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Cannibal Ferox 2

original title: Nudo e Selvaggio


  • BBFC 18 (Vipco)
  • US-DVD (Theatrical Version)
Release: Jul 28, 2019 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
The censored BBFC 18 DVD from Vipco was compared with the uncensored US DVD from Media Blasters (unrated).

The differences:

13 cuts = 3 minutes and 2.5 seconds.

Nudo e Selvaggio, also known as Cannibal Ferox 2, is about a group of adventurers who land in the Amazon jungle after a crash landing by plane and are confronted with dangerous animals and hungry cannibals, as well as a criminal diamond miner gang.

In some countries the film struggles with censorship. In Germany, for example, for a release of the VHS version, violent scenes of nearly 4 minutes were removed. The uncut version was later released on DVD by Dragon. Also in Great Britain there were problems with censorship. The BBFC 18-DVD and VHS of Vipco was shortened by 3 minutes. The scenes of a cockfight and a bunch of naked breasts were removed. The later released DVD and Blu-ray of 88 films had similar cuts, but was not as shortened as the Vipco version. On the British Blu-ray of 88 films there is also an Italian version. In addition to the well-known cuts of the British version, one more lesbian scene has been shortened.
This version was published in Austria with the theatrical version of XT-Video and contains 8 additional action scenes. The US DVDs correspond to the theatrical version, while the extended scenes can be played in the bonus material.
6 min
The cockfight is missing a scene.
2 sec

6 min
One sees the cocks fighting again briefly.
2 sec

7 min
The cocks continue to fight and are then carried away by the men.
3 sec

8 min
Another cockfight is faded-in briefly.
2 sec

14 min
Kevin kisses the naked body of the model and then takes off her panties.
67 sec

46 min
Belinda gets her panties taken off by a native.
3 sec

46 min
Eva also gets her panties pulled down.
2.5 sec

48 min
The medicine man shows up. Eva and Belinda are led to him.
13 sec

49 min
The medicine man scratches Belinda's chest with his claw. Blood is dripping.
2.5 sec

49 min
Belinda's blood is collected in a bowl.
2.5 sec

67 min
Monica kisses Belinda longer and then opens her shirt completely.
7 sec

67 min
The intimate moment between Monica and Belinda was almost completely cut.
59 sec

70 min
China rips Eva's shirt open by force and then throws her onto the bed.
17 sec