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Urotsukidoji - Legend of the Overfiend

original title: ChŰjin densetsu UrotsukidŰji


  • International Movie Version
  • OVA Version
Release: Oct 14, 2012 - Author: Forrest - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US DVD from the Hell on Earth-Box released by Central Park Media and the original OVA 1-3 Version, taken from the German DVD released by OVA 18 / Manga Video (=identical to the US Perfect Collection).


The Urotsukidoji series is probably one of the classics of the so-called Hentai-Anime genre, i.e. animes with pornographic scenes. Several hardcore sex scenes were included in the Urotsukidoji movies, however, mostly they are important for the plot or fittingly included in the story; only in the last 2 parts they seem to be rather self purpose than stylistic device. These sex scenes are surrounded by a sophisticated and thrilling - one could even say epic - story, that will stir anime-fans' blood. Additionally, Urotsukidoji was created by Toshio Maeda, one of the pioneers of the "animated tentacle sex".

Also, Urotsukidoji was more violent than anything that you could see in the anime genre back then. There's a lot of blood, exploding bodies, guts flying around, as well as physical and psychological violence (mostly after sexual intercourse). All parts of the series (even though some of them are up to 25 years old) are drawn very well and underline the extreme depiction of action, sex, and violence.


Under the title of Urotsukidoji - Legend of the Overfiend the US Perfect Collection includes the first three OVA parts (Original Video Animation) of the series in their original version. The anime itself consists of several parts and therefore has a sort of TV-series-feeling to it. The original Japanese version also includes hardcore-elements which were already blurred. Regarding these scenes, there doesn't exist any version of Urotsukidoji - Legend of the Overfiend worldwide that is completely uncensored.

Beside the original OVA version an international movie version does exist. This version is very common too and has been used e.g. for the US Hell on Earth Box. For this version, the producers took the three parts of the original version and cut them together into one movie with English dubbing. Many sex scenes were cut out completely. Overall, the movie version misses out on roughly half an hour of footage. The differences do not only concern scenes that were cut out but also some scenes that were altered (e.g. a smaller image section or the retouching of a person). Additionally, the movie version lacks ANY of the hardcore sex scenes' details (genitals, breasts, you name it) even though they were blurred. Plus they midway through the movie decided to alter the order of the scenes which will be mentioned further during the actual report. Despite the huge difference in time, many fans rarely refer to it as a censored version but rather call it an alternative version. It has also to be highlighted that the movie version includes short plot sequences that are not included in the original OVA versions (=Perfect Collection), thus making the movie version an interesting alternative to watch (despite all the censorship and cuts).
These additional scenes will be highlighted in this color throughout the report.

A comparison of both mediums revealed that the UK VHS as well as the UK DVD (despite a few master damages) are based on the international movie version. However, for the UK release the movie was cut even further. This means that the UK version not only misses out on the scenes of the OVA that were cut out for the international movie version (which you will see throughout the report) but also on some of the scenes that made exclusively it into the movie version. There will be a separate report for these differences. The cuts from the UK version solely concern scenes with sexual content/references (even some of the scenes that were only included in the US version). Therefore, the UK DVD is a cut version of the international version.

Regarding the second Part of the Franchise (UrotsukidŰji - Legend of the Demon Womb), a movie version does exists too. Like with the first part, the original OVA versions were cut together to stand as a feature length movie (with this time OVA 4+5 cut together). Surprisingly the movie version of part two is not censored or cut in any way. It is completely uncut. Furthermore, the scenes which had to be blurred for the original Japanese (OVA) release were redrawn here. Though the redrawn scenes aren't as detailed as the original ones, this is a much better alternative and makes the movie version of part two the most complete version. Therefore, this will be mentioned in a separate article.

Runtimes and Differences:

OVA 1: 36:56 (35:07 without credits)
OVA 2: 57:55 (55:37 without credits)
OVA 3: 46:13 (42:41 without credits)
Sum: 141:04 (133:25 without epilogue & credits)

US DVD: 105:03 (101:35 without epilogue & credits)
Both versions run at the exact same speed.

Difference without credits: 31:50 min.

177 differences:
125 cuts.
12 scenes with altered material where the OVA version is longer.
11 scenes with altered material without any difference in time.
10 scenes that were shortened for the US version.
5 scenes that were re-included in the US version, resulting in no difference in time.
8 scenes where the US version is slightly longer.
6 additional scenes in the US version.
= 31:38 min.

