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  • BBFC 12
  • Uncut
Release: Dec 18, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut UK Blu-ray from Warner Bros. Home Video and the uncut German 4K UHD from Warner Bros. Home Video.

- One cut
- Duration: 9.3 sec

A lot of hope was pinned on Christopher Nolan's Tenet in the Corona-plagued year of 2020. As pretty much the only truly big blockbuster to flicker across the big screen this summer, various studios were naturally eyeing the box office results it would generate. The Sci-Fi actioner left many viewers a bit confused, but with its impressive imagery it is of course still worth at least a look for most film enthusiasts. There is some dispute as to whether the film can ultimately be considered a success: Especially in the U.S., the revenues fell short of expectations, but internationally the numbers were better. The costs of over 200 million US dollars were ultimately offset by revenues of around 356 million US dollars. As a result, many other studio titles were postponed for the time being and then partly outsourced entirely to VOD providers (as Warner did with HBO Max).

Efforts were also made in some places to achieve a rating that would allow for a broader audience. In Germany the film was rated FSK 12 while American audiences got to see it with a PG-13 rating - in both instances without any censorship. In the UK, there was also a push for a "12" release, but the BBFC did not approve it without recommending cuts. The committee wasn't amused by a scene in which a woman is kicked and generally humiliated by a male adversary. The BBFC suggested to the distributor that it would get a "15" rating and without further ado, the scene was removed for the final theatrical review.

For the homevideo premiere in the UK, which has been available since December 14, 2020, there is only this censored British theatrical version on 4K UHD, Blu-ray as well as DVD. This is also remarkable in that Warner has otherwise once again created a "world disc" at least as 4K UHD here. The releases in the US, for example, also contain a German soundtrack. Only in the UK we have the special case of a censored edition. The film is still watchable even with this one short cut, the scene is only robbed of some intensity. Still, of course, a bland aftertaste remains.

Timecodes arranged according to the scheme
British Blu-ray / German 4K UHD
72:34 / 72:34-72:43

After spitting in Kat's face, Andrei (Kenneth Branagh) is seen again. He kicks her and screams loudly. She whimpers and he threatens her a bit further by letting his foot circle over her head.

9,3 sec