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Tekken 3


Censored Version
Region: USA/Europa

Uncensored Version
Region: Japan

Release: Apr 30, 2012 - Author: Motoko - Translator: Tony Montana
The video the player can watch after finishing the game with Anna Williams has been censored in the US and the European Version. Only the Japanese Version is uncensored.

Compared are the Censored US Version (= European Version) and the Uncensored Japanese Version.
Video: Anna Williams

Anna Williams' video has not only been cut, it also contains alternate footage. The video shows Anna with her sister (Nina Williams, another character in Tekken 3) in a leisure facility. Some well-built dudes are hitting on them. Some sexual laxity has been removed here. The differences in particular:

After Nina, who's lying on a sun lounger, turned her back on the three dudes, the European / US Version lacks the following: one of the dudes reaches for her hand and draws her off the lounger. Subsequently, he tries to encourage her to dance with him. The following pan shot of Anna chatting with some dudes has been shortened at the beginning.
(2 removed shots, 1 shortened one)
5.5 sec

When Nina realizes that her sister is having fun, she breaks away from the guy who drew her off the lounger. Se approaches Anna fromthe back snaps her bra off. Totally embarrassed, she tries to cover her boobs with her hands.
(4 shots)
7 sec

The video ends entirely different - due to the fact that Anna never loses her bra in the US Version. The effect is totally different as well: in the Original Version, Nina leaves the scenery as satisfied "winner" of the chick fight with her sister. In the US Version, it's rather Anna who has won.

Japanese Version:
Nina leaves her exposed sis behind. She still tries to cover her boobies with her hand. Being satisfied, Nina approaches the camera and smiles.

US / European Version:
In the US and European Version, Anna and the two dudes pass Nina on the sun lounge. One of the dudes, who made the effort to hit on her, watches his two friends leaving with Anna and follows. He's not interested in Nina anymore and she remains solitarily. She looks pretty pissed.

Uncensored Japanese Version:Censored International Version:

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