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Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz

original title: 新機動戦記ガンダムW: Endless Waltz


  • OVA Version
  • Theatrical Version
Release: Jun 02, 2010 - Author: Jim - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
About Gundam Wing
"Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" (or short Gundam Wing or Gundam W) is another spin-off of the well-known "Gundam" series, which has spawned a number of manga and anime variants. Gundam Wing is a mixture of several different genres. On the one hand, it offers many mech fights with lots of action, in which it is mainly about five young Gundam pilots. On the other hand, the series is also partly political because the fights have a background consisting of a war between the earth and space colonies. There is also conflict between the young pilots because they, despite their same goal, do not want to do things the same way.

About Endless Waltz: Two years after the Manga, consisting of three parts, was released in 1995, the OVA "Endless Waltz", consisting of three movies as well, was pŁublished. One year later it was released again as a movie. For this new version, new material was produced.
The OVA itself takes one part of the original plot and develops it further. Usually, later produced OVAs do have a rather weak or even dumb story and are just there for the money's sake. "Endless Waltz" does not live up to the original's story, but still isn't bad itself (especially in comparison to other OVAs), its story has some plotholes but is overall good nonetheless.

About the alterations: Admittedly, there wasn't changed THAT much. Some scenes have been rearranged but not been changed (therefore they will not be depictured here), then again there are some new scenes and a few adjustments. The good thing is that these new scenes, in contrast to some Hollywood blockbusters, do make the movie a better one. Many things, that were not clear in the OVA version, are being explained in the movie. Some scenes just make more sense that way, because e.g. we get to know ho Noin and Zecks get along again. We also learn more about the main protagonists, e.g. Quatre's flasback was cut completely in the OVA.
Something that is really missing in the new cut, however, is the ending credit's score, which was - like many of the songs in "Gundam Wing" - made by the Japanese pop group TWO-MIX. In the OVA version, their song "White Reflections" is used, the movie features the song "Last Impression", also by them. Score differences will not be included in this report.

There are also several tiy cuts of not more than half a second each, these are not included in this report, too, because they do not alter the scenes significantly.

In every picture comparison the formatting is like this:
Left: Movie Version
Right: OVA Version

Something really remarkable is the different coloring in the US DVD, it is almost all the time significantly darker than the movie version. In some scenes this may help to produce atmosphere, but all in all is the OVA's coloring worse.

On the other hand, there are several scenes in the movie version which offer a quite bad picture without any obvious reason.

How there can be such partially vast differences will stay unknown, but the movie version all in all offers the better quality, because some details just disappear in the dark in the OVA.
Running time difference in OVA 1: 225 seconds.
Running time difference in OVA 2: 60 seconds.
Running time difference in OVA 3: 594 seconds.

Total difference: 879 seconds (14 minutes & 39 seconds).

Running time designations refer to the movie version.

At the beginning there is a title screen missing in the OVA, which shows an overlay stating the date instead (the movie version shows the overlay in different formatting in the next shot of the battle). Because of a correction the date is slightly different. THe scene was recut a bit, too.

No difference in time.

The movie shows a title overlay here.

Voiceover: "Gundam Wing Endless Waltz, Special Edition"

Then there are some credit overlays which are not featured in the OVA.

10 seconds

The OVA now shots the title overlay. The next overlay stating the date again is once more differently formatted.

+7 seconds in the OVA

We see a seemingly abandoned space station and a red shuttle flying through it. The shuttle flies away and one can hear Quatre via radio. He talks with Duo as Heero flies the shuttle. He asks what they were doing and Duo asks that they would fly to X18999 and have a huge party there. Quatre mentions that they do not have their gundams anymore, but the two don't think it matters.

We can see Duo on a monitor in a close-up. He tells Quatre to relax and says that they might not need their gundams at all. We can see the shuttle again, then Heero working on a laptop and Duo talking to Quatre, telling him that they could also steal the enemy's mobile suits to defend themselves. Quatre looks down and Duo shrugs.

