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Knights of the Round


SNES Version
Region: Worldwide

Arcade Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Jul 13, 2014 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: Mr Miau
Probably everyone familiar to Western culture knows the Knights of the Round respectively the tales of Lancelot, Merlin and King Arthur. And so it is no wonder that this fabric was also used for a game in the golden age of the arcade beat-em-ups.
This game was made by Capcom in 1991, the company then ported the game for the SNES briefly afterwards. Except for the missing three player mode, which was a regular arcade feature, the SNES port is made really well and even the audio was improved. There are only a few graphical differences, but the SNES version unfortunately does not feature any blood during the sword fights. Neither the enemy humans nor the hostile anemies bleed.
Title Screen

Here are some comparisons of fighting scenes with and without blood.
SNES VersionArcade Version

Again the missing red coloring when attacking animals.
SNES VersionArcade Version

And in order to be thorough it should also be mentioned that there is a mistake in the credits: " Charactor Design".
SNES VersionArcade Version