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Zombie 4 - After Death

original title: After Death


  • Original Version
  • Exportversion
Release: Mar 21, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the uncut Original Version and the extended Export Version (both on the German DVD set)

With "Zombie 4 - After Death" director Claudio Fragasso, also known as Clyde Anderson, created one of the last goriest "so bad it's good" Italian zombie flicks. The actors are as horrible as the dialogues are painful - it's the perfect party movie if you're into that kind of thing. The effects are cheap but nevertheless look rather nasty.

In Germany, a DVD set containing both versions has been released, of which the longer Export Version has already been released in Japan on VHS. The new scenes don't really add anything vital to the movie, however, the scene in which Jenny tells the others about the house (26:46) is not completely unimportant because now the viewer knows more about the house in which the group barricades themselves later.

Uncut Version = 80:26 Min.
Export Version = 88:06 Min.

Extended scenes = 255,5 Sek.

The remaining difference derives from the Export Version running a bit slower.
22:03 We see David, Vallerie and Chuck resting a bit while talking. David says that nobody has ever returned from the cave. He presumes that a river of lava runs beneath the island. Vallerie finds all this very mysterious and talks mentions the locals talking about the undead roaming the island. Chuck waves this off as local legends. David, among other things, assumes gas emerging from the cave. Chuck says that there has to be a rational explanation for the disappearances before they walk on.
119,5 Sec.

23:00 Now follows a scene at the runway. Jenny says that they should not go because she fears for the worst. Rod and the others make fun of Jenny while Matt reassures her that they are prepared for everything. While the others are already walking on, Jenny hesitates but then goes after them.
62 Sec.

26:46 After the zombie attack the group heads back to the runway and notices that their boat is missing. While they wonder who could have stolen it Matt says that Tommy needs medical treatment and demands suggestions from the others. Jenny speaks up and Matt demands to know what she has to say. She tells them of an old house nearby where she had lived as a child. They decide to head for the house and walk on.
74 Sec.