Duo bends over to Heero to tell him that Quatre always blamed himself for everything and that he was not surprised if he one day thought that there was no air in space because of him.

We see Quatre in his spaceship and hear him thinking that he was to blame that their only defenses were gone. Then he says to Duo that he would go and get their gundams back. Duo is surprised and says that they already sent them towards the sun.

Quatre states that he could still reach them if he flew away instantly. He adds that they probably would not be able to stay in direct contact so they should use mails instead. After they wish each other good luck they say goodbye.

We then see the red shuttle attach itself to a bigger space ship which starts to take off. Duo and Heero talk about the controls and Duo steers the ship.

The following scene is shown at a different time in the OVA, exactly at 0:17:11.

198 seconds

We see Duo looking out into space and hear him thinking that it seemed as if he was going to become the god of death again.

The next scene is shown in the OVA version early in OVA 2 at 0:05:27.

Back in the present, we see the space ship flying through space.

14 seconds

The light is white in the OVA, in the movie version, however, it is blue and weaker.

No difference in time

We see the space station from outside.

3 seconds


Duo's face has been redrawn.

No difference in time.

Here, the OVA shows the ending credits for part one and a teaser of part two.
(not counted for time difference)

+131 seconds in the OVA


At first, there is a retelling of the first episode in the OVA. It takes 85 seconds, does not introduce any new scenes and will not be counted for time difference here.

This scene can be seen in the OVA version directly after the retelling of the first part

The light has been reduced.

No difference in time


Quatre and Instructor H. talk about the self destruction mechanism in Sandrock.

Quatre says that he doesn't understand why ther should be this mechanism when a screen transmits a message. When Quatre asks the Instructor if it was a new instruction, the instructor affirms, but says that he should forget about that before he punches the screen in and rips the microfone out.

The instructor tells Quatre to use the self destruction only when necessary, then Quatre approaches his gundam Sandrock. During this, we can hear the instructor thinking that he cannot take his benevolence and sincerity and that this would be a more gruesome fate than "Operation Meteor".

60 seconds

The overlay of the asteroid's name was removed in the movie version.

No difference in time

Here, the OVA shows the ending credits of OVA's second episode and a teaser for the third one.
(Again, not included in the total time difference)

+151 seconds in the OVA


We see an asteroid field in which Zechs is floatin in his gundam. Lucrecia's and Sally's freighter flies near and then we see Lucrecia Noin in the cockpit. The ship closes in on the asteroid field, the camera pans over the gundam.

We see Zechs reading a book inside his gundam until Lucrecia tells him she has come to fetch him.

Zechs puts the book down and asks Noin how she has been.

-Scene change-
We see some gundams landing on the earth, a voiceover says that the president's estate has been conquered the president's estate.

Dekim comes out of his ship, in the background we see more gundams landing and the voiceover says that the peace on earth held only a short year.

We see Quatre shooting the gundam wing zero to space, just as Heero asked him to do. The voiceover continues talking, now he says that the earth's defenders were just too weak to make a difference.

There is a lot happening among the troops, then we see Heero going to his gundam. In the background, we hear a song by TWO-MIX ("White Reflections", the original ending music).

-Scene change-
We see the conquered estate and Sally in her freighter. Zechs lands in his gundam, he is already being expected by Lady Une.

-Scene change-
We see Trowa pushing Duo in a prison cell and Chang in his gundam floating in orbit. Again, soldiers in front of the president's ex-residence are shown, they are saluting Marimeia and Dekim. The camera pans to Relena looking upwards, hopingly.

-Scene change-
Heero is still on the way to his gundam, which is traveling through space in some sort of container.

135 seconds

The camera pans along a hotel. In its interiors, some unconscious soldiers are lying. Sally is walking through the corridors both armed and equipped with a gas mask.

Another corridor. Some soldiers are standing guard, in another room some civilians are being held imprisoned, some of them have worked in Trowa's circus.

The masked Sally is looking around the corner and then throws another gas grenade, knocking one of the soldiers out.

