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Urotsukidoji III - The Return of the Overfiend

original title: Chōjin densetsu Urotsukidōji 3: Kanketsu jigoku hen


  • BBFC 18 OVA Version
  • Original OVA Version
Release: Oct 17, 2012 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the UK DVD by Kiseki Films and the German DVD by OVA 18.


The Urotsukidoji series is probably one of the classics of the so-called Hentai-Anime genre, i.e. animes with pornographic scenes. Several hardcore sex scenes were included in the Urotsukidoji movies, however, mostly they are important for the plot or fittingly included in the story; only in the last 2 parts they seem to be rather self purpose than stylistic device. These sex scenes are surrounded by a sophisticated and thrilling - one could even say epic - story, that will stir anime-fans' blood. Additionally, Urotsukidoji was created by Toshio Maeda, one of the pioneers of the "animated tentacle sex".

Also, Urotsukidoji was more violent than anything that you could see in the anime genre back then. There's a lot of blood, exploding bodies, guts flying around, as well as physical and psychological violence (mostly after sexual intercourse). All parts of the series (even though some of them are up to 25 years old) are drawn very well and underline the extreme depiction of action, sex, and violence.


The second sequel of the Urotsukidoji series is made of another four OVA parts. On the German DVD OVA 1+2 and OVA 3+4 are cut together and they're also selectable that way. Either of these two selectable parts begins with a summary of the previous events.
For the US DVD on the other hand, all four OVAs were strung together to one movie. Nevertheless the final credits at the end of the episodes are still in it. At the beginning of OVA 3 and OVA 4, the scenes before the credits of the previous episode are being repeated. Since there are still the credits of the single OVAs in this cut together version it is not accurate to refer to it as movie-version.
However, like with Urotsukidoji I and II a movie-version does exist, too. Like with part one, here various alterations have been made: Frame cuts, missing scenes of plot and it is heavily censored as well. Compared to the four single OVAs it lacks almost 90 minutes of footage. A large part of those 90 minutes are additional recaps and credits. That being subtracted, there's still a difference of approx. 60 minutes. As a result, many characterizations - escpecially of the rebels - aren't even close to be as detailed as they are in the single OVAs. The movie version can be found on the UK Special Edition VHS. However, other releases in different countries are possible as well (but, as mentioned, unlike with Urotsukidoji I and II, this “real” movie version of Urotsukidoji III is not included on the US Hell on Earth DVD Box this time). Since we only have the movie version from the UK Special Edition VHS we can’t tell if it has been additionally censored in order to obtain a BBFC 18 certificate (like with part one, but unlike part 2). The BBFC Database does not list the movie version as well.

In the UK, beside the movie version, the four single OVAs of part three have been released, too. This is the much more common release: In the first place, the four OVAs were released separately on VHS. After that, all four of them were included on the UK DVD from Revelation Films called Urotsukidoji III – The Return of the Overfiend. A comparison between this UK DVD and the single VHS releases of OVA 1 to OVA 4 revealed that both releases contain the same cut version. Most of the removed footage are sex scenes. The cuts on the UK DVD add up to almost 26.5 minutes. However, the UK DVD also contains summaries of the previous events which aren't in the German Version. These summaries sum up to more than 18 minutes.

All versions of Urotsukidoji 3 contain blurred HC scenes. As with part 1 and 2, this already happened before the release in Japan which is why there is again no uncensored version available.

Running times and differences:

Running time UK DVD without / with final credits:
Part 1 = OVA 6+7: 101:54 / 105:14
Part 2 = OVA 8+9: 81:05 / 83:25
Amount: 183:01 / 188:39

Running time German DVD without / with final credits:
Part 1 = OVA 6+7: 102:28 / 105:21
Part 2 = OVA 8+9: 88:40 / 92:50
Amount: 191:08 / 198:11

18 cuts in the UK Version
1 extended logo in the German Version
3 differences in the titles and textes with the equal running time

3 additional summaries of the previous events in the UK Version
1 extended black screen on the UK VHS

Total difference = 488.45 sec or 8 min 8 sec
Time index: UK OVA Version / Original OVA Version

Extended black screen in the UK OVA Version.
+0.25 sec

The monster lifts up the woman and licks her nipple. Then a close-up of the woman getting penetrated.
8.17 sec

A further sex scene that got removed. The monster's tentacle penetrates the woman't mouth this time.
10.51 sec

The beginning of another sex scene is missing. The monster has sex with the woman doggy style.
4.92 sec

The Original OVA Version also contains the German title (because it's the German DVD). The UK DVD contains the following subtitle: "superimposed and more".
no difference

UK OVA VersionOriginal OVA Version

Unfortunately, the Japanese ideographs are being considered as credits on the UK DVD. The fact of the matter is, a new order has formed 20 years after the destruction. A new race has arisen. Their neither humans nor animals or demons. They're called Makemonos, creatures deformed by the inferno.
no difference

UK OVA VersionOriginal OVA Version

The woman's dress gets torn apart and the boobies appear. One of the men kneads her boobs and licks her face. Another one lifts her skirt and touches her crotch.
22.48 sec

The UK OVA Version ends with Buju lifting up the woman. He says he hadn't have a human woman for a long time. Then a shot of his hand between her legs. His "tentacle penis" comes near the woman and finally penetrates her mouth. Buju licks her babies, then his hand between her legs again. Just when Buju intends to penetrate her, he's being attacked by a young man but that young man gets killed by Buju's sword. Then a shot of the fire outside plus the shadow of Buju killing a woman with the sword. Buju keeps sexually abusing her. The very last frame isn't blurred anymore (last screen).
54.93 sec

