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Dog Day aka Canicule

Terror Firmer

Painted Skin

original title: Wa pei


  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jun 30, 2010 - Author: azog - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Malaysian DVD by PMP Entertainment (Theatrical Version) and the HK Special Edition by Panorama (Director’s Cut).

On his way home, General Wang Sheng and his brigade meet upon a bandits' camp. The general decides to fight the bandits and rescues the pretty Xiao Wei. He takes her home, where Xiao soon proves very popular.
At the same time, a mysterious chain of murders starts in the city. All victims are found with their hearts cut out. Wang Sheng and his men are clueless. His wife has a suspicion that everyone refuses to believe: Xiao Wei is a demon.

The director's cut expands on some plot elements, but does not add anything new to the film. The most obvious difference is the shifting of the first two conversations between the demons. In the director's cut, those occur a little earlier.

All the time designations are rounded and the spelling of names is based on the mention in the end credits (eg. Xiao Wei instead of Xiaowei (=subtitle HK DVD)).

Image comparison:


Theatrical Version: 0:00:00
Director's Cut: 0:00:00

The order of the credits was changed and names were added.

Theatrical Version:
Director's Cut:

Theatrical Version: 0:01:51
Director's Cut: 0:01:50

During the ride through the desert, one of the soldiers remarks that the hill looked like an Osmanthus cake. Gao Xiang (Jin Song) tells him to stop the nonsense and throws some food to him.

Soldier: "The entire hill looks like osmanthus flower cake!"
Gao Xiang: "Stop nonsense! Will you ever starve back in the capital? Take it."

13 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:02:00
Director's Cut: 0:02:12

The vanguard returns and while reporting of a bandits' camp three miles ahead, hands Gao a sword.
Gao Xing considers the sword and is surprised to find the rumours about the "Desert Camels" to be true. They have killed so many that even the swords turned black.
Then, Wang Shen (Chen Kun) lets a soldier forecast the further actions. The soldier flips a coin and urges him to hurry.

Vanguard: "Brother Gao, a bandits' hideout is found three miles ahead!"
Gao Xiang: "It's true! What a surprise! Legend has it that the Desert Camels have killed so many that even their blades have turned black."
Wang Sheng: "Predict it."
Fortune teller: "The west the will of God, the north the barbaric... Commander...let's hurry."
Wang Sheng: "It is fortune or misfortune?"
Fortune teller: "It's neither fortune or misfortune."

54.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:02:17
Director's Cut: 0:03:24

The soldiers sneek up the dune and see the bandits piling up corpses.

11 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:02:19
Director's Cut: 0:03:36

A shocked Wang Sheng watches the heap of corpses a little longer.

2 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:07:05
Director's Cut: 0:08:25

Upon his return home, there is a quick shot on Xiao Wei (Zhou Xun), before Wang Sheng and Pei Rong (Zhao Wei) meet again.

1 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:07:33
Director's Cut: 0:08:54

At the close of the homecoming scene, both versions fade from Xiao Wei's face to the next scenes. To illustrate the lapse of time, the director's cut additionally shows the city in winter.

Theatrical verision:
2 sec.
Director's Cut:
21.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 0:10:35
Director's Cut: 0:12:17

During the cutback to Pang Yong (Donnie Yen), his helmet lying on the ground is seen longer. At the start of the next scene, he and his rivals are opposing each other earlier.

8.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:10:38
Director's Cut: 0:12:28

Now Pang Yong's opponents back away from him further.

5 sec.

KF: 0:11:09
DC: 0:13:04

The soldiers around Wang Sheng approach and are in the shot earlier.

3 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:11:55
Director's Cut: 0:13:54

Wang Sheng looks in Pang Yongs direction a little longer, before the latter puts down his armor. In the Director's Cut, this happens slightly earlier.

3 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:11:57
Director's Cut: 0:13:59

Again Wang Shen watches Pang minimally longer.

