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City Hunter

original title: Sing si lip yan


  • Theatrical Version
  • Japan LD
Release: Sep 30, 2009 - Author: Jason - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the uncut Hong Kong-Theatrical version, represented by the US DVD from 20th Century Fox, and the extended Japanese version, represented by the laser-disc from Pony Canyon.

Similar to several other Jackie Chan-films, "City Hunter" has been released in Japan on VHS & laser-disc in an exclusive extended version. In this particular case the changes only effect the credits which have been extended by several shots from the City Hunter manga such as some live action shots (like the Japanese version of "Police Story" has an extended credit sequence, too, for example) and a few irrelevant alternative shots.
Having a Cantonese audio track and Japanese subtitles these versions will only be interesting for the collectors of rare extended versions.

Running times refer to the Theatrical version.
The remaining difference is a result from the longer "The End"-title in the Theatrical version, the irrelevant extension/shortening of several scenes in both versions which, however, are all shorter than one second and so will not be mentioned in the following report and the rounding of the running times of scenes to entire or half seconds.
Running time of the Theatrical version: 1:38:59 min. (1:35:59 min. without closing credits)
Running time of the Japan LD: 1:39:55 min. (1:36:59 min. without closing credits)

1 extended scene = 50 sec.
2 alternative scene = no time difference

As it has already been mentioned the credits of the Japanese version are noticeably longer than in the Theatrical version because they contain several additional shots (several shots from the manga with the same name, such as several live action shots). Also, some of the shots that remained in the credits of the Theatrical version are edited differently.

Theatrical version:

Japan LD:

The Japanese version is longer:
50 Sec.

Jackie does not like waking up:

The alarm clock that starts ringing in the distance is another one in the Theatrical version (blue with characters) and in the Japanese version (grey without characters). Pretty much in a "Japan-like" way the Japanese version contains a Nikon-camera hanging right next to it. :-)

Theatrical version:

Japan LD:

No time difference

According to what has been said before the alarm clock is also another one in the scene that shows it being shot. The scene in the Theatrical version is a little more "spectacular".

Theatrical version:

Japan LD:

No time difference