The woman Buju has sex with reaches for one of his penises, pets and licks it. Then a shot of the inside of the woman's mouth: the penis gets deeper into her mouth during the BJ. Now a shot of the woman with the penis in her mouth, Buju is also in this shot. He fingers her. After that a shot of the woman on her back. While the penis is geting out of the woman's mouth she spreads her legs. The camera zooms in to the woman, then up to Buju. The end of this shot is also in the UK OVA Version.
36 sec

The shot of Alector lying in front of Buju with her legs apart is destinctly longer in the Uncut Version. She keeps raising and starts to loll lusciously. One can hear Buju talking in the background. Then a shot of Alector's face and a shot of Buju through her legs. Subsequently a close-up of Alector with her legs apart.
39.16 sec

The UK Version ends before Buju tears Alector's dress apart. He reaches fpr her boobies and starts kneading them. Then he penetrates her. Alector screams with pleasure, then a distance shot of them. Buju keeps hitting her. Now a shot of their genital areas and their chests. Then he tosses her on the ground which is also in the UK Version.
34.16 sec

After the first part (OVA 6), the UK Version continues with the credits, followed by a summary of the events in the first part.
On the German DVD, both OVAs are linked without any credits or flashbacks.
+587.38 sec = 9 min 47 sec

Due to that, the shot of Münchhausen is longer in the UK Version plus the title of episode 2 (OVA 7) is being displayed.
+7.88 sec

Caesar fingers one of them woman. A second one throws herself at him and starts kissing him. Meanwhile a shot of Caesar kneading her boobs. Then a high angle shot of Caesar and his three mistresses. He's getting a BJ while fingering them, close-up of the BJ included. After several shots of the women, Caesar kind of transforms. Prickles grow at his penis which is why the woman's face gets mutilated. Blood splatters and she drops dead.

One of the women, who intends to run away, is being dragged to Caesar. The other one gets hung up with chains. Then Caesar gets another BJ from the dark-haired one. She gets wounded lethally as well. Caesar lifts her body up by the hair, then he lets loose and she falls back on the ground.
Now Caesar handles the woman in chains. He grabs between her legs before he starts licking her, a blurry close-up is included. Subsequently, the woman is bent over in front of Caesar. He penetrates her. There are several angles of the raping scene which ends with a bright red ray of light.

245.66 sec = 4 min 6 sec

Caesar spreads Alector's legs and tears her slip apart. Then he tears her nightie apart as well and starts licking her from several angles. Suddenly a large number of penises burst out of his pants. While one penis presses itself in her mouth, Caesar keeps licking her from behind. Alector cries while Caesar still uses two fingers on her. The remaining footage shows Alector getting raped.
142.64 sec = 2 min 23 sec

The UK Version ends after Buju got wounded by Caesar. Alector's terrified face while still getting molested is mssing. The tentacles keep her up while Caesar is speaking. Then the penis gets out of her mouth and calls for Buju. Finally a shof of Alector from behind plus Buju.
31.20 sec

Before the credits start, the following info is being displayed in the Original OVA Version (German DVD): "Fortsetzung folgt" (will be continued...).
no difference

UK OVA VersionOriginal OVA Version

End of the summary of OVA 6 + OVA 7 in either of the versions

Additional logo at the beginning of the following OVAs in the Original OVA Version.
5.76 sec

Extended black screen before the summary in the UK Version.
+1.58 sec

The flashback lacks two scenes with Buju having sex with Alector. The two shots of Buju and the baby have been removed as well.
63.02 sec

The flashback lacks most of the scenes at the temple. Alector and Buju are lying dead still on the ground. Amano watches everything. Then Kyo-O rises.
134.97 sec = 2 min 15 sec

10 missing frames during a transition on the German DVD.
+0.42 sec

For the German DVD, a new title has been created. The UK Version just shows the original Japanese title with subs.
no difference

UK OVA VersionOriginal OVA Version

The last frames of the shot of one of the Makemonos touching Alecot between her legs are missing. Then a further shot of his hand between her legs.
14.18 sec

Shot of mechanical device, followed by a shot of some guys standing around Alector. One of them holds the barrel of his rifle at her boobs and goes down with it to her genital area. She says she needed it and the guy goes on.

The men are staning around her, telling her to spread her legs. When she does, the guy with the rifle continues. Then a close-up of him licking her.

A tentacle penis gets in her mouth and one of the Makemonos rubs his penis at her love tunnel. Subsequently the guys around her. Two of them mention they were going to be next. Now each and everyone of them is having a little "quality time" with her.

Caesar enters the room to see what's up.

370.74 sec = 6 min 11 sec

At the end of OVA 8, the UK Version comes up with credits again. Followed by the summary of the previous events and the last scenes of the previous episode. Subsequently, the title of OVA 9 is being displayed. The German DVD starts with OVA 9 immediately.
+495.12 sec = 8 min 15 sec

One of the Makemonos runs at Caesar and stabs him in one of his eyes. As a result, Caesar tears his body to two pieces. Two other Makemonos look at Caesar anxiously. A further shot of the torso, then Caesar again. The knife is still stuck in his eye which is why he removes it.
33.07 sec

One of the guys touches female soldier Pedro between her legs plus her body armor is being ripped off. Steel ropes hold her arms and legs and the three men approach. They're "sealing the deal" in the next couple of minutes, interrupted by a shot of destroyed D-9. Then a shot of Caesar again which is also in the UK Version.
244.70 sec = 4 min 5 sec

The shot of the guys raping the female soldier is missing again. Meanwhile, some energy rays come closer to destroyed D-9. The guys start fighting. Then a shot of the black guy merging with her. She screams out.
84.83 sec