Some soldiers want to hellp their colleague, but when they run into the gas cloud they fall down unconsciously, too. One of them runs towards Sally. When he stumbles, she catches him and lays him on the floor.

Sally says that she was sorry and only had to knock them out for a short while, then she opens the door. She asks the hostages if they were alright, they nod.

73 seconds

The bullets cause explosions in the OVA version, in the movie they do not.

No difference in time

The chain that is being fired by Zechs' gundam is of a reddish color, in the OVA it merely is grey and also does not damage the other gundam as much.

No difference in time

A clueless mass of people is watching the big monitors in the city depicting the war going on. Dorothy asks them whether the do not want to do something and if Marimeia was the leader they wanted to follow.

Dorothy has an argument with a civilian who claims that she had no right to insult him because he had shot down five mobile suits in the last war. She then says that the only real men she knew could be seen on the monitors fighting.

-Scene change-
Duo, Trowa and Quatre fight against the army's gundams.

A short cut to the people, then more fighting.

Again the people watching the fighting in the city, Quatre, Trowa and Duo can be seen. The civilians are beginning to get angry. One of them says that peace isn't something you get for free.

Back to Zechs and the others fighting, in the off one can hear the civilians more and more agreeing with Dorothy and deciding to fight themselves. A man says that they had to earn the peace and freedom.

More civilians talk with each other and decide that they should instantly go to Relena. The others become more motivated as well.

The camera pans to Dorothy, she says that she would take them a part of the way. Then some trucks are driving in behind her.

More fighting between the gundams. In another shot we see Trowa's clown mask sticking out of the ground. The army's gundams are still losing. Duo laments that the enemies were becoming more and more. The fighting goes on. Then Quatre says that it seemed as if they were fighting a losing battle, he starts his engine and flies towards their opponents.

-Scene change-
Gundam Wing Zero is lying on the bottom of the ocean, Heero's eyes are closed and the displays are dark. Then they shortly flash and Heero opens his eyes. From the outside, we see that eyes of the gundam are starting to glow. Heero asks if Zero could move.

More of the displays are lighting up and the gundam is getting up again. Heero says that this would be the gundam's last battle.

Heero activates Zero's engines.

336 seconds

The city streets. The gundams are throwing their weapons away and the soldiers are leaving their mobile suits. The throw everything on a pile and burn it. Chang watches the fire from his gundam.

50 seconds

In the outro, we see the main protagonists' lifes after the war. The movie shows the credits afterwards, in the OVA version they are shown during these scenes. The movie version also shows some different scenes.

The extra scenes shown here are not being counted for the time difference.
The order of the scenes is different in the two versions

Zechs & Noin

OVA: We see Duo going through a pile of scrap, Hilde approaches him and hands him a drawing board.

Movie: We see a busy city, Duo is obviously haggling with a mechant and then goes to Hilde, who awaits him in a restaurant. Both eat together, Duo chokes on his food.

OVA: Quatre is back on his ship, his crew is cheering.

Movie: The space station from a long shot, a shuttle is approaching. Quatre is overseer of a huge construction site together with Rashid and the rest of the crew.

OVA: Trowa returns to his circus and enters the tent together with his colleague.

Movie: The camera pans along the circus tent. The circus is well frequented again and one can see parts of the show.

OVA: Wufei is sitting in a space ship with Sally, because of the uniforms we can see that he now works for the same organisation.

Movie: Something is exploding in a desert. The camera pans to the side and we see a jeep with Sally and Chang. Chang checks the explosion's data on his laptop while sally watches it. They then drive on.

Zechs & Noin
Zechs and Noin are on a space ship are play checkers.
The OVA does not show the two here at all!

OVA: Relena is holding a speech in a big hall, Heero watches her. After a little while he goes away, then we see him going alone, the space behind him. The last credits roll.

Movie: There is some political event, Relena is also participating. She looks up and there is a fade to Heero. He turns around, the camera zooms out. He says "Mission accomplished" and for a last time we see the city in an aerial shot.