The rest of the difference in time results from cuts that take out less than 5 frames of footage (any of these cuts had to be ignored) was well as roundings for the difference in time of the individual cuts.

Conclusion and Buy Recommendation:

Among all the different versions the original version (e.g. on the US Perfect Collection) is clearly the one to pick. Not only is it more than half an hour longer than the international movie version but it also includes more sex, violence and (of course) story. The fact that the movie version includes 6 short sequences that can only be found here plus the better image quality of the US Hell on Earth Box at least makes the movie version an interesting choice for fans (or for those who are unable to speak Japanese and donít want to read subtitles). While these 2 versions can be called alternative versions, the UK version definitively is a cut/censored version (based on the movie version) and thus is not recommended.
Time Designation: International Movie Version (US DVD) / OVA Version (German DVD)

In the OVA version we at first see the name of the production company. The movie version shows a short black screen.
9.88 sec.


US DVD: 71.7 sec.
OVA Version: 96.22 sec.

In the movie version an announcer reads out the introduction. In the OVA version we see Japanese letters and the announcer reads them out in Japanese. However, there are subtitles. The intro of the OVA version is 24 seconds longer.
24.52 sec.

Movie VersionOVA Version

In the movie version the title is shown in English with a slightly different background. The OVA Version (which is equal to the Japanese version) shows the title in Japanese letters.
No difference in time.

Movie VersionOVA Version

The pillar with the Japanese letters is shown a little earlier in the OVA version. Additionally the movie version offers an additional lettering that says "Myoin University". Besides that, the letters on the pillar are slightly different.
0.21 sec.

Movie VersionOVA Version

Nagumo watches the girls taking their clothes off.
4.17 sec.

The movie version shows exactly the same scene, only a little later.
+4.17 sec.

The end of the shot of Akemi walking through the locker room was cut out.
0.54 sec.

Nagumo watches Akemi through the door crack. The camera pans top-down Akemi's body. Then we see Nagumo masturbating.
10.14 sec.

The end of the scene where the girls are screaming as well as the beginning of following the shot of Amano are longer in the original OVA version.
1.71 sec.

At this point there's a mssing shot of Amano...
2.5 sec.

... which was inserted a little later in the movie version.
+2.5 sec.

Amano watches Nagumo and Ozaki a little longer.
0.5 sec.

You see Akemi a little longer walking behind Miss Togami.
0.92 sec.

Inside the teacher's room Akemi is shown slightly longer.
0.67 sec.

Miss Togami rubs Akemi's private parts.
1.96 sec.

Miss Togami rubs Akemi's breasts a little longer and then touches her pubic area.
4.67 sec.


Movie Version: 3.84 sec.
OVA Version: 6.97 sec.

The teacher performs oral sex on Akemi. In the movie version you only see Akemi's face while in the OVA version you see Miss Togami's head between Akemi's legs. Additionally, the OVA version is longer.
3.13 sec.

Movie VersionOVA Version

Amano and Nagumo are shown a little longer.
0.79 sec.

At the beginning of the scene where Miss Togami rubs her fingers at Akemi's pubic area was cut out of the movie version
1.84 sec.

Miss Togami stimulates Akemi with her fingers. In the OVA version the pubic area was blurred.
4.21 sec.

In the OVA version the tentacle moves towards Akemi a little longer. Then it penetrates Akemi. The following shot (where you again see the tentacles) was cut out of the movie version, too.
2.34 sec.

The last 4 frames of the tentacles are only shown on the movie version. In return, the movie version misses out on the first 9 frames of the following shot of Akemi's face. (No pictures for this cut)
0.21 sec.

The tentacle again penetrates Akemi.
0.58 sec.

A close-up shot of the tentacle inside Akemi's vagina. She grabs the tentacle and tries to pull it out.
3 sec.

Subsequently the shot of Akemi was changed for the movie version. The image was zoomed so that you don't see her pubic area.
No difference in time.

Movie VersionOVA Version

The tracking shot of Akemi's body (when the tentacle continues to penetrate her) begins later in the movie version - it starts when her pubic area is no longer visible.
2.25 sec.

Again, the image saction was changed so that you don't see Akemi's private parts. Akemi is attacked by some more tentacles.
No difference in time.

Movie VersionOVA Version

The tentacles continue to rape Akemi. You see the tentacles penetrating her. Then they pick her up.
13.51 sec.

You see some more scenes of the rape. There's a close-up shot of the tentacles inside her vagina. Soon, the tentacles squirt out some pink glooming secretion. Then it continues to penetrate Akemi.
7.59 sec.

