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The Taking Of Deborah Logan


Cursed Films

Mikey: Collector's Edition

Golden Years

1.08 The Final Blow


  • Movie Version
  • TV Version
Release: Mar 07, 2016 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the cut US DVD by Artisan Entertainment (Not Rated / Movie Version) and the uncut German DVD by Paramount Home Entertainment (FSK 16 / TV Version).

The differences:

9 cuts = 10 minutes and 29 seconds.

In an experimental laboratory, janitor Harlan Williams gets contaminated by mysterious chemicals set free by an explosion. Due to radiation, he slowly mutates in a mysterious way. The government intends to figure out what happened to Harlan at any cost so they assign their best and most cold-blooded agent. Harlan, his wife Gina and the wonderful and young head of security Terry are in grave danger. They run from the brutal killer while Toddhunter, head of science and a totally obsessed professor, keeps experimenting. He intends to finish his secret object successfully, no matter what the cost.

The miniseries produced for US TV is based on an idea by Stephen King who also wrote most parts of the screenplay. All in all, 7 episodes with a total length of more than 6 hours were produced (among them a two-part episode). The ratings were not exactly satisfying though and they got lower with every episode. For that reason, the decision not to continue the show - as originally planned - was made. Unfortunately, the last episode ended with a cliffhanger because further were originally planned - as already mentioned. For the VHS and DVD release, a second alternate ending that ends the story was shot. Also, the running time of more than 6 hours was lowered to almost 4 hours in order to release it as a feature film. Apparently, the studio did not want to "torture" the audience with a feature film longer than 6 hours one more time. As for the actors, there are some quite familiar faces in Golden Years - such as Frances Sternhagen, Ed Lauter and R.D. Call. Especially fans of The X-Files should not be oblivious to the last two actors.

The Movie Version with a lack of story elements and an actual ending is available on VHS and DVD worldwide. In the Netherlands, the longer TV Version has been released on DVD by Video/FilmExpress. In Germany, it has been released on DVD by Paramount Home Entertainment. It is doubtful that the cliffhanger ending from the TV Version is available in the bonus features somewhere...
4 Min
Moreland gets out of the plane and talks nonsense. He then gets back inside and closes the door.
58 sec

8 Min
Toddhunter's conversation is longer:

Toddhunter: Come with we!
Billy: But I'm supposed to do your floors!
Toddhunter: Billy... Do you mind if I call you "Billy"?
Billy: No!
Toddhunter: Do you want to be a janitor all your life?
Billy: Heck, no! That's why I'm taking the home study course in taxidermy!
Toddhunter: How would you like to be my assistant?
22 sec

10 Min
Moreland says goodbye to the two agents and goes back inside with the tray.

Then Toddhunter experimenting at the lab.
Toddhunter: All right Billy! On my count of three, we turn the key at the same time! God that?
Billy: Got it! On three! Your count! Turn key!
Toddhunter: All right! Are you ready? One... Two...
Billy: Do we turn the key...on three, or right after you say it?
Toddhunter: On three! When I say it! Get it?
Billy: Which way do I turn the key?
Toddhunter (mittlerweile genervt): To the right!
Billy keeps acting dumb and it takes a few more attempts and explanations until Billy manages to twist the key in the right direction at the right time. At the end, Toddhunter loses it and yells at Bily. Not until then, Billy does it right. Toddhunter compliments him for that.
1 min 46 sec

12 Min
Toddhunter: All right, Billy! Are you ready?Billy: Yes, Sir!
Toddhunter: All you have to do is push this down on my signal! Got it?
Billy: Dr. Toddhunter, I feel like something's going to happen!
Toddhunter: Something is going to happen, my boy! A scientific breakthrough!
Billy: Well, I meant something bad!
Toddhunter: Why? You have nothing to fear, my boy! Nothing at all! It's just the excitement you feel!
Billy: You think so?
Toddhunter: Absolutely! Not a doubt in my mind! You're excited! Excited and determined to do your best! Excited! Excited and determined! Excited! You're excited and determined to do your best! Excited and determined!
Toddhunter rushes into the experiment room with the clock on the table. He then makes the clock disappear.
1 min 19 sec

15 Min
Toddhunter and Billy are thrilled to bit that the clock has vanished. Then a shot of the empty the clock disappeared from.

Gina is in her chair, listening to music. Harlan shows up.
Harlan: Gina, I've been looking for you! Everything all right?
Gina: Yeah! I've been looking for my programme! It's on now!
Harlan: I think it's on now in Falco Plains, but... I don't think they carry it in Chicago! Let me try!
He plays with a radio and picks a song.
Harlan: There! That's probably it! You know, whenever I hear this song I think of that night in Baltimore! We danced till 3 in the morning! Remember?
Gina: Of course, I remember!
Harlan: Dance with me, Gina!
Gina: Harl, I don't feel like it now!
Harlan: If you're worried about Francie, don't be! We'll see her in a few days! It's better she's safe in Wisconsin! Now come on, Gina! Dance with me? It'll make you feel better!
Gina: Harl...
Harlan: It'll make me feel better, to!
Gina and Harlan start dancing. While doing so, Harlan keeps flattering her.
2 min 59 sec

22 Min
Before their operation, the undercover cops provide themselves with weapons by using different methods. Other cops got in position on the rooftops.
1 min 17 sec

29 Min
An undercover cop unloads several gardening tools from the back of his car. He gets out an Uzi and hides it in the catch tray of the lawnmower he then uses to drive away. Trips is also there and watches him leave.
35 sec

32 Min
Andrews rushes into the room. He angrily asks about Moreland's whereabouts because he had just been sitting at the table. Burton shows up. Andrews grabs him and yells: You don't get strike one, two or three on this one! You're out! They leave the room fast to get to Moreland who is outside.
15 sec

36 Min
Andrews is smoking in front of the surrounded house where Terry, Harlan and the others have barricaded up. He then uses the megaphone: Keep the fire trucks back till the old man's out of the house and safe!
Subsequently, he tells the Police Captain to lock down the entire block. The cops spread out.
Then Andrews with the megaphone again: This is your last chance! Come on out!
We are inside the house now. All hell breaks loose, people are running around in panic. Some put out smaller fires. A man is out of luck and gets in contact with the flames. He set himself on fire and runs around screaming.
58 sec