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Extended Cut


Silent Hill


New York Ripper, The

Knight's Tale, A


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jan 11, 2010 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version (TV) and the Extended Version (EV).

The new scenes in the EV add a bit of logic to the quite unlikely story. Some of these new scenes could already be seen on the DVD containing the TV.

Running time TV: 2:06:46 Min. incl. credits
Running time EV: 2:17:55 Min. incl. credits

Cut scenes: 6
Alternative scenes: 2
Total length of cut scenes: 670 sec.
11:00 Min.
William asks Roland to help him to masquerade as a knight. Roland is afraid of the number 13 because they won 13 silver pieces during their last tournament. William takes one of the silver coins and pins it to some hanged man's foot in order to get 12 coins in total. Wat and Roland are convinced.
44 sec.

14:16 min.
William, Roland and Wat are sitting around the camp fire. William says that he needs a heraldic animal for his shield. Roland and Wat suggest taking the animal of the knight they had been serving before. William denies this because he's afraid that the heraldic symbol might be recognized by someone. He says that he would like to have a phoenix because it symbolizes their story. Wat and Roland now want to have a lion but William answers that everybody uses a lion as heraldic animal and he wants to stand out by using a different animal. They eventually agree on using three phoenixes. Wat adds that he would like to see a phoenix grabbing a lion.
112 sec.

26:11 min.
Count Adhemar of Anjou is calling for his servant Germaine who is hurrying to him. The count watches Roland and Wat beating with sticks on Williams armor and asks who they are. Germain looks it up and tells his master. In the meantime two varlets help Adhemar to get in his armor, but one varlet is acting clumsily. Adhemar looks at him and hits his face. Germaine is relieved because he has been spared.
35 sec.

57:30 min.
William and Lady Jocely look at each other longer. William tries to reach her with his hand but withdraws his hand when Adhemar comes to their table. Adhemar and William congratulate each other for their victories (none of them is sincere). Adhemar compliments Jocelyn for her beauty but she only pays attention to William. In the meantime, some monks are collecting donations for the poor. When a monk comes to their table William is very generous and Adhemar says that there probably won't be any poor left if William keeps donating that much. However, when Jocelyn also donates a fair amount, Adhemar gives the monk some money, too.
97 sec.

1:04:03 min.
After the blacksmith Kate, Roland and Wat have tested the new armor with the timber, Wat asks whether it worked and adds that this was a miracle. Kat is a bit affronted and lets the timber swing back towards Wat again. Wat can duck under it but when he wants to stand up again he hits his head and stumbles. Kat and William laugh at him and Wat rubs his head.
15 sec.

1:39:20 min.
Count Adhemar is training with the help of four varlets. Since the first three of them are no challenge for him he just hurls the stick to the fourth one. When he wants to dress himself again when his servant Germaine Simon makes his appearance. He tells the count that Williams calls himself "Sir Ulrich of Lichtenstein of Gelderhand" and that he can get more information for more payment. Disgusted by this demand Adhemar tells Germaine that he should let Sir Ulrich/William be spied on by someone more prudent. The count leaves the scene and Germaine follows him. Cut to the next scene. William, Kate, Rowland and Wat take a walk suddenly they see Geoffrey Chaucer pass them naked and disappearing through a door. They follow him angrily. When William accuses him of having lost all his money gambling again he just answers that he was getting something to eat and shows the his wife Phillipa lying behind him. Wat is getting angry again but is being held back by the others. When Phillipa offers them some of her apple they are looking embarrassed and leave the two alone (Wat says that he thought Phillipa was a prostitute before being dragged out of the door.) When they are alone again, Phillipa tells Geoffrey that his new companions are better than the pilgrims he was hanging around with the last time. Next day, it's raining. The tournament has been cancelled. William uses the opportunity to ride out with his horse.
210 sec.

Original Version
1:34:01 min.
William and his horse are seen from much farther away and the scene differs a bit. He hits the pennant with his right hand, leans back to drink some rain and - with his mouth full of water - hits the next pennant.
15 sec.

Extended Version
1:43:01 min.
In this version he can be seen a bit later, hits the pennant with the left hand, rides a bit different and looks to the right side instead of drinking rain. Only in this version the woman that's been ordered to spy on him can be seen.
15 sec.

Original Version
1:47:34 min.
William is standing in the pillory. His friends try to keep the mob away from him, without success. The people continue to throw rotten food. Suddenly we see a group of hooded men stand in the middle of the mob. Their leader turns out to be Sir Thomas Colville/Edward, the Black Prince of Wales. The mob is paralysed. Sir Thomas approaches William. (Note: A continuity error has been probably corrected here. We see Roland in a longshot relying on his club, in the next shot he has raised it to a defensive position.)
-25 sec

Extended Version
1:56:43 Min.
Geoffrey manages to get the crowd's attention. He says that the mob has the same background as William has. When he is disturbed by someone throwing food at him he jokes (after tasting the mass that has been thrown at him) that his mother may be among the mob because the taste reminds him of her cooking. He now has their full attention. He tries to convince the people that William is noble indeed. Now the hooded men can be seen. Geoffrey can resolve the situation by asking what would really make a man a knight, "his heart or his ancestry?". He has tears in his eyes. Now Sir Thomas reveals himself.
182 sec.