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Release: Aug 06, 2008 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
If one wants to tell the history of Alfred Hitchcocks "Psycho", one also has to tell the history of censorship in America. In the year 1960, when Hollywoods hands were tied by the strictly regularized Hays-Code, Alfred Hitchcock had to oblige to the censors, when he wanted to show a film an the big screen. The censors, however, only objected to the shower scene, because allegedly Janet Leighs breast was visible (despite the fact that she never were naked while shooting). After seven days, Hitchcock showed the censors a version that was not cut in any way and the film was released in the cinemas - uncut and in the same verion we are able to see on TV from time to time.
Norman Bates monitors Marion through the hole a bit longer. She takes off her bra, followed by another shot of Normans face in a close up. After that, we see Marion again, taking the bra off completely.
5,0 Sec.

After Norman Bates has carried Marions body out of the bathroom, the shot of him looking at his bloody hands is a bit longer.
0,72 Sec.

After the cut above different footage has been used for both versions. The R-Rated is less explicit and also shorter.

Uncut Version:
  • Normans bloody hands (see cut above)
  • Norman in a close up. He walks towards the bathroom. (Alternative footage)
  • Normans bloody hands in a close up
  • Cut to the bathroom: Again we see Normans hands in a close up. he walks to the faucet and washes his hands.


R-Rated Version:
  • Normans bloody hands
  • Norman in a close up. We see him walkng towards and entering the bathroom.
  • Norman washes his hands.

Duration of the R-Rated scene: 13,08 Sec.
Duration of the Uncut scene: 19,88 Sec.
Differenz: 6,8 Sec.


For the german edit, the letter that the man is writing at his desk has been replaced by a german translation. This german version is also on screen a bit longer. The following shot of the man at the desk is, at the beginning of the shot, 8 frames longer as well.
0,8 Sec.
Cut version left, uncut right.

After Arbogast has fallen down the stairs an Norman, dressed as his mother, stabs him in the the Off, the uncut version contains two more stabs before the scene blends away.

Note: Right here we also have a change of film-reels. We don't know whether the scene is shorter due to the reel change or due to censorship. It is possible that both is the case.
5,04 Sec.