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  • Director's Cut
  • Theatrical Version
Release: Jun 18, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Director's Cut and the Theatrical Version (both available on the US Blu-ray by Criterion)

- 35 differences
- Length difference: 440.9 sec (= 7:21 min)

Tom Jones is based on a novel from 1749, written by Henry Fielding. In 1964, Tom Jones got 4 Oscars - including best film.
On 20/27/2018, Criterion released the movie as part of their "Criterion Collection", the release is based on a new 4K restoration. Additionally, there are two available versions: In 1989, director Tony Richardson and editor Robert Lambert came up with a new "Director's Cut" for rereleases. According to Richardson himself, he had never been really satisfied witht the Theatrical Version resp. he called it unfinished because he had to start working on his next movie. Also, there is a Stereo soundtrack now.

And the fact of the matter is that there are only cuts in thee Director's Cut but no exclusive footage. The missing scenes are non-essential and yet one would not exactly want to miss familiar scenes. There is no visible pattern either, the cuts make the movie neither better nor worse. The US Blu-ray is still a very good due to the enhanced picture quality and bonus features. The Blu-ray is region locked though (Code A).

Time index refers to
Director's Cut (Blu-ray) / Theatrical Version (Blu-ray)
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02:39 / 02:39-02:45

Subsequent to the text "who is the father Jenny?", the Theatrical Version shows the very same text one more time and there is another text according to which she refuses to reveal the father's name.

6.2 sec

06:58-07:00 / 07:04-07:06

The Director's Cut only fades to black and then back in.
In the Theatrical Version, the picture of the first shot is being unrolled instead.

no difference

07:26 bzw. 07:33-07:35 / 07:33-07:35

A small shot of Squire Western's gang following on their horses is recut resp. a little later in the Director's Cut. To be more specific, it intercuts a shot of Tom and Black George from behind.

no difference

Right before the actual cut, the narrator exclusively says in the Director's Cut: "Mr. Thwackum and Mr. Square were Tom's tutors."

08:07 / 08:13-10:02

Tom runs away longer & Squire Western also says: "Home, lads. I'll get 'em another night."

Tom then appears and Black George says: "I thought I'd lost you in the woods."
Tom: "Shortcut."
Black George: "We'll be caught one of these days."
Tom: "Don't worry."
Black George: "It's all right for you. You haven't got a family to keep."
Tom does Black George's voice: "I'll look after you."
He gets something out of his pocket: "Here. Take this guinea. Good night, Blackie."

The narrator explains: "Our hero, alas, was always being exploited by villains like Black George. For a generous man is merely a fool in the eyes of a thief."
Black George is being called over to someone and critically points at a slained sheep in George's cabin.

The gentlemen instantaneously wonder: "A sheep?"
Man #2: "Aye, sir, an entire sheep."
Man #1: "A fat animal, enough to feed a village for a week."
Mr. Thwackum: "Hanging up in his cottage as proud as a battle trophy."
Man #3: "This is a grave matter.
Mr. Thwackum: "A hanging matter."
Tom: "Sir, if I may speak on his behalf, I'd like..."
Mr. Allworthy: "Be silent. Are you guilty?"
Black George: "I am... guilty."
Tom: "Sir, forgive him."
Mr. Allworthy: "Be quiet, sir. I have to do justice here. You have committed a capital crime. The laws have provided the most terrible penalty - to hang by your neck. But you have children. For their sake, I shall only dismiss you my service. And may God have mercy on you."
Black George leaves with a snarl.
Mr. Thwackum: "You're too lenient, Mr. Allworthy."
Man #1: "Compassion is one thing, sir, but justice is another."

During a freeze frame, the narrator then here says "Mr. Thwackum and Mr. Square were Tom's tutors" as well.

108.7 sec (= 1:49 min)

09:04-09:06 / 10:59-11:01

Fading to black instead of unrolling again.

Please note: Subsequently afterwards, there is unrolling in the Director's Cut as well. In other words, that special effect has not been removed consistently.

no difference

10:50 / 12:45-12:49

At the end of the shot, Tom gives Sophie something for the bird.

4.3 sec

11:06 / 13:05-13:06

Additional shot of Tom responding: "Good, good, good."

1 sec

11:17 / 13:17-13:21

Further shot of the arriving horsemen saying hi to the people.

3.8 sec

11:41 / 13:45-13:46

After Blifil frees the bird, Sophie says "Oh, my little bird!" (den Ansatz ihrer Mundbewegung kann man auch im DC noch erahnen) and Tom storms off.

1.4 sec

12:44 / 14:49-15:41

Freeze frame and the narrator comments: "The weeks passed, and Molly grew apace too."

Then pregnant Molly on her way to the shack where elderly women are gossipping about here: "Why, you lazy slut, you."
- "Look at her with her great belly, aye. That I should ever have lived to see this day."
- "You'd better have minded what the parson says and not harkened after menfolks."
- "She's the first one of this family ever was to be a whore."
Molly, already lying down at this point, responds: "Oh, Mother, you yourself was brought to bed with Sister there a week after you was married."
- "Oh, but I were made an honest women of. But you - You have to be doing with gentlemen, don't you, you nasty slut, you? You know what you will have, don't you? You will have a bastard. And I defy anybody to say that of me!"
Molly: "My gentleman'll look after me."
- "Your gentleman. Far from gentleman, your gentleman."
A little fight starts and Molly says: "You lay off me, or I'll tell my gentleman..."

Black George appears, followed by a further shot being unrolled.

51.5 sec

A moment later, the Director's Cut also contains the statement "The weeks passed, and Molly grew apace too" while Molly is entering the church.

After the cushion reveals the look at Mr. Square hiding in Sophie's room in minute 19/22, the narrator starts speaking 1-2 seconds earlier in the Director's Cut.

25:50 / 28:47-28:48

The hunting scene lacks a close-up of some guy.

1 sec

29:35-29:37 / 32:33-32:50

Freeze frame with a length of almost 2 seconds in the Director's Cut.

In the Theatrical Version on the other hand, the shot is a little longer - followed by a smooth transition to an additional scene with Tom and Sophie. While making faces, Tom reads from some book: "Accordingly, after narrow scru... narrow scrutiny, found some magical books. Several vials of strange liquors, pots of ointment."

Last but not least, another transition to the subsequent scene with Sophie. At that point, the versions are back in sync.

Theatrical Version 14.8 sec longer

29:47 / 33:10-33:21

Additional scene with Tom and Sophie: Tom yawns, Sophie tosses some berries in his mouth.

10.3 sec

30:22 / 33:46-33:58

Tom and Sophie longer in the rain, then a smooth transition to the subsequent scene with Sophie tossing the ball to the dog.

12.2 sec

When Tom gets kicked out in minute 38/42, he slurs/mumbles exclusively in the Theatrical Version: "How dare you throw me out?".

40:32 / 44:07-44:38

Tom fights longer in the very same shot and after a little more fighting, Mr. Thwackrum starts a conversation while Tom keeps peeking out from behind a tree: "How dare you? Mr. Jones, control yourself. Your unclean habit is disgraceful! Oh, Mr. Jones. How dare you, sir!"

Tom calls him "Thwackie" several times and then jumps on his shoulders. Subsequent to him being attacked by the others on the ground, the versions are back in sync.

30.2 sec

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