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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

4.01 The Way of the Warrior


  • Syndicated Version
  • DVD
Release: Nov 04, 2012 - Author: HuZim MayXX - Translator: HuZim MayXX - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Used for this comparison were the uncut DVD Version (PAL), which was used when the episode originally aired, and the cut Syndicated Version, used for repeats. The Syndicated Version is represented by a German TV airing on kabel eins, which - thanks to episode information on - was indeed the Syndicated Version.

Missing from the Syndicated Version are 370 seconds (6 minutes 10 seconds) in to 14 cuts.

Time designations refer to the PAL DVD.

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The DVD-Version has a dedication. It could be that it's only missing from the German TV-airing, but present in all other airings.

4 seconds


A short view over the promenade, showing more security guards, is missing from the syndicated version.

4 seconds


The two-parter fades out a bit earlier, though there is nothing missing that is worth the mention.

approx. 3 seconds



The syndicated airing omits a conversation between Bashir, O'Brien and Quark - which gets referred to later (in the second part).

Bashir: Ah, Chief. I'm beginning to think there's no limit to the wonders you can perform.
O'Brien: That's what I like about you, Julian. You're easily impressed.
(Bashir laughs as Quark is serving their drinks)
Bashir: Thank you, Quark. Can we get a little yamok-sauce for these sandpeas?
(Quark wanders around the bar)
Bashir: Quark?
Quark: Listen, do you hear that?
Bashier: I don't hear a thing.
Quark: Exactly! The ambient noise level in this room is less than 30 decibels. On an average day it's 65. When there are Klingons in the room, it can go as high as 85.
O'Brien: So what you're trying to say is "It's quiet in here"?
Quark: Too quiet. Something's terribly wrong.
Bashir: Like what?
Quark: I don't know. But have you ever met a quiet Klingon before? Look how they're watching the room. It's like they're picking out targets.
(O'Brien looks around before he stands up)
Quark: Where are you going?
O'Brien: I thought I'd ask the Klingons what they're up to.
Quark: Don't do that!
O'Brien: Why not?
Quark: Because I don't want them to know we're onto them.
O'Brien: Well, suit yourself.
(O'Brien sits down again while Bashir tries the trick - and fails)
O'Brien. Nah, no. The secret is positioning the pea correctly on the hand.
Bashir: Yeah, I thought I had that.
Quark: What are you two doing? I'm telling you the Klingons are up to something.
Bashir: Calm down Quark. The Klingons are our allies.
Quark: They might be your allies, but they're not mine.
O'Brien: Relax. If there's something up with the Klingons, Captain Sisko will find out about it.
Quark: Yeah. But will he tell me?

1 minute and 46 seconds


Since the syndicated airing is missing the above scene, credits can be seen in a different scene.

Reference pictures:


A conversation between Dax and Nerys is missing.

Dax: Oh, there you are. We've been looking all over for you. Malko here just gave the most... amazing massage. And I'm sure, if you'll ask nicely, he'll do the same for you.
Kira: No, thanks.
Dax: Why?
Kira: Because Malko's not real. He's a puppet made out of holographic light and replicated matter.
Dax: Boys, can you wait outside?
Kira: (laughing) Are you afraid I hurt their feelings?
Dax: Oh, you really should try to get into the spirit of things. People come from all over Trill to visit the Hoobishan Baths.
Kira: And if I'm ever on Trill, I'm sure I'll visit them. But we're not on Trill and this isn't the Hoobishan Baths. It's a holosuite and none of it is real.
Dax: And?
Kira: And... I'm sorry. I feel silly.
Dax: Good. That's what a holosuite's for. To have a good time. All you have to do is relax and use your imagination.
Kira: I guess I don't have much of an imagination.
Dax: Of course you do. Everyone does. Didn't you play make-believe when you were a child?
Kira: Yeah, I used to make believe the Cardassians would stop killing the Bajorans and just go away.
Dax: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...
Kira: Oh, I know. I'm sorry. I guess I... never had much use for my imagination. I mean, look at me. You plan a fun evening for us and all I can do is just sit here and worry about Klingons.
Dax: You can worry about the Klingons tomorrow. From what I hear, they're not going anywhere. And as for your underdeveloped imagination, I perscribe a strict regime of exercise. Starting immediately.
Kira: All right. I'll give it a try.
Dax: That's all I ask. Come on. Malko couldn't have gone far.

approx. 2 minutens and 10 seconds


The DVD version shows a couple of Klingons on the promenade as shops are opening.

21 seconds


Since there were a lot of cuts, credits are still being displayed in the syndicated version.

No pictures


Dax tells Worf to not go easy on her.

Jadzia: I hope you're not holding back because I'm a woman. If it makes things easier, think of me as a man. I've been one. Several times.

9 seconds


The Klingon stalls a little.

Klingon: The real reason? I suppose you have a right to know.

4 seconds


The syndicated version introduces a commercial break, fading out and back in while adding new background music due to the break.

No pictures


The syndicated version omits the scene where Worf is being stopped by O'Brien, as Sisko is said to be busy with other stuff.

O'Brien: Mr. Worf, what can I do for you?
Worf: Where is Captain Sisko?
O'Brien: I think he is in a briefing session.
Worf: I need to talk to him. Now.

14 seconds


The reaction of Gul Dukat is a bit longer.

Gul Dukat: The Klingons?!? Why would the Klingons invade us?

2 seconds


A short sentence by O'Brien is omitted in the syndicated version. It also features an extended view on O'Brien, due to the omitted sentence.

O'Brien: Captain. You're never going to believe this. A Klingon ship just decloaked off upper pylon three and is requesting permission to dock.

approx. 1.5 seconds



The syndicated version features a "To be continued" screen. Shown is the one from the two-parter aired in Germany.


The second part of the syndicated version features a "previously on..." segment.

No pictures, running time not counted


After Gowron passes Worf, the syndicated version shows the intro credits. The DVD version goes straight to the station without an fade in or out.



The syndicated version introduced yet another commercial break with an fade out.

No pictures


A short conversation between Worf and The Sisko is omitted in the syndicated version.

Sisko: Mr. Worf, keep an eye out for Klingon ships, cloaked or otherwise.
Worf: Aye, Sir.
Sisko: Is something wrong, Mr. Worf?
Worf: No, Sir. ... Yes, Sir. It is just... I've never been on a Federation starship that had a cloaking device. It is... a little strange.
Sisko: You'll get used to it.

approx. 25 seconds


The syndicated version fades out earlier.

approx. 2 seconds (not pictured)


Odo looking after Quark is omitted from the syndicated version.

Odo: Come on, Quark, move along. You should be in the emergency shelter by now.
Quark: I'm not going to any emergency shelter. This is my bar and I'm going to defend it.
Odo: Really? And how do you plan to do that?
Quark: With this.
Odo: You're going to hit them with a box?
Quark: No. This is my disruptor pistol. The one I used to carry in the old days when I was serving on that Ferengi freighter.
Odo: I thought you were the ship's cook.
Quark: That's right. And every member of that crew thought he was a food critic. If the Klingons try to get through these doors, I'll be ready for them.
(Odo picks up the piece of paper and reads its content)
Odo: "Dear Quark. I used parts of your disruptor to fix the replicators. Will return them soon. Rom."
Quark: I will kill him!
Odo: With what?

45 seconds