of the screen have been brighten up because it was kid of hard to recognize anything because they were too dark. As a result of that, the quality of some screens is lower. Sorry for that.
Running time US TV Version on Spike TV: 1:28:02 min (1:26:57 min without credits)
Running time US Unrated DVD: 1:29:00 min (1:28:23 min without credits)

9 Extended scenes = 1 min 5 sec
2 Dialog modifications = no difference
5x Alternate footage = 2 sec
The TV Version begins with a text box that reads the content of language and violence is not appropiate for all audiences. The Unrated Version starts with a logo of New Line Home Entertainmentinstead. (The Unrated Version is longer.)
13 sec

TV Version:Unrated:

The titles are different in either of the versions.
no difference

TV Version:Unrated:

Extended scene
Extended conversation about Zack in the Unrated Version.
9.5 sec

Extended scene
Krista's mother and her uncle Pat have a short conversation while she's on her way to the door.
7.5 sec

Alternate footage
The blond chick that glides off the table and runs to the exit, covers her boobies with a jacket in the TV Version. The Unrated Version contains a nice boob shot instead. (The shot is slightly longer in the Unrated Version.)
0.5 sec

TV Version:Unrated:

Extended scene
The Unrated Version contains an additional shot of the blond chick backing off - boob shot included - after an elbow check for Blade.
1 sec

Dialog modification / Alternate footage
Extended shot of Krista in the TV Version. In the Unrated Version, the following shot of Blade starts earlier instead (exactly at the moment when Krista says "asshole").
Original Version: "Help me take out these bastards!"
Unrated: "Help me take out these assholes!" (The subs remain unchanged for some reason.)
no difference

TV Version:Unrated:

Extended scene / Alternate footage
The part of the dream sequence with Krista running after her younger brother is different in the Unrated Version (less stressful). In comparison to the TV Version, it's way longer.
10.5 sec

TV Version:


Extended scene / Alternate footage
The part with Zack making his sister clear that she "only has to die" is different and slightly extended in the Unrated Version.
2.5 sec

Original Version:


Extended scene
The camera also pans to the battle field on the left.
2 sec

Extended scene
Extended shot of Krista coming up to Marcus.
1.5 sec

Extended scene
Additional shot: first a zoom of Marcus, then Krista. Moreover the following shot of Marcus starts earlier.
4.5 sec

Dialog modification / Alternate footage
The shot of Danny is slightly longer in the Unrated Version plus it's alternate.
Original Version: "I'm gonna live for freakin' ever."
Unrated: "I'm gonna live for fuckin' ever."
1.5 sec

TV Version:Unrated:

Extended scene
During the car ride, Krista wants to know from Chase if she was ok her being around, Chase affirms. Krista also asks when Chase had been turned. Chase gives her the exact date in 1943. Then an additional shot of the driving car.
26 sec

After the name of producer David S. Goyer popped up, the TV Version goes on with a summary of the following episode. The Unrated Version continues with the final credits instead.
30 sec