The end of the shot of Akemi (covered in the pink stuff) was cut out of the movie version.
2.09 sec.


Movie Version: 3.54 sec.
OVA Version: 7 sec.

The beginning of the tracking shot of Akemi's body was cut out. The small tentacles still hold her tight and the big tentacle is still inside her. When the US version starts this scene, the image is zoomed so that you don't see her private parts. The last 9 frames of this sequence are not included on the US DVD.
3.46 sec.

Movie VersionOVA Version

The demon bites Amano's arm a little longer before she's able to get him off.
0.42 sec.

Amano is shown longer when he shoots engery beams at the demon.
0.58 sec.

The beginning of the shot of Amano is longer in the OVA Version.
2.46 sec.

Amano and Megumi are shown a little longer on the spotlights of the stadium.
0.5 sec.

The young topless woman kneels in front of Ozaki and moves on his crotch.
7.8 sec.

The previous scene was now included in the movie version. However, it's shorter and the image section was altered so that you mostly just see the woman's face.
+2.67 sec.

Subsequent to the previous scene the 2 versions differ again. In the movie version, a woman was retouched who in the OVA version lolls on the guy's crotch. Additionally, Kuroko in the OVA Version moves his arm and masturbates while watching the people. In the movie version his arm doesn't move.
No difference in time.

Movie VersionOVA Version

The scene, where Megumi crawls through the bushes and then watches Nagumo and Akemi is shown earlier in the movie version.
+13.14 sec.

Akemi is shown longer. In the OVA version we then see Megumi. The following shot of Akemi is a little longer, too.
16.31 sec.

When Nagumo takes Akemi's hand, the following shot of the OVA version begins a little earlier.
0.71 sec.

The end of the shot is longer, too.
0.29 sec.


Movie Version: 5.5 sec.
OVA Version: 8.13 sec.

When Akemi and Nagumo kiss, the OVA Version at first fades to a shot of the city. The movie version shows the shot of a building which was already shown earlier in the movie. The OVA version is slightly longer.
2.62 sec.

Movie VersionOVA Version

During the shot of the sex scene through the window, the movie version is blurred. Note that this has nothing to do with the blurring of the original OVA Version (see introduction).
No difference in time.

Movie VersionOVA Version

While the camera pans top-down, the movie version cuts away. You don't see Ozaki rubbing his hands in the woman's panties to please her.
6.55 sec.

Ozaki rubs the woman's breasts a little longer. Then you see them having sex.
10.18 sec.

The image section of the shot of Ozaki and the three women was altered so that we can only rudimentarily see the woman's behind on his lap.
No difference in time.

Movie VersionOVA Version

The demon who's facing Ozaki is shown slightly longer.
0.42 sec.

When Ozaki screams, the OVA Version fades to a shot of the city. Then you see Nagumo and Akemi kissing in the park. Megumi watches them. A man apprears behind her and pulls her panties. She kicks him in the face. Then the OVA version cuts to Ozaki (this is where the US version continues).
36.87 sec.

Ozaki's feet are shown a little longer when he walks up the wentletrap. Subsequently the movie version misses out on a tracking shot of the wentletrap (the camera moves upwards).
4.04 sec.

The flashing light is shown from a distance.
0.75 sec.

We see the smaller monster. Subsequently you see the monster which sucked up Ozaki.
5.96 sec.

The claws which ripped through the monster's stomach from the inside are shown a little longer.
1.17 sec.

At the end of the shot we see the white-haired monster on the arm of the other one. The beginning of the next shot (the white-haired monster's head delivering itself out of the other one's body) is missing, too.
0.43 sec.

The first 6 frames of the tracking shot of the monster's body (the camer a moves upwards) are missing.
0.25 sec.

The little monster jumps away. At the end of this and the beginning of the following shot the movie version misses out on 9 frames.
0.48 sec.

The shot of the mosnter which flies at the other monster starts a little earlier in the OVA version.
0.63 sec.

The monster is shown longer.
1.12 sec.

The floor (which the white-haired monster falls onto) is shown a little earlier in the OVA version.
0.42 sec.

When the monster flies at his opponent, this is shown a little earlier.
0.42 sec.

Another shot of this is shown earlier, too.
0.88 sec.

The monster is shown earlier.
0.43 sec.

While the monster burns and transforms back into Ozaki there's a missing cut to his eye.
4.71 sec.

