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Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

original title: Mad Max 2


  • Blu-ray
  • Original Version
Release: Jun 29, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the internationally identical Blu-ray by Warner Home Video and the Australian original version, taken from the German VHS.

- 3 cuts
- total cut length: 16,6 sec

(There are a few minor mastering mistakes as well. However, only those that are longer than 0,2 sec are mentioned here and will not be considered as cuts.)

As most movie fans should know, Mel Gibson's appearance as The Road Warrior had to be softened in two scenes (arrow in the arm + boomerang in the head) in order to receive an R-Rating. The original version also features some more plot material. Papagallo's motivational speech is longer in three parts.

All DVD releases worldwide only contained the R-Rated versions, however, the Blu-ray surprisingly featured the two violence scenes (despite the US release's R-Rated sticker on the back). Papagallo's speech is still cut and the VHS releases are still the only ones featuring the complete movie. Despite the better picture quality and the reintegrated violence, it is a pity that the speech, which even is powerful in the German dubbed version, was not included again.

The original English dialog was taken from the US TV Version, which was cut as well but at least contains the whole speech by Papagallo.

Running time designations will be formatted like this
Blu-ray / VHS

The classic Warner logo was replaced by a modern one.

Blu-ray 11,2 sec longer

Blu-rayOriginal Version

19:08 / 18:09

The transition from the night shot to Max sleeping is insignificantly longer.

+ 0,3 sec

36:40 / 34:58-35:03

Two sentences of Papagallo's speech are missing.

"(And let us suppose he keeps it. And we walk away from here with our lives. What then?) Do we wander the wasteland and become like them? Savages?"

5,5 sec

37:59 / 36:19-36:21

Another shot is a bit longer, after saying "That is our lifeline beyond that vermin on machines," Papagallo adds

"To a place where we can start again."

2,2 sec

38:14 / 36:36-36:45

After "But the first step: Defend the fuel," Papagallo goes on:

"And I stay, alone if I have to. I'll leave them nothing. That I promise."

8,9 sec

54:26 / 52:16

The injured Papagallo can be seen insignificantly earlier on the BD.

+ 0,3 sec

68:42 / 65:57

The view through the helicopter commander's looking glass is a few frames longer.

+ 0,4 sec


After ending credits, the different logo can be seen again. Also, the order was changed: The VHS shows a black screen with the exit music first and then the logo, whereas the order on the Blu-ray is switched, the black screen being last. The VHS is 10 sec longer.

Blu-rayOriginal Version

Finally, here are some picture comparisons taken from the previously cut scenes.

Blu-rayOriginal Version