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X-Files: I want to Believe, The

original title: X Files: I want to Believe, The


  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jul 23, 2009 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The differences add up to 3 minutes and 32.76 seconds with:

29 cut in the Theatrical Version = 2 minutes and 39.75 seconds.
7 cuts with alternative footage = 54.32 seconds.
2 cuts in the Director's Cut = 1.35 seconds.
1 zoomed scene in the Theatrical Version

Differences in terms of color have not been considered in this cut report.

The FSK 16-rental-DVD (Theatrical Version) by 20th Century Fox has been compared to the FSK 16-bargain-DVD (Director's Cut) by 20th Century Fox.

The story of The X-Files: I Want to Believe:

The mysterious disappearing of numerous women baffles the police, because everything they find are some human remains and a former preacher with bizarre visions. In the past, this would have been a case for the X-files but those had been closed years before. When an FBI-agent disappears, the ex-agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are brought back into FBI-service. Not an easy comeback, because both are heading toward a case that threatens to cross the borders of the imaginable!

The basic plot of the series:

The start of the mystery-series began in 1993. The story of the up until now unknown series was not only interesting, but had also something new and unique to offer: As a boy, Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) had to watch his sister Samantha being kidnapped by aliens. Years later: Fox Mulder, who now works for the FBI, put down his career as a successful and exemplary FBI-agent for violent fellony offense and since then works for the X-files, which occupy themselves with inexplicable phonemena. Ever since his sister had been kidnapped, he was fascinated by this theme, which animated him in finding his sister one day. Unfortunately, his other colleagues at the FBI thought that, due to his reputation, he was a weirdo and through this lost all the respect he had been paid before. This is why the sceptical FBI-agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) was ordered to be his partner. She was supposed to control his work from now on and lend her scientific support to her. But during her sinister cases with her partner, Scully witnesses events she cannot explain. Unexplainable events, even science cannot provide an answer for.

Informative facts:

After the huge success of the series with overall nine seasons, it was no miracle there were two films on the big screen, too. Whereas the first installment (1998) could tie on on the series and was relatively successful, the second one, with a budget of 30 million Dollars, was pretty disappointing and flopped at the box offices. Its plot stayed far away from the actual X-Files-theme and was more like an independent movie offering little action, suspense and mystery. It is rumored that director Chris Carter has a thrid installment planned for the year 2012. The movie is supposed to orient itself again toward the series, because the year 2012 is playing an important role there.

The Versions:

As usual, films are being released in Director's Cuts/Extended Versions. The same applies to the newest X-Files movie. While the shorter Theatrical Version has been used for the rental DVDs, it was decided that the by four minutes extended Director's Cut would be released for the chain stores. Although there are no big expectations to be had here, too. the new scenes do not really offer a lot, so, again, the film is not improving through those.
3 Min
View of the scratched face of the man.
0,66 Sec

3 Min
The beginning of the man's beating is a little bit longer.
0,15 Sec

3 Min
The injured man can be seen longer again.
0,30 Sec

3 Min
A take of his scratched hand.
1,12 Sec

3 Min
He looks at his scratched hand a bit longer.
0,55 Sec

25 Min
Scully enters the door and sits down at her desk. She starts crying while not noticing another co-worker sitting in the side room and witnessing her emotional burst. The co-worker goes outside the room to leave Scully alone. Meanwhile Scully rummages around in her bag and gets out the health record of the terminally ill boy who grew on her and puts it on the desk. She gets out a handkerchief and wipes her nose. Then she looks sadly at the medical record.
57,07 Sec

33 Min
The car driving to the crime scene is shown slightly longer.
0,11 Sec

35 Min
A Pickup appears and drives frontally into a warning sign saying "No Hunting".
8,46 Sec

36 Min
The killer takes a plastic bag from the truck bed of the pickup and goes away. He walks over the sign he had ran over just before.
9,50 Sec

36 Min

Theatrical Version:

Slightly longer shot of Mulder pushing the snow aside.
+0,15 Sec

Director’s Cut:

The killer climbs up the hill and observes the FBI-team that is busy with a rescue. He proceeds.
12,75 Sec