1 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:12:11
Director's Cut: 0:14:13

Gao Xiang looks around blankly before he runs after Pang Yong. Meanwhile, Wang Shen gazes into space.

6.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:12:39
Director's Cut: 0:14:48

Pang leaves the soldiers, while Wang still pensively latches on to his cane.

8.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:12:43
Director's Cut: 0:15:00

At the close of this block, Peng leaves the group desert bound and the theatrical version fades out earlier. At the beginning of the next scene, the director's cut first shows Pang in his sickbed, before going on to Pei Rong and Wang Sheng.

Theatrical Version:
2 sec.
Director's Cut:
21 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:13:27
Director's Cut: 0:16:04

Pei Rong kisses her husband's back. Then she says that she worried about him every day.

7 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:14:06
Director's Cut: 0:16:50

Subsequently, they kiss longer and Wang's hand moves up his wife's leg.

30 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:14:41
Director's Cut: 0:17:55

After Wang wakes up from a nightmare, he covers Pei Rong with a blanket and the theatrical version fades out again. In the director's cut, he leaves the room and at the beginning of the next scene, Xiao Rou is seen earlier.

Theatrical Version:
2 sec.
Director's Cut:
9 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:15:12
Director's Cut: 0:18:33

Xiao Wei tells Wang Sheng to be cautious. The theatrical version continues with Pei Rong sitting by Pang Yong's bed.

Theatrical Version: 1.5 sec.

In the longer version, Wang Sheng watches Xiao Wei longer while she is tying up her gloves. This is followed by a shot to Pei Rong lying awake in her bed. A blast of air opens the doors and she becomes frightened.

It goes on with Xiao refusing to eat and telling Xiao Rou to divide it between the others.

Xiao Wei: "I won't eat it. Go give others to share."
Xiao Rou: "Thank you, Miss Xiaowei. Really won't eat?"
Xiao Wei: "No, I won't."
Xiao Rou: "Then I'm going."

The servant girl leaves the room and Xiao Yi (Qi Yu Wu) appears to bring Xiao Wei her actual food, human hearts.

Xiao Yi: "I've sliced them for you from six humans."
Xiao Wei: "Why killed so many? How to eat them all at once?"
Xiao Yi: "For you to choose. It's just a few."
Xiao Wei: "I don't mean to feel bad for them. But you've made a lot of work for Wang Sheng. I hardly see him these days."
Xiao Yi: "You can simply kill his wife!"

Xiao Yi catches an insect flying past with his tongue and Xiao Wei asks him whose hearts they were.

Xiao Wei: "You're so disgusting. Who is it from?"
Xiao Yi: "Young master of Golden Restaurant."
Xiao Wei: "That fatso. And this?"
Xiao Yi: "Foreman of the dyehouse."
Xiao Wei: "He's ugly!"
Xiao Yi: "It's said that the uglier the human heart...the better to be ultimate in black magic. If you want a pretty heart, try Wang Sheng's one. You're wasting your time. We've been here for nearly three months."
Xiao Wei: "He will love me. I don't believe, I'll lose to that stupid woman!"
Xiao Yi: "Why don't you just be his concubine?"
Xiao Wei: "Concubine? Why do I need to be? What I want to be is his wife. Listen. I shall be Mrs. Wang."
Xiao Yi: "So you want to give up your training?"
Xiao Wei: "I have plenty of time."
Xiao Yi: "But your skin won't wait. You need more keep your human skin from rotting."
Xiao Wei: "Sure! Therefore, I've got to find a way out so I can stop myself eating such gross!"

After that, one sees a pensive Zhao Wei sitting on her bed.

total cutting length director's cut: 206 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:16:55
Director's Cut: 0:23:41

Pei Rong looks into Pang Yong's direction a little longer and lowers her head, before he regains his sword by her husband.

3.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:17:28
Director's Cut: 0:24:18

Pang now leaves Wang Sheng's house and both versions show Pei Rong again. In the theatrical version, the material removed in the previous cut is shown, followed by a fade out.
The Director's Cut shows another shot of Pei and goes on to the next scene without further ado.

