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original title: Holocaust 2000


  • Italian DVD
  • German TV Version
Release: Oct 14, 2011 - Author: Scat - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Comparison between German TV version and Italian DVD.

There exist different versions of "Holocaust 2000"(original title) world-wide. The Italian DVD contains more story sequences compared to other versions. Most of those sequences last only for some seconds, but occasionally there are longer scenes. But in this DVD all the scenes which contain violence were cut.

Film tears and shots which make a difference of only one second are not mentioned - except when the Italian DVD is censored. All DVD censorships are written in italics. A summary was just possible for some of the scenes which can only be found in the Italian DVD because it has only got an Italian language audio track.
The helicopter is shown longer. A short dialogue of Robert comes after.
9 sec.

The conversation of the Prime Minister and Robert is longer.
13 sec.

The beginning of this shot is missing. Robert says something in the background.
8 sec.

The Prime Minister is asking Robert something, he answers.
5 sec.

Longer shot on the helicopter.
4 sec.

The shot on Robert is longer. The follow-up shot on the photographer starts earlier.
3 sec.

Robert says something again. There's a further scene with the photographer.
11 sec.

The reporter wants to go into the cave. Robert stops her and says a few words to her.
20 sec.

More scenes with the protestants.
10 sec.

One more shot.
3 sec.

Another longer shot of the protestants.
2 sec.

The protest march is extended a little bit. The follow-up scene begins earlier.
15 sec.

There's missing the shot of the bloody wound of Robert's wife in the Italian version.
- sec.

How the people leave the cemetery is shown longer. Moreover there's an additional scene where Robert talks to his son Angel.
27 sec.

Extended shot when Angel leaves the cemetery (probably a defect in the master, because here are many scratches in the movie).
4 sec.

There's missing on the Italian DVD how the guy slices his artery.
- Sec

In the German version you can see the guy sliding down the glass wall (missing in the Italian version for censorship reasons). Robert leaves the building afterwards. In the Italian version you can see Robert in an alternative shot where he's looking at the guy. The following shot of Robert leaving the building is shown earlier on the Italian DVD.
ca. 5 sec.

Extended shot on the model plant.
2 sec.

The man speaks some words with Robert.
17 sec.

A short scene how some people are demonstrating again in front of Caine Enterprises.
15 sec.

The board of directors is leaving the room.
11 sec.

Robert says something.
3 sec.

The scene where Robert walks through the corridor is longer or rather "earlier" again.
6 sec.

Robert asks Angel for his opinion on the tie.
10 sec.

The scene in the plane starts earlier. We can see the cockpit and afterwards Robert, how he's taking the note with the wrong "IESUS" writing.
9 sec.

The scene with Robert and the priest starts earlier again. An old woman picks up their empty coffee cups while the priest pours out some brandy for Robert and himself.
16 sec.

Robert and Sara keep talking a little longer.
14 sec.

Sara says something.
2 sec.

There are missing two short shots of the beheading by the rotor on the Italian DVD.
- Sec

The following conversation of Robert and Sara is extended and also differently edited.
In total 5 sec.

Shortened shot of the loveplay scene of Robert and Sara.
- sec.

Same thing again.
- sec.

The scene of the beheading by the rotor is shortened again in Robert's nightmare.
- sec.

After Robert awakes from his nightmare, there's a long conversation of Sara and him on the Italian DVD.
40 sec.

On the Italian DVD is missing how some blood is running out of the scientist's mouth.
- sec.

A car is drawing near. Afterwards there's a shot of the priest reading a book (on the German sound track you can still hear the driving car for a moment).
14 sec.

Robert and the priest are shown longer. The following scene begins earlier: You can see Sara getting in the car.
8 sec.

Sara goes to the fridge in the middle of the night. Then she runs to the sink and throws up. She takes some tablets. Robert enters the kitchen and turns on the light. The German version starts again here.
29 sec.

A shot or rather a flashback on Robert's and Sara's night of love.
1,5 sec.

A further shot.
1,5 sec.

After Robert says again "We must fail!" you can watch him leaving the room and speaking some words with Angel (quite likely about the situation with the atomic plant and that it will cause a inferno with the Antichrist). The camera turns to the intercom. Cut to another room where the people have heard everything through the intercom. Angel enters the room and talks to a man about the situation.
39 sec.

Robert says a few words to the priest.
13 sec.

The majority of the wrangling between Robert and Angel is missing on the Italian DVD.
- sec

Another part of this scene is missing.
- sec.

A big part of the scene where Robert gets tortured by the prisoners is missing on the Italian DVD. The part where Robert beats up the bearded man was heavily censored too. The first punch and the last three are missing - inclusive the scene when the bearded man's head bursts.
In total there are five cuts in this sequence.

- sec.

The shot of the dead baby and the screaming nurse is missing.
- sec

Robert and Sara are shown longer. Robert collapses suddenly.
In return there's missing at this point the rest of the hospital scene with the running nurses. There's shown another dead baby again.
7 sec.

The shot of Angel is longer. The following shot of Robert is minimally longer too.
4 sec.

There's a further shot of Robert from a distance. Shortly afterwards Sara comes out with her child and looks at him.
11 sec.