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  • ITV (UK)
  • Uncut
Release: Oct 24, 2021 - Author: TonyJaa - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the shortened ITV broadcast from 14.05.2017 (20:30) and the uncut Blu-ray.


With a total of 7 cuts (+ black screen / credits) 28,36 seconds are missing.

The runtime information has been taken from the uncut Blu-ray, the specified cut length per cut and in total, however, reported in PAL.

00:00 min.
The BD starts slightly earlier.
2:08 sec.

26:57 min.
The shot has been trimmed at the end to include the henchman's comment about what they would do to Bond.
1.36 sec.

27:45 min.
Bond remarks that it's strange that Strutter wasn't expected, especially since there's a remarkable girl inside reading from the cards. Strutter remarks that those cards are marked.
9.08 secs.

01:06:30 min
The cursing of the student pilot just before the plane loses both its wings through the hangar door has been erased.
1.64 sec.

01:39:32 min.
Sheriff Pepper gets to utter some more cursing in Bond's direction.
1.44 secs.

01:52:10 min.
Kananga cuts longer along Bond's arm so that the bloody gash can be seen.
1.28 secs.

01:52:13 min.
Kananga applies his knife to Bond's arm a second time....
1.64 secs.

01:52:16 min.
...and inflicts two more cuts on the agent. Bond mentions he should try a vein, but Kananga counters this would not be necessary and the cuts would be absolutely fatal.
11.92 secs.

02:01:37 min
After the included credits, the uncut version runs out slightly longer.
1.00 sec.