Theatrical Version:
4 sec.
Director's Cut:
4 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:17:39
Director's Cut: 0:24:29

Outside the house, Pang looks for his horse which is brought to him by a servant.

Pang Yong: "I just wondered where you've gone. So righteous that you haven't left me alone."

Subsequently, Pang strolls down the street. In the background, some of his former soldiers are coming.

Soldier: "Brother Yong...We've just come to the commander's house to find you!"
Pang Yong: "Stop it. Get me some food."
Soldier: "Okay, okay..."

The soldier goes to the pot and lifts the lid.

Soldier: "Give me..."

While eating, the soldiers ask Pang, where he spent the last two years and if there is a deciding reason for his return.

Soldier: "Brother Yong, where've you been for the last two years?"
Soldier: "Sure! Where?"
Soldier: "Brother Yong. Have you suddenly come back for anything?"
Soldier: "What's happened here?"
Pang Yong: "Nothing..."

total cutting length: 52.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:19:10
Director's Cut: 0:26:53

Xia Bing (Sun Li) pours out another bowl of "spring liquor" for herself and ignores Pang's bowl, which he holds out to her. Consequently, he pours it out herself and thanks her, while Xia Bing takes some more noodles.

Pang Yong: "Thank you."

17.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:19:25
Director's Cut: 0:27:26

The waiter extinguishes the light, before Pei Rong enters the tavern.

2.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:19:36
Director's Cut: 0:27:38

Pang stares in Pei's direction some longer and Xia Bing uses his moment of abstraction to take his drinking bowl.

5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:19:37
Director's Cut: 0:27:45

The following close shot of Pang is longer, as well.

1 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:19:43
Director's Cut: 0:27:51

Before Pei takes a seat at the table, a short flashback to the farewell of Pang and Wang Sheng (the shot on to the jade lavalier is also in the theatrical version).

Pang Yong: "Don't be like that. We always come back alive...after each battle, don't we? Say it after I'm back."

Pang tries to console Pei and faces away.

Pei holds on to him and Pang tries again.

Pei Rong: "Brother Yong."
Pang Yong: "Come on. Don't always cry! Smile. You look much prettier when you smile! Come! I will be back!"

Pang now goes to the horses and Wang Sheng assures Pei once again that they will return.

Pang Yong: "Let's go!"
Wang Sheng: "We'll be back."

Subsequently, we are in the tavern again.

58.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 0:20:55
Director's Cut: 0:30:01

While Pei Rong reports of the events of the last three months, more red wafts of mist are seen, before Xiao Yi appears.

3.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 0:21:02
Director's Cut: 0:30:12

Xiao Yi runs further forward and Pei Rong remarks that even the magistrate has left the city.

Pei Rong: "Even the city's magistrate ran away last night. All the guards have hidden away. No one dare patrol at night."

6 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:21:29
Director's Cut: 0:30:45

The lady, forced to buy all the makeup by Xiao Wei's demoniacal powers, is seen longer in the shop and is asked to try on a hairpin by one of the employees.

Employee: "Miss, try this hairpin. It's beautiful."

3.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:22:23
Director's Cut: 0:31:43

Within Pei Rong's tale, the director's cut shows how she tells her husband about her suspicion against Xiao Wei and that the priest died after he had advised her to take Xiao Wei to the temple. Wang Sheng promises to take Xiao there.

Pei Rong: "I have told no one but only you and another guy. He is the Taoist priest. He called me to take Xiao Wei to the Taoist temple but he was dead the very next day! How horrible!"
Wang Sheng: "Okay! I promise you to take Xiao Wei to the temple. Okay?"

Scene changes to the temple, where Xiao prays and hands a spell against demons to Pei Rong.

