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Angels' Brigade

original title: Angels' Revenge


  • Alternate Cut
  • Uncut
Release: Jan 18, 2022 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The Invincible Seven of Las Vegas

When Las Vegas showgirl Michelle Wilson learns that her drug-addict brother Bobby has been brutally beaten by a dealer, she is devastated. She gets moral support from Bobby's teacher, April Thomas, who has long been concerned about the increasing drug crime at her school. On her own, she was able to determine the location of a drug lab and suggests to Michelle that they could destroy it on their own. They are assisted by stunt woman Terry Grant, karate expert Kako Umaro, police officer Elaine Brenner, model Maria and April's student Trish. After stealing guns from a group of right-wing radicals and Terry converting a van into a rolling tank, the group heads for the drug lab.

From 1976 to 1981, the series Charlie's Angels, in which three ex-cops are hired by a rich millionaire to work in his private detective agency, ran very successfully on US television. The series was a huge success and served as the inspiration for Angels' Brigade, the alternative title of which gives a stronger hint of the reference. For long stretches, the film is harmless fun in which seven mismatched women come together to upend a gang of drug dealers. The cheap staging and open ending make the film feel like a pilot episode for a series that was never made. It stars Playmate Susan Kiger and includes a surprising number of veteran stars in Jack Palance, Peter Lawford, Jim Backus, Neville Brand, Arthur Godfrey and Alan Hale Jr.

Two versions on US DVD

There are two cuts of the film on the US DVD by Scorpion Releasing. In addition to the original uncut version, the bonus material includes an Alternate Cut that begins with the New World Pictures logo and has been shortened by a few plot scenes. Apparently, the film fell into the hands of Roger Corman at one point, who thought it was too long and released a shortened version in theaters. The longest cut here is the first visit to the right-wing radicals' camp to secretly spy on their weapons cache, which means the character introduction of the quirky Nazis is lost.

Picture Comparison:

Alternate Cut:

Original Version:


Alternate Cut: 86:41 min.
Original Version: 96:01 min.

Comparison between the Alternate Cut and the original uncut version.


The Alternate Cut begins with the New World Pictures logo.

AC: 7 secs.


Alternative title insert.

No time difference.


Film tear: Sticks is seen longer before the girl comes to him.

US: 3 secs.


After Michelle's performance, a new scene follows in which Michelle is congratulated backstage by her manager Manny for her good performance. Godfrey comes into her booth and also congratulates her on her good performance. He also thanks Michelle for her kind words on stage. He says that there is still a lot of potential in her and invites her to a get-together with other stars from Las Vegas. Michelle unfortunately has to decline, because she has a gig tomorrow in Los Angeles. He understands this and says that Michelle should contact him if she ever needs help. Godfrey leaves the room. Manny says that Michelle still has a big career ahead of her since her song has done well on the charts. Michelle says that she wants to change first and fly home. The phone rings and Michelle finds out what happened to her brother Bobby.

It fades to the next scene.

US: 2:08 min.


Film tear: April, Terry and Kako are seen earlier.

US: 1 sec.


Elaine repeats to her supervisor Miller that she has made contact with an underground unit. When she says that the group doesn't deal drugs, Miller says that she is being paid to bust dealers and nothing else. Elaine tells him that the group has a blueprint of a drug factory that they want to blow up. Miller wants her to find out where that factory is so a special ops team can take care of it.

US: 1:30 min.


April says they should check out the right-wingers' armory first before stealing the guns. Elaine wants to sneak up on them, but Michelle says that the right-wingers might recognize a cop. Maria suggests that she could do the job and use her charms to get to the guns. Terry wants to accompany her in case there might be trouble. Maria wonders what kind of trouble there could be and shows that she always carries brass knuckles and pepper spray in her purse. The other women also want to stay close. Trish wants to get in on the action too, but the others say she'd rather stay in the background.

In the next scene, Maria is driven by Terry to the meeting place of the right-wing radicals. Maria has posed as a rich sponsor and is already expected. The two guards at the entrance refuse Terry to enter. The leader, Commander March, greets Maria at the door and then leads her around the site with Terry. Maria asks if they have the necessary security in case someone wants to steal the weapons. March says that they do and points to his employees, who are acting very clumsily. March wants to invite Maria inside, but she says she doesn't have time now. As they are about to leave, March shakes Terry's hand and she squeezes really hard, forcing March to her knees. Maria holds her back and promises to come again.

US: 5:43 min.