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Transporter - The Mission

original title: Transporteur II, Le


  • Theatrical Version
  • Uncensored French Version
Release: Jan 04, 2011 - Author: Bob - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
The movie Transporter - The Mission is available in four versions.
Censored US theatrical version
European theatrical version (= US version without editing Kate Nautas' transparent bra.
Uncensored French version
Extended German TV version based on the French theatrical version (=longest version available)

This cut report compares the European theatrical version with the uncensored French one. As mentioned above, the European theatrical version is identical to the US theatrical version except for the editing of Kate Nauta's transparent bra. So this difference is not mentioned in this article. However, all the other differences should also be relevant for US readers.

The uncensored French version is named "Version Non Censurée" in France. The uncut version has also been released on the Thai and the UK DVD. In UK it is simple called "Extended Version".

29 optimized CGI effects and alternative material in the French version
1 edited blood effect in the German version
15 cuts in the German version
two minor cuts in the French version
4 alternative scenes

Few pictures of alternative takes which can be seen because of continuity in the German version are added to the 15 cuts. When digital changes appear the French version is on the left side and the German version on the right.
28. Minute

When Frank jumps off from the roof with the Audi, three takes were edited. The first one is zoomed in and extended with digital dust. The second take only offers some dust and the last one shows a better CGI model.

29. Minute

A CGI pole is hit by the car and drops down from the skyskraper.

The explosion is enhanced.

35. Minute

When Frank shakes of the bomb, the French version shows some blurring.

52. Minute

The seemingly infected gangster shots an enemy with 3 shots and not only one as the German version shows.

9 Frames

53. Minute

When Frank rams the gun barrel into the gangster's throat, the German version only shows the beginning. The French version shows it more clearly and how Frank pulls of the barrel again.


The German version shows an alternative take of the doctor instead.

9 Frames

When the gangster falls down with the rack the German version lacks blood which splashes out of his throat.

The take is longer in the French version,

8 Frames

The following take of Frank with the bloody gun barrel differs in the German version. Only the original version shows the bloody barrel. The German version is a bit longer.

-2 Frames

The French version shows the gangster laying in his blood in a close-up. Additionally one can see the doctor with a scalpel in his leg.


The German version shows the following take with the doctor.

3 Frames

54. Minute

When Frank jumps out of the window only the French version offers dust.

The upcoming take is zoomed in the French version.

63. Minute

The take of the female killer in the bed is zoomed in the French version.

Additionally the French version is a bit longer in its end.

6 Frames

The following take in which she gets up differs in the German version and has less nudity.

5 Frames

In addition a take is longer in the German version.

4 Frames

65. Minute

Right before Frank takes the fire extinguisher the French version shows him a bit longer.

3 Frames

The theatrical version is minimally longer ...

1 Frame

... and shows how the Asian guy gets his leg broken.

Shortly later the German version is a bit longer and shows the gangster dropping on the ground...

6 Frames

... while the French version shows how Frank keeps on punching his head and pulls away his feet.


66. Minute

Frank strangles the enemy a bit longer in the French version.

11 Frames

In the German version this scene is longer to its end.

3 Frames

Frank pushes back two enemies.


When Frank hits an enemy with a pole the first frame is missing.

1 Frames

While the man in the trash bin only lifts his arms in the German version ...

8 Frames

... the French version shows how he gets hit by the pole.


Frank closes the trash bin longer in the German version.

5 Frames

The French version shows how Frank notices an enemy pulling a weapon. Frank takes takes an iron pole and impales him.


Frank closes the dead man's eyes in the French version.


Right before he leaves the garage Frank looks longer to the cab driver in the French version.

6 Frames

70. Minute

The nailed down killer is shown twice in the French version.

1 Frame

72. Minute

Frank's take where he is climbing to the landing zone differs in both versions.

73. Minute

The wound of the pilot is missing in the German version.

The blood drips can only be seen in the French version.

All outside takes of the plane are digitally optimized in the French version.

Three intercuts.

74. Minute

One intercut.

When the plane turns around, the French version is longer for one frame.

1 Frame

Again an editied outside take.

Now the German version offers one more frame when Frank is tossed through the cabin.

1 Frame

All in all four digital edited takes.

75. Minute

The German version shows how Frank hits the enemy and pushes him away.


The French version shows three additional punches and how Frank rams his knee into his enemy's belly. He spits out blood.


Two different takes of the plane .. above and under water.

76. Minute

When Frank dives up the background is optimized in the French version.