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  • International Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Sep 12, 2009 - Author: azog - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The international version (Cine Plus Home Entertainment DVD) has been compared to the Director`s Cut (NSM DVD).

Runtime int. version = 2:08:16 (2:03:54 w/o credits)
Runtime DC = 2:17:01 (2:12:49 w/o credits)

The int. version is the attempt to make Azumi more western-style. Mostly, cuts were made to "accelerate" the movie.

The view of the Cine Plus DVD has been zoomed-in.

Cine Plus


40 Cuts = 13 min 49 sec (829 sec)
The int. version is running slower than the DC. Out of this, there is a difference between the overall difference of the movie times and the summary of all the cuts.
The raven's descent has been altered a little.
1 sec

The sequence at the friends' graves and the burning down of the cabin has been cut at three different spots.
Sideview of Azumi.
3 sec

Back view of master Gessai.
3 sec

Again a pan to Azumi holding Nachi's mojo in her hand.
5 sec

Amagi reacts to Hyugas question by saying she didn't know why as well, but if they'd give their best - just like the others would have - to fulfill their mission, then they won't have died in vain.
She then asks the master of confirmation.
13 sec

Nagato's first appearance has been extended.
Master Gessai praises Nagato and says it's just like he is used to by him. Nagato remarks that his children have become dangerous.
Also, Nagato jokes a little with Nagara.
14 sec

Master Gessai lectures more of the letter.
18 sec

Before Nagamasa says his name a guard shouts at him, warning him to watch how to talk to the ruler. (The guard thinks Nagamasa is a woman) He acknowledges that humbly.
4 sec

Several scenes had been implemented at the raid on Kiyomasa Kato.
After Kanbe'e stops the troop, additional takes of the troop and the forest follow.
21 sec

Slow-motion sequence of Azumi (before Kanbe'e pulls his weapon).
11 sec

Kanbe'e is riding toward fighting Azumi and is jumped over by her.
13 sec

Kanbe'e turns his horse.
1 sec

Kato's lookalike is climbing down his litter.
22 sec

Saru and Kanbe'e look at each other after the escape of Amagi and Azumi.
3 sec

The Sajiki brothers' introduction is longer.
8 sec

The brothers examine the profiles more extensively and make fun of them.
In the process Nisai is hitting the hole on his brother's hand with a stick.
21 sec

The discussion between Saru and Kanbe'e is more elaborate.

Kanbe'e is asking what news there are, whereas Saru answers that the Sajiki brothers had started hunting and that they will be successful. After all, they have accomplished any job yet and know where the enemy is situated. But he is not sure if they really are capable of killing the enemy. Kanbe'e says that he agrees and that the Sajiki brothers are only supposed to be the first attackers.
31 sec

Here, the search of Azumi, Hyuga and Nagara for the imposters and another scene with injured Amagi have been removed.
Firstly, the description and the pictured about the search for the imposters.
The three find an empty village square which saddens Hyuga a lot.
Azumi and Nagara start tickling him. A dialog between Azumi and Hyuga begins.
Hyuga says that Yae was wonderful, whereas Azumi notices that he likes her a lot. Hyuga approves that and says that he wanted to spend a little more time with her. Azumi says that they might not be ready yet and encourages him to stand up.

Edit to the hut.
Injured Amagi is being bandaged by the master and laments his failure.

He apologizes and tells the master that he isn't that bad at all and that he can fulfill their mission. The master wants noone of that. Amagi continues in asking himself how he could fail like this and says that he had promised their dead friends. He emphasizes that he didn't want that.
whole length: 91 sec

The fight between Saru and Nagato misses Nagato's escape via the roofs.
4 sec

Azumi and Yae talk longer on the way to Tangu.
Azumi notices that Yae is going to see her mother again, whereas Yae nods. Azumi mentions that
the word mother sounds nice. Then Yae asks Azumi whether she cannot remember her mother any
more whereas Azumi answers that she had always been with the master and the others.
26 sec

As the group shoots the two guards in front of the village with the arrows, an additional shot on a guard follows.
6 sec

After entering the village, an additional fight follows. (Before the group gets trapt)
13 sec

The subsequent fighting scene is extended. During that time, Nagara steals "Saru's dog head".
40 sec

The emperor starts humming before master Gessai kicks in the door.
5 sec

With the beginning of the emperor's singing a rather long sequence of fighting master follows.
23 sec

More scenes of fighting master.
25 sec

Entering the emperor's hut, the emperor can be seen drinking tea, then an additional edit to the master takes place.
12 sec

After the master was kicked down the steps, a talk between the emperor and Kanbe'e takes place.
Emperor Kato asks why Kanbe'e doesn't finish him. He answers that the master could be used as bait.
The emperor doesn't understand. Kanbe'e explains that he intends to lure the master's pupils.
Then takes of Ukiha fighting take place.
32 sec

Master Gessai reqests Ukiha to flee for a longer time. He proposes waiting for the next chance. He tells him to run and fulfill his mission.
When Ukiha doesn't listen, he asks what he was doing and, again, orders him to run away.
24 sec

Azumi dreams about her mother before the raid.
30 sec

During the raid on Azumi and Yae the choosing of the first victim has been prolonged.
15 sec

Azumi gives Nachi's mojo to Yae.
30 sec

Yae looks at the mojo.
13 sec

Kanbe'e talking before crucified master is at another place in the DC. He also says that it's a shame he omits delivering himself up to masters' people.
16 sec

Kanbe'e leaves the cross for a longer time.
9 sec

Bijomaru is shown longer before the cross, by a hasty movement he startles Saru.
13 sec

Bijomaru starts talking toward the master and pulls his sword. Saru then orders him to stop which Bijomaru isn't very pleased about. Saru repeats himself, shouting.
Bijomaru then says Saru gets on his nerves and asks him whether he is prepared to die.
35 sec

After positioning the cannons, Bijomaru is shown again.
5 sec

The following scene is the same in both versions, but the dubbing starts sooner in the DC and a sentence has been added.
Bijomaru asks whether he really believes somebody would come here to save an old, half dead man (contained in both versions). He then repeats whether he really does believe this (only in the DC)

Before editing to emperor Kato's ship you see Azumi on the mountain, thinking.
A flashback to the beginning of the movie takes place, during which Nachi answers her question about the stars.
She says that the stars are always there, even now, and that you only do not see them during the day. Nachi adds that the stars are watching them and take care nothing is going to happen. She also says that she's certain she will be always with Azumi, always close watching her, even if they should be seperated one day.
Subsequently a shot of all the comrades and Azumi takes place.
120 sec

Before Nagara frees himself out of the pile of planks you see a survivor who leaves the village after being startled by some sound.
Then there is a sway to the pile of planks and you see "Saru's dog head" protruding out of it.