47 Min
The physician strokes the boy's head several times with an OP-tool.
5,87 Sec

47 Min
A piece of the boy's skull is being opened with a saw by Scully. Subsequentally, she walks toward a plastic sheet and stands still in front of it. A physician comes to open it up. The actually opening can be seen in the Theatrical Version, too, though.
8,5 Sec

47 Min
Scully walking a bit longer to the boy in the Theatrical Version.
+ 0,45 Sec

65 Min
The severed head can be seen longer in the box.
0,55 Sec

66 Min

Theatrical Version:

Here, you can see the floor longer as well as a take of falling agent Whidney.
+1,46 Sec

Director's Cut:

You can see agent Whidney falling down longer and subsequentially hit the ground.
2,35 Sec

70 Min

Theatrical Version:

Mulder looks up.
+2,62 Sec

Director's Cut

Mulder looks at the mountains. In the next scene he is driving to another place. When he arrives, he gets out of his car and walks a bit forward. But then he notices the run-over sign, which is stained with some blood. He turns towards a ledge which he immediately climbs to obseve the crime scene from above.
35,3 Sec

79 Min
The camera is going from the killer down to the man who just gets something injected into him.
8,7 Sec

79 Min
A camera panning over the physicians' faces.
5,50 Sec

79 Min
A piece of thread gets cut through at the sewn up neck-wound.
2,10 Sec

80 Min
Unconscious Cherly is lying in a container filled with icy water.
2 Sec

80 Min
Closeup of Cheryl's face. The doctor cuts open her neck with a scalpel.
2,37 Sec

82 Min
The physicians stand around the stretcher the man lies on. The camera is again going on to unconscious Cheryl in the container filled with icy water.
7,94 Sec

82 Min
Mulder takes a few steps inside the room. A cameratake of Cheryl follows. Then you can see Mulder again telling the physicians to stop this.
8,9 Sec

83 Min

Theatrical Version:

One more time, Mulder points at Cheryl.

Director's Cut:

Dafür ist die nächste Einstellung von Mulder etwas länger.
The next take of Mulder is a bit longer, though.
No time difference

83 Min
Mulder looks disgusted after he has discovered the headless body. Then he threatens the doctor with a vise and orders him to do what he says.
5,37 Sec

83 Min

Theatrical Version:

Mulder can be seen a bit longer here.
0,30 Sec

Director's Cut:

But in this version you see the severed head longer.
0,33 Sec

83 Min
Again, the severed head is shown a bit longer.
0,31 Sek

83 Min
A half-naked body is being pulled through the snow. Subsequentally, the killer enters a room grabs Mulders legs and pulls him over the floor.
16 Sec

84 Min
The scene showing an axe sticking out of a tree stomp and a headless body lying behind it is a bit longer.
1,38 Sec

85 Min

Theatrical Version:

In a zoomed-away take, the killer puts the headless corpes on the tree stomp.
2,37 Sec

Director's Cut:

The headless corpes is being put on the tree stomp in a closeup. Then the camera is going toward Mulder who is lying on the ground, unconscious. Afterwards, the killer is shown looking down at Mulder.
4,50 Sec

85 Min
Skinner is shown longer in the Theatrical Version
+0,90 Sec

85 Min

Theatrical Version:

Scully can be seen longer.
0,32 Sek

Director's Cut:

Skinner suggests googling it. He gets out his cell phone and taps on it.
6,31 Sec

85 Min
Mulder is lying longer next to the headless body.
0,27 Sec

85 Min
The killer is holding a severed leg in his hand.
1,30 Sec

85 Min
The scene showing the killer putting the severed leg in a plastic bag
has been zoomed-in in the Theatrical Version, so you cannot see another severed extremity lying on the ground.
No time difference.

Left: Theatrical Version / Right: Director's Cut

86 Min
Cheryl's neck is being cut open a bit longer.
2 Sec

87 Min
The camera sways from the severed head to Cheryl, who is lying in the icy water with hoses in her neck.
2 Sec

87 Min
A take of injured Cheryl in the icy water is slightly longer.
0,32 Sec

87 Min
0,45 Sec

During the credits pictures of the entire film crew are shown. In the Theatrical Version these pictures have been excluded.