Xiao Wei: "Sister Pei Rong. I've got you a spell. It expels demons and gives you peace."
Wang Sheng: "She gives it to you. Just put it on."
Pei Rong: "Thank you."
Xiao Wei: "Let's go."

At the beginning of the next scene, one sees the scissors earlier by which Xiao Wei hurts herself later.

total cutting length: 54 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:24:33
Director's Cut: 0:34:47

After Pei Rong has left the table, the Malaysian DVD continues with the Yi's delivery of the food to Wei.

Xiao Yi: "I've sliced them for you from six humans."
Xiao Wei: "Why killed so many? How can I finish it?"
Xiao Yi: "For you to choose. It's just a few people."
Xiao Wei: "I don't mean to feel commiserate for them. But you've made a lot of work for Wang Sheng. I hardly see him these days."

Xiao Yi eats the insect in the theatrical version, as well. But the question as to where the hearts were from, is missing. So is Xiao's remark that she will not lose against this woman.

Xiao Wei: "You're so disgusting."
Xiao Yi: "You're wasting your time."
Xiao Wei: "He will love me."
Xiao Yi: "It isn't difficult to be his concubine?"
Xiao Wei: "What I want is to be his wife. I tell you, I must be Mrs. Wang."
Xiao Yi: "So you want to give up your training?"
Xiao Wei: "I have plenty of time."
Xiao Yi: "But your skin don't have. Your skin will rot if you don't eat more hearts."
Xiao Wei: "Sure! Therefore, I have to find a way out so I can stop to eat such a disgusing thing!"

total cutting length theatrical version: 98 sec.

Both version set in again with Pei Rong leaving the tavern. The director's cut shows a few moments more.

Director's Cut: 1.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 0:27:00
Director's Cut: 0:35:38

The servant girls clear Pei Rong's and Wang Sheng's table.

4.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:27:45
Director's Cut: 0:36:27

In the director's cut, the dinner ends with a short tracking shot away from the house. Then one sees Pei Rong looking longer for the lavender.

22.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:28:28
Director's Cut: 0:37:33

Pei Rong is seen from the front earlier.

2 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:29:10
Director's Cut: 0:38:17

After the conversation between Pei Rong and Xiao Wei, one sees Pang Yong ascending a tower.

9.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:29:25
Director's Cut: 0:38:42

Right after Pang Yong on the tower, the director's cut contains another conversation between Xiao Yi and Xiao Wei, which follows later in the theatrical version.
Yi shows Wei a selfmade cooling box for the hearts, while Wei draws a sketch of him for Wang Sheng. Yi tells her that Xia Bing was in town and asks if he should kill her.

Xiao Yi: "I've made a box for you. Put the hearts inside and they'll be kept fresh."
Xiao Wei: "Just put it there. Brother Sheng asked me to draw the "heart-digger". I must do it well."
Xiao Yi: "Remember that old fella surnamed Xia who chopped you?"
Xiao Wei: "Isn't he dead?"
Xiao Yi: "His granddaughter is here in town."
Xiao Wei: "Damn it! Their family never let me go."
Xiao Yi: "Shall I kill her for you?"
Xiao Wei: "Yes. Don't smile. No murderer smiles. Don't move! You keep moving. How do I draw?"

Before both version synchronise again, the director's cut shows Pang and Xiao Hou Xiang (David Liang) on their way to the dead. With Xia Hou Xiang's second sentence, the theatrical version sets in again ("The dead bodies whose hearts...").

Xia Hou Xiang: "Brother Yong, you should know something."

total cutting length: 80.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:29:34
Director's Cut: 0:40:11

The camera pan on the coffins is minimally longer.

1 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:31:47
Director's Cut: 0:42:25

In the theatrical version, the inspection of the victims is followed by the previous conversation between Xiao Yi and Xiao Wei
In contrast to the director's cut, Yi does not ask if he should kill Xia Bing, but only asserts that he will. The end of the scene, where Wei tells him not to laugh and sit still, is missing too.

