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original title: Zi gu ying xiong chu shao nian


  • Chinese Blu-ray
  • Uncut
Release: Feb 09, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut Chinese Blu-ray and the uncut version on the YouTube channel Wu-Tang Collection (presumably based on the Hong Kong VHS).

- 25 cuts
- Cut duration: 141.7 sec (= 2:22 min)

Also 10 master errors on the Hong Kong VHS with a duration of 13.8 sec

A few more master errors with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the cut report.

Chinese director Mou Tun-Fei (T.F. Mou) is probably best known worldwide for his infamous 1988 Cat.III shocker Men Behind the Sun. In the late '70s, he was also active with Shaw Brothers, where he last directed the exploitation classic Lost Souls. In his filmography you can also find a few other gems, but unfortunately they are often hard to find in a reasonable quality.

One such candidate is the 1983 wushu actioner Young Heroes (also known as Little Heroes). Like, for example, the Young Dragons / Kung-Fu Kids series, the focus here is on a troupe of children, but the film is kept comparatively serious. The plot is set in the Ching Dynasty in the 19th century and is just a loose hook for lots of nicely staged fight scenes. It is a Chinese production, including associated restrictions - see also the video at the end of this intro.

The YouTube provider Wu-Tang Collection has been offering a version of the film in horrible quality for quite some time, presumably from the Hong Kong VHS. Apparently it's the only known way to see the film (almost) uncensored. Alternatively, you could find it on various Chinese TV channels, but there some violence and obscenities are censored. For example, some moments with "Big Man" were also removed here, a little boy who is married to an adult woman or sometimes pees in front of the group. This version was also released on Blu-ray in China and is the subject of this report.

Running time information is arranged according to the scheme
Chinese Blu-ray / Hong Kong VHS

By the way, here is a short clip in which T.F. Mou himself comments on his life's work, problems with censorship and especially also the present film (from about the 3rd minute). In Young Heroes, for example, he allegedly had to make about 50 cuts in violent scenes due to the requirements of the clients in China:

By the way, here is a short clip in which T.F. Mou himself comments on his life's work, problems with censorship and especially also the present film (from about the 3rd minute). In Young Heroes, for example, he allegedly had to make about 50 cuts in violent scenes due to the requirements of the clients in China:

The introductory company note is missing, at least on this VHS version.

+ 10.5 sec

Attached is a comparison of the title insert directly afterwards, as well as two images from the further course of the film. The Blu-ray is already below average in terms of quality, but the VHS master from YouTube, on the other hand, is absolutely catastrophic: zoomed and with massively distorted colors.

Chinese Blu-rayHongkong VHS

01:23 / 01:12-01:18

After the shot of the guys with flags, a shot of the buildings is missing and it pans down to the "Wanted" poster. When this is in the picture, the BD briefly sets in.

5.5 sec

01:24 / 01:19-01:20

Immediately after the rest of the shot, a shot of a bloody prisoner is missing.

1.5 sec

08:48 / 08:44-08:45

Template error: The master reaches for his hat earlier.

1 sec

08:59-09:00 / 08:56

Shortly thereafter, however, an insignificant small part is lost at the end of a shot in the HK-VHS as well.

+ 1.3 sec

10:25 / 10:21-10:23

The guy attacked by the boy lands on the ground and the bloodied sword is pulled out of his chest. In between, a short cut to Erh Mao.

1.9 sec

12:49 / 12:47-13:04

Here there is another long tracking shot over the battlefield.

17.8 sec

18:54-18:56 / 19:10

Reel change (incl. marks in the image) during the transition from a landscape shot to the boys roaming through the grass.

+ 1.8 sec

22:02 / 22:16

Small template error during a close-up of the boy.

0.5 sec

27:52 / 28:06-28:19

The boy (Big Man) makes another cheeky comment and is pulled by the ears for it by his clearly older wife.

13.6 sec

30:47 / 31:14-31:16

Again Big Man is pulled by the ears in short additional shot.

Note: Immediately afterwards, however, you can also see him being pulled in the CN briefly in the background in additional shots.

1.8 sec

32:46 / 33:15-33:23

Big Man comments that he finds this ridiculous and walks away. There is another cut to the fight, during which our heroines continue to turn in circles.

7.3 sec

37:31 / 38:08-38:09

The granny gets another kick and staggers back.

1.2 sec

37:47 / 38:25-38:34

The granny still falls to the ground and is further attacked there by the men. The leader (Sze-Ma Li) laughs.

9.6 sec

37:48 / 38:35-38:52

After she falls into the water, some more blood splashes up. The baddies laugh wickedly. One jumps in after her and climbs out again shortly afterwards because she can no longer be saved.

16.9 sec

48:12-48:16 / 49:16-49:19

Reel change (incl. marks in the picture) during the demonstration, when the monks clap.

Blu-ray 1.4 sec longer

50:17-50:18 / 51:20

In the shots of walking through the red bushes, there is again a small template error in the HK.

+ 0.7 sec

53:33 / 54:36-54:42

After the sword stroke, the man actually gets up again and gets another sword stroke from the blue-clad fighter. Sze-Ma Li laughs and the man loses consciousness.

6.3 sec

55:21 / 56:30-56:49

Big Man starts to pee and the other boy goes to the side. Big Man wonders what the excitement is all about.

19.4 sec

57:22-57:24 / 58:50

On Blu-ray, Big Man kicks his adversary in the groin at the end and is then grabbed by him.

+ 2 sec

57:53-57:59 / 59:19-59:24

A few brief master errors, ultimately in favor of the Blu-ray.

Blu-ray 1.2 sec longer

62:32 / 63:56-63:59

As the troupe leaves, Big Man is once again tugged on his ears.

2.9 sec

68:19 / 69:46

Template error: The scene inside by the fire starts a moment earlier on Blu-ray.

+ 0.7 sec

70:33 / 71:59-72:03

Big Man tries to kiss his wife at the end of the scene.

3.2 sec

71:33 / 73:03-73:14

Lao Wu has to throw up. After that some more acrobatic moves can be seen.

11 sec

71:48 / 73:29-73:35

He wipes his mouth and walks away.

6.8 sec

77:45-77:49 / 79:32-79:35

Reel change (incl. markings in the image) during a fight scene.

Blu-ray 1.5 sec longer

77:57-78:00 / 79:43

Another template error: the stick fight is a bit longer on Blu-ray.

+ 2.8 sec

78:26 / 80:09

Interesting: Exactly the last frames of the shot, where the bar comes into the frame and hits the guy, are missing on the VHS.

+ 0.3 sec

78:27 / 80:10-80:13

After the short cut to the woman, we see the guy again, who now has a bloodied face due to the impact. The woman then also wipes blood from her face.

2.8 sec

79:15 / 81:01-81:05

The red fighter on the ground is seen again after getting the sword in his back. He turns around and holds up his hand.

4.4 sec

80:36 / 82:26-82:27

The villain is choked with the chain in two short shots.

1.3 sec

80:41 / 82:32-82:34

The next shot of him starts a little earlier: he contorts his face in pain before collapsing.

1.6 sec

80:42 / 82:35-82:36

You can see him on the ground a little longer.

0.9 sec

81:08 / 83:01-83:04

The next baddie is pulled up again at the beginning of a shot and groans.

2.8 sec