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  • Extended Cut
Release: Feb 05, 2015 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB

In the early 80's, Sam Raimi certainly did not think that his low budget splatter film Evil Dead would become a major success which enjoys cult status. The audience simply loved it.

Over the years, two sequels which laid the focus more on comedy instead of excessive splatter followed. A third sequel was announced by Raimi oder Campbell several times but it never went any further than announcements and rumors. All the more surprising was the production of a remake with newcomer Fede Alvarez as director and Raimi and Campbell as producers. It was announced pretty early that they did not intend to hold back on violence, an R-Rating was the goal. And they kept their word. In fact, the movie was so drastic the MPAA rated it NC-17. Problematic for the Theatrical Version though which is why Alvarez had to make alterations until the movie was finally rated R (for strong bloody violence and gore, some sexual content and language). An Unrated Version was announced for BD/DVD but it has never been released.

At least not on one of these media. On the QT, an Extended Cut of Evil Dead aired in January 2015 on the British "Channel 4". Besides additional plot scenes, there is more violence, as well. Among other things, the MPAA cuts have been reversed and the infamous chainsaw scene from the trailer is back in the movie, too. Furthermore, the end credits present an alternate ending. The Extended Cut is definitely worthwhile and one can only hope that Sony Picture will release it on Blu-ray and / or DVD one day. Until then, one has to be satisfied with the TV broadcast. However, the TV station has since announced that they were given the wrong master for the airing and that this showing will have been a one-time thing.

Compared are the uncut Theatrical Version by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and the Extended Cut which aired on 01/25/2015 on the British "Channel 4".

There are 27 differences:
*21 additional scenes in the Extended-Fassung
*01 additional scene in the Theatrical Version
*05 scenes with alternate footage

The Extended Cut is 289.48 seconds (~4:50 minutes) longer than the Theatrical Version.

9:07 Min
After Mia got rid of her drugs in the well, she leaves the group. Eric follows her. David, Olivia and Natalie stay behind and talk about Mia, rehab and the following 3 days.
35.64 sec

10:32 Min
David is walking across the hall because he saw a shadow near the window. But it turns out it was just a cat that snarled at him and then vanished through the window.
22.96 sec

20:11 Min
Eric flips a page in the Necronomicon.
1.56 sec

20:15 Min
And again.
1.68 sec

47:38 Min
Slightly extended shot of Mia cutting her tongue with a knife.
1 sec

47:42 Min / 46:42 Min
The frontal shot is longer as well. The Theatrical Version on the other hand ontains an alternate shot of Natalie.
1.44 sec / 1.12 sec

Extended CutTheatrical Version

47:43 Min
The following shot of the tongue starts earlier.
0.72 sec

47:46 Min
Shot of Natalie being scared, then a cut to Mia. The following shot of Natalie starts earlier in the Extended Cut.
5.96 sec

48:48 Min
Eric enters through the door and puts down a can and some water. Then he drinks the water and thanks David for it.
24.44 sec

51:06 Min
Natalie's hand slightly longer.
1 sec

51:10 Min
She squeezes black fluid out of the bite wound one more time.
2.16 sec

52:56 Min
Natalie: "Give me back my hand!"
Possessed Mia then starts singing ("We're gonna get you").
132 sec

53:54 Min
The shot of Natalie cutting off her arm with the saw is longer.
0.76 sec

53:56 Min / 52:08 Min
The beginning of the following scene contains slightly alternate footage in either of the versions.
0.08 sec / 0.04 sec

Extended CutTheatrical Version

56:27 Min
Eric: "So. Okay. Mia went crazy. Okay. What about Oliva? What about Natalie?"
David: "Maybe we're all gone crazy."
10.76 sec

59:07 Min / 57:08 Min
In the Theatrical Version, the camera pans to Natalie who then turns her head sideways. In the Extended Cut, the question "Wanna play, little man?" follows after the tracking shot.
4.2 sec / 2.56 sec

Extended CutTheatrical Version

57:41 Min
Extended shot of Eric after the blows with the crowbar.
0.48 sec

59:42 Min
Natalie hits Eric on the head one more time.
3 sec

1:01:46 Min
Here, we finally get to see what happened to Olivia's and Natalie's bodies. David soaks Olivia's body in gas and lights her up while he takes his girlfriend's body to the shed. Now, the infamous scene from the trailer follows: David wraps the body in plastic and chops her into pieces with the chainsaw.
54.2 sec

1:10:38 Min
Cut to Mia. The demon tells her David was going to burn in hell, just like his sister.
5 sec

1:10:45 Min
Shot of "Demon Mia".
3.36 sec

1:16:19 Min
Eric burns in front of David. When the camera pans to David, he opens his head and we get to see that he is also possessed.
23.44 sec

1:18:09 Min / 1:14:39 Min
The Theatrical Version contains a longer shot of Mia approaching the car, opening the door. In the Extended Cut on the other hand, she is incapable of opening the door at first. In order to do so, she has to use the key.
6.56 sec / 1.12 sec

Extended CutTheatrical Version

1:22:36 Min
When Mia pulls her hand out from under the car, the scene starts earlier in the Extended Cut.
0.92 sec

1:22:43 Min / 1:19:07 Min
Alternate shot of Mia's bloody arm stump.
2.8 sec / 1.32 sec

Extended CutTheatrical Version

1:27:16 Min
Additional scene during the end credits: Mia is walking across the street. Then she drops with exhaustion. A car stops, an older man gets out and helps Mia. Cut. Mia on the back seat of the car while the old wants to take her to a hospital. She opens her eyes. The end.
69.28 sec

1:28:42 Min
The name of this man is also in the credits: Billy Bob.
no difference