Xiao Yi: "I've made a box for you. Put the hearts inside and they'll be kept fresh."
Xiao Wei: "Just put it there. Brother Sheng asked me to draw the "heart-digger". I must do it well."
Xiao Yi: "Remember that old fella surnamed Xia who chopped you?"
Xiao Wei: "Isn't he dead?"
Xiao Yi: "His granddaughter is here in town."
Xiao Wei: "Damn it! Their family never let me go."
Xiao Yi: "I kill her for you."
Xiao Wei: "Good."

Theatrical Version: 46 sec

During the change of scene from the cemetry back to the city, the director's cut shows a short moment more of Xia Bing and sets in with the next scene earlier.

Director's Cut: 1.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:38:42
Director's Cut: 0:48:37

Xiao Wei watches Pei Rong in the yard and mumbles away to herself. Xiao Rou hears this and asks Wei, whom she meant. Wei denies to have said anything and Rou apologizes for not being able to come shopping.

Pei Rong: "Put Master's clothes in!"
Xiao Wei: "No wonder she's getting bold!"
Pei Rong: "The sun is great. Dry it in the sun!"
Xiao Rou: "Miss Xiao Wei, who's getting bold?"
Xiao Wei: "I didn't say anything."
Xiao Rou: "I'm sorry. I can't go to the beauty store with you...coz mistress needs my help."
Xiao Wei: "Doesn't matter. You do your things. I can go myself."

33.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 0:39:28
Director's Cut: 0:49:56

The main protagonists set off for the beauty shop to confront Xiao Wei with the finding that her alleged father did not have a daughter.

5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:43:27
Director's Cut: 0:54:01

At this point, the scene transition was removed. The director's cut goes on without stopping down and thus shows a few moments more of Xiao Wei undressing.

Theatrical Version:
2 sec.
Director's Cut:
3.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:43:46
Director's Cut: 0:54:22

Xia Bing goes over to Xiao Wei and searches for the demons' mark.

8 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:45:12
Director's Cut: 0:55:56

After Wang Sheng's statement that he would observe Xiao Wei to prove Pang Yong that she was no demon, he adds one more sentence in the director's cut:

Wang Sheng: "I'm not so stupid to keep a demon in my house!"

Subsequently leaves the shop and Xia and Pang exchange words.

Pang Yong: "Don't make any mistakes."
Xia Bing: "Even you don't believe me?"
Pang Yong: "I do."

The theatrical version fades from Xiao Wei's face directly to the dinner and Xia Bing.

Theatrical Version: 1.5 sec.
Director's Cut: 18.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:48:04
Director's Cut: 0:59:06

Wang Sheng once again assures his wife that there was only one Mrs. Wang and takes her in her arms comfortingly. Pang watches the scene and gazes into space.

Wang Sheng: "Mrs. Wang. There is only one Mrs. Wang."

36.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 0:48:27
Director's Cut: 1:00:06

Xiao Wei, removing her makeup, can be seen earlier.

3 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:48:30
Director's Cut: 1:00:12

Now the same thing with Xia Bing, watching Wei.

2.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:48:50
Director's Cut: 1:00:35

Before Xiao Wei arises from her seat and takes the box with the hearts, she looks in Xia Bing's direction. Xia, on the other hand, looks around the room.

6.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:49:43
Director's Cut: 1:01:34

Wang Sheng's dream starts a little earlier and Xiao Wei consequently walks the dunes some more.

3 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:49:51
Director's Cut: 1:01:45

At the close of the dream, she is on camera a little longer.

1 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:50:16
Director's Cut: 1:02:12

After Xiao Yi struck again, Sheng is helped into his armor by some servant girls and his wife. Xiao Wei approaches and wants to help. Wang Sheng, however, wants Xiao Rou to do that, so that Wei can rest. Pei Rong makes a relieved face while Xiao Wei, visibly disappointed, backs off under the eyes of Pang and Xia.

