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Django Unchained


  • Chinese DVD
  • Uncut
Release: Apr 04, 2019 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Quentin Tarantino had originally produced an even more brutal version of Django Unchained, his most expensive film to date with a budget of 100 million Dollars. The US ratings board MPAA would have given an “R” rating to it with not censorship demands. But when he saw the reactions of the test audience, he decided to weaken the violence to some degree. Especially the dog scene and the slave fight were toned down.

In countless territories, Django Unchained received a rating without any further cuts. But it didn't go so well for the film in China, a gigantic market, which can also mean financial healing for works that flopped in the US and the rest of the world. Accordingly, it was important to the Weinstein Company that Tarantino's film could be released there, even if they had to give in to the demands of the Chinese censors. They were disturbed by the numerous violent peaks and also by nudity, so they demanded either cuts or a darkening of the blood.

As we can now state after a comparison with the Chinese DVD, simple cuts remained the only way in which changes were made. No color effects or insertion of harmless alternate material, as was to be found in the China version of Blade Runner 2049 or the quasi-PG-13 version of Logan (see comparison). Nevertheless, Django Unchained is of course also unwatchable in this version.

The censored Chinese DVD was compared with the uncut German Blu-ray (both from Sony Pictures).

48 cuts = 203.32 sec. or approx. 3 minutes 24 seconds

0:07:44: The bloody head shot can only be seen in an incomplete form.
0,48 sec.

0:07:46: The horse’s head shot was also largely shortened.
0,32 sec.

0:12:37: The violent head shot that kills the second Speck brother is also missing.
2.44 sec

0:38:00: The blood spurt that follows after Ellis Brittle is shot was cut.
0,48 sec.

0:56:34: A bloody bullet impact was removed.
0.52 sec.

0:56:36: The bloody shooting of the men on the horses and the kills made by Dr. King Schultz were also removed.
3.16 sec

1:05:32: Three hard blows to Big Frank's ribs are not seen in China.
4.12 sec

1:05:38: A bone cracks and Vessepi’s fighter has Big Fred at the neck in the grab handle.
5.68 sec.

1:05:47: He bends Big Fred's neck strongly and then hits his ribs several times.
4.84 sec

1:05:54: Further wrestling on the ground.
2,48 sec.

1:06:01: Vessepi's fighter is brutally beaten to the ground twice by Big Fred.
3.12 sec

1:06:09: Big Fred grabs his opponent's arm.
5.12 sec

1:06:14: The loud fracture of the arm is not included in the Chinese version and also the "finishing move" ordered by Candie and then executed by Big Fred was removed.
12.48 sec.

1:06:31: Big Fred grabs his opponent's bloodstained face.
1.36 sec

1:06:46: Candie's instruction to Big Fred to kill his screaming opponent with a hammer blow is missing as well as the execution.
7.72 sec

1:06:55: Big Fred is exhausted and drops the hammer after killing his opponent.
4.64 sec

1:24:01: The beginning of the dog attack is missing.
1,72 sec.

1:34:24: A short moment is missing because Chinese people should not see Broomhilda’s nipple.
0,64 sec.

1:34:30: Once again a view was shortened so that one can't see her breast.
1,64 sec.

2:04:53: Short flashback to D'Artagnan's death by the dogs.
0,72 sec.

2:04:56: Again.
0.64 sec

2:05:09: Again.
1.52 sec

2:11:32: A few frames are missing as Dr. King Schultz is thrown back by the impact of the bullets.
0.36 sec.

2:11:47: Candie's lawyer is also hit in the Chinese version, but the shot has been shortened in order to omit the whole bloody ordeal.
0.52 sec.

2:11:49: It’s completely missing how Django shoots the guy in the hallway.
2.68 sec

2:11:54: The guy at the top of the stairs is hit, but how he swirls around and starts his fall on the stairs has been removed.
1.24 sec

2:12:05: Django shoots three men at the front door.
1.8 sec

2:12:23: One of Candie's men accidentally shoots a colleague in the knee.
4.6 sec

2:12:32: The already dead henchman is hit by bullets and Django takes cover.
2,04 sec.

2:12:39: Corpses are hit again.
5.16 sec.

2:12:51: Django hits the guy with the injured knee in the leg once more. The guy screams in pain. In return, the corpse in front of Django is hit by bullets.
9.4 sec

2:13:02: Another bullet hits the corpse, Django counters with a head shot.
3.76 sec.

2:13:06: Shot in corpse.
1.52 sec.

2:13:16: And the corpse in front of Django gets another hit.
3,76 sec.

2:13:21: The two slaves are shot by the men that enter the building.
0,84 sec.

2:13:24: Django shoots three men.
3.16 sec

2:13:29: Two more are shot dead.
1.76 sec.

2:13:37: Shots into a body and a deliberate shot of Django into the arm of an adversary are missing.
8.44 sec

2:13:47: Django’s cover gets several bloody hits. Django also manages to shoot an opponent.
8.12 sec.

2:14:00: The bodies around Django are shot.
2,44 sec.

2:17:30: A view of Django hanging upside down is missing because you can see his privates there.
6,08 sec.

2:19:02: Billy counts to three before he tries to emasculate Django.
8.56 sec

2:19:32: Billy looks at Django’s genital area and says how disappointing that is. Whether he means the privates or the forbidden castration is not quite clear.
6,28 sec.

2:19:40: He's leaving Django.
5.04 sec.

2:20:05: Probably also because the camera angle is filming between the legs of Django, the beginning of Stephen's monologue about the different ways of killing him was shortened. Maybe also because he talks about the fact that most people bleed and die after seven minutes of castration.
47.52 sec.

2:32:21: Bloody chest hits.
0.6 sec

2:32:27: The guy in pyjamas is shot, the naked guy from the bathtub is shot in the crown jewels.
1 sec.

2:36:46: Billy and his colleague are hit by bullets.
0.8 sec