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  • ITV 4 (UK)
  • Uncut
Release: Sep 10, 2021 - Author: TonyJaa - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the shortened ITV 4 evening broadcast of 27.10.2020 (20:00) and the uncut Blu-ray.


With a total of 27 cuts (+ opening logos/credits), 241.52 seconds (= 04:02 min.) are missing.

The runtime information has been taken from the uncut Blu-ray, the specified length per cut and in total, however, is reflected in PAL.

00:00 min.
The "MGM lion" as well as the "United Artists" logo are missing at the beginning.
26:20 sec.

02:37 min.
For some unknown reason, the beginning of the shot was cut here.
1.80 sec.

23:26 min.
Completely cut is the scene in which Xenia and Admiral Farrell are enjoying themselves in a rather animalistic manner in the latter's cabin, and then she cuts off his air to the death by means of leg scissors.
55.44 sec.

26:08 min
Admiral Farrell's body is seen again in a closer shot.
1.16 sec.

33:33 min.
After shooting the soldiers, Xenia also points her machine gun at various employees of the station and shoots them in cold blood. Cut back to Natalya in the kitchen, then Xenia again groaning loudly at gunpoint. Gen. Ourumov looks horrified. Both now go to the control computer of Goldeneye, the corpses of the employees are visible in the foreground.
21.84 sec.

40:11 min
The interior of the station explodes in an additional shot.
1.08 sec.

40:17 min.
Natalya screaming in terror has been cut short here at the end of the shot.
0.64 sec.

40:40 min.
The pilot is electrified a little longer in his cockpit.
2.24 sec.

41:07 min.
Natalya startles up from her hiding place under the stairs a bit earlier due to an explosion behind her.
2.00 sec.

47:19 min.
Bond is allowed to drink from his glass a little longer at the end of the shot, then M a moment earlier. She adds that if Bond thought she didn't have enough guts to send a man to his death, his instincts would have fooled him.
5.64 sec.

54:50 min.
Jack makes a snide remark about his car and then asks Bond if he knows anything about gardens.
5:36 sec.

01:01:02 min
Irina raises her arm insultingly towards Valentin after he had asked her quite harshly to stop singing.
1:12 sec.

01:04:43 min.
Xenia says Bond wouldn't need his gun. He counters it depends on what she would mean by "safe sex". She now throws herself at the agent. He lets her and throws his towel and gun on the adjacent bench. However, when she bites his lip bloody, he pushes her away, which she rewards with an animalistic moan.

Bond now wants to reach for his gun again, but Xenia is faster and sends him and also herself towards the ground by means of a leg scissors. Bond could not hurt her. Unimpressed, he gets up again, but Xenia is faster. She grabs him, throws him onto the bench and applies her clamp/leg scissors hold. The agent abruptly loses his breath and tries to break free.

He gets up with her and runs into the nearest wall. But Xenia only moans all the more lustfully. The opposite walls are now up before Bond sets her on the hot sauna stones and releases himself from the clamp hold. Along the way, he grabs the water trough and knocks down an approaching baddie with it before he brings Xenia to the ground with a shoulder throw and reaches for his weapon again. He finishes "the foreplay" and loads the hammer of his gun before the ITV version also resumes.
86.32 sec.

01:06:15 min
The end of the shot of Xenia and with it an insulting remark towards Bond was censored.
1:00 sec.

01:17:44 min.
Bond hits the soldier twice and then knocks him out with the butt of his rifle.
2:00 sec.

01:18:01 min
Bond shoots more approaching soldiers around him.
10:76 sec.

01:22:14 min
Gen. Ourumov orders to step on the gas more. As a result, several passers-by are now also run over, or at least hit.
5:84 sec.

01:43:24 min
Bond on the ground, then Xenia following up with another hard kick with a running start.
5.08 sec.

01:43:38 min.
Xenia licks Bond across the face and moans out.
0.96 sec.

01:43:40 min.
Xenia applies much more pressure to the leg scissors. Bond, meanwhile, is getting less and less air.
5.48 sec.

01:43:51 min
Again briefly Xenia who groans and again puts more pressure on the leg scissors.
0.80 sec.

01:43:57 min.
Xenia gives Natalya a hard headbutt that sends her crashing to the floor.
1.88 sec.

01:44:11 min
Xenia is seen in an additional, back shot pressed against the fork of the tree. Then again the crashing helicopter.
2:80 sec.

01:56:17 min.
A soldier falls through a pane of glass on fire, two cronies down a flight of stairs on fire.
2:16 sec.

01:59:55 min
Alec gives Bond one fist punch and one knee punch to the face.
2:28 sec.

02:00:04 min
Now it's a headbutt that had to give way. Moreover, Bond is grabbed a bit earlier and thrown against the metal beam.
2:72 sec

02:00:12 min
Part of the duel, where Alec is allowed to take a bit more this time, is almost completely missing.
11.92 sec.

02:02:39 min
Bond gives Alec another headbutt before kicking him off, which is included on ITV again.
1:20 sec.

02:06:38 min
ITV does show the credits, but played much faster.
Length ITV version: 109.40 sec.
Length Blu-ray: 193.32 sec.
Difference: 83.92 sec.