Wang Sheng: "Xiao Rou, you help me with it. Let Miss Xiao Wei have some rest. Come on."

30.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:50:42
Director's Cut: 1:03:08

Before Xia Bing answers Wang Sheng's provoking questions, both are on camera shortly.

2.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:52:28
Director's Cut: 1:04:57

Pang Yong leaves the house to help Wang Sheng find the murderer. Outside, he pauses for a moment. Then he goes on and starts singing (and with the singing, the theatrical version sets in again).

31 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:52:48
Director's Cut: 1:05:47

From the singing Pang we move on to Xia Bing, who keeps shadowing Xiao Wei. When she tries to follow Wei, Xiao Rou approaches and barges against Xia. She does not want Bing to follow Wei.

Then one sees Yong walking down the street again.

19 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:52:50
Director's Cut: 1:06:07

Yi kills Xia Hou Xiang on the tower and after that, Pang appears earlier.

1 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:53:18
Director's Cut: 1:06:36

In the director's cut, Xiao Rou runs a little longer to break the news that Pang allegedly killed Xiao Hou Xiang.

6.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 0:53:22
Director's Cut: 1:06:47

Shocked by the message, Xia Bing springs to her feet.

0.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:53:25
Director's Cut: 1:06:50

After the bad news, Xia Bing adjourns to the tower, where Pang Yong turns up shortly after.

21.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:54:37
Director's Cut: 1:08:24

The conversation on the tower was expanded for the director's cut-
Following Xia Bing's remark that her task was hunting demons, Peng says that life improves once one has a purpose.

Pang Yong: "Life gets better if you have a purpose."
Xia Bing: "You're right! And you? What's your purpose?"
Pang Yong: "Seems that it's the same as yours now."

Fadeout to sunrise.

29 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:54:45
Director's Cut: 1:09:02

Before one sees a mourning Pei Rong lying on her bed, there is a small tracking shot towards her.

7 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:56:57
Director's Cut: 1:11:20

Wang Sheng holds his wife in his hands and tries to comfort her. This is followed by his next dream, which has a longer beginning in the director's cut. Here, one sees Xiao Wei walking through a tunnel. Subsequently, Wang Sheng is in a tunnel system, too.
The theatrical version directly fades from the couple to Wang Sheng in the tunnel.

Theatrical Version: 1 sec.
Director's cut: 25 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:57:11
Director's Cut: 1:11:58

Sheng proceeds further.

3 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:57:46
Director's Cut: 1:12:35

During Wang Sheng's and Xiao Wei's loveplay was enhanced. Wei gives a ground and both kiss repeatedly.

14 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:57:49
Director's Cut: 1:12:53

Before Wang Sheng awakes from his dream, one sees them from the side again.

2.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 0:58:46
Director's Cut: 1:13:52

The commander stops before Xiao Wei's room some longer, before he enters. Xiao Wei looks to the door and tilts her head forwards, when she notices that Wang Sheng comes in.

6.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 1:02:39
Director's Cut: 1:17:51

Pei Rong looks at Xiao Wei and Wang Sheng longer.

2 sec.

Theatrical Version: 1:04:39
Director's Cut: 1:19:53

Xiao Wei sits pensively on her bed, before Xiao Yi enters the room and is sent away by her.

14.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 1:07:22
Director's Cut: 1:22:51

Side view of Wei, before she sheds her human apparel.

1.5 sec.

Theatrical Version: 1:07:51
Director's Cut: 1:23:22

Shocked by Xiao Wei's sight, Pei Rong backs off. Xiao Wei asks her why she was afraid, since she had suspected her to be a demon anyway.

Xiao Wei: "Didn't you say I'm a demon? What do you fear?"

7 sec.

Theatrical Version: 1:09:32
Director's Cut: 1:25:11

After the question as to whether she ever saw a demon eating a heart, only the director's cut shows Xiao Wei bringing Gao Xiang's heart to her mouth. The following eating noises are featured in both versions.

6.5 sec.