At this point we see the scene of Megumi and the pervert which previously was cut out. (+18.18 sec.)
Still, the scene where Nagumo pleases Akemi with his fingers is missing. Megumi watches them and masturbates. Subsequently we see Negumo and Akemi again - his hand is inside her panties. (18.52sec.)
0.43 sec.

Movie VersionOVA Version

In the OVA version Megumi skims over Nagumo's crotche before she opens the zipper of his pants.
2.47 sec.

Megumi touches Nagumo's penis inside his pants a little longer.
3.79 sec.

After Nagumo was run over, the shots of the city as well as the ambulance (shown from a bird's-eye view) were cut out.
6 sec.

In the movie version we now see a black screen. You hear the nurse screaming. (2.88 sec.)
In the OVA Version you see Nagumo/Chojin grabbing the nurse and forcing her to perform oral sex on him. (4.5 sec.) It seems as if this scene was not blurred, however, you can't really see anything anyways.
1.62 sec.

When Nagumo ejaculates, in the movie version one can only see the sperm - the rest of the screen is black. In the OVA version you see the nurse, however, the penis was blurred.
No difference in time.

Movie VersionOVA Version

Chojin penetrates the nurse's vagina in an explicit close-up shot.
1.17 sec.

The sex between Chojin and the nurse goes on. At first we see Chojin from behind and then a detailed close-up shot of him penetrating the woman.
6.44 sec.

Some more explicit shots were cut out of the movie version.
2.25 sec.

While Chojin transforms he's shown a little longer.
1.29 sec.

The building's wall is shown a little earlier before huge penisses break through it.
1.92 sec.

A man tries to get hold on Megumi a little longer while he's dragged away by the penis.
0.58 sec.

The shot of the city is shown a little longer before the scene fades to black. Then follow the end credits of the first part.
111.11 sec.

End of OVA 1

Sum of the cuts in OVA 1 (not including the credits) = 330.78 sec. (219.67 sec.) / Difference in time (not including the credits) = 221.58 sec.
The rest of the difference in time results from cuts that are shorter than 5 frames and thus had to be ignored for this report.


Movie Version

After the end of the first OVA you only in the movie version see a longer sequence. Suikakujo talks to his minions/monsters.
+85.29 sec.

OVA Version

At the beginning of the second OVA the original version again shows the prologue. Subsequently, there's a short summary of the events of the first part.
271.81 sec. = 4 min. 32 sec.

Then we see a black and white sequence which takes place in Tokyo in 1923. While a younger man runs through a field we see a man and a woman having sex. Again, there are some explicit sex scenes of the man penetrating the woman. After a few external shots the young man arrives at the huge building. Cut to a detailed scene of the two persons having sex. The woman begins to float and the young man enters the room. The woman says that he's too late - then she disappears. The man says that this is the end of Tokyo and Chojin. The young man gazes after the woman. Then we see the city being destroyed. The young man destroys the building with an energy field.
Then follows the title screen for the second part. Subsequently the image zooms out and we see that it was projected onto the wall of a classroom.
253.75 sec. = 4 min. 14 sec.

Summe: 8 min. 46 sec.

Difference in comparison to the movie version: 7 min. 21 sec.

Niki is shown a little longer sitting on a school desk.
1.08 sec.

The end of the shot of Niki ahead of the scene change is longer, too.
2.17 sec.

Extended shot of Nicky and the young woman.
0.63 sec


Movie Version

The movie version contains an additional shot of Nagumo and Akemi while Amano mentions both of them had to come with him. Being confused, they look at Amano first, then at each other.
+2.13 sec


OVA Version

The OVA Version is more than 9 Ĺ min longer here.
In the OVA Version, Amano says he wanted to introduce his sister and it was her Nagumo and Akemi had seen at the park. Nagumo laughs shyly and Akemi makes an angry face.

Now a shot of a monster having sex with Megumi while being watched by Akemi and Nagumo, followed by further sex scenes of Megumi and the monster. Having reached the climax, Meguli starts glowing and the monster drops dead. Megumi is obviously satisfied and mentions her brother had been watching. She suggests to take Nagumo and Akemi to Choro in Jujinkai.

Change of scenery to an orgy. Niki shyly stands at the window. The young woman she was with earlier offers herself to him. But when he intends to satisfy her orally, she pushes him away and says he should lick her foot. Niki gets angry and suddenly anyone in the room gets torn to pieces. A monsters appears and says he accomplished his desire to kill them all. They are all very well aware that Niki wants to kill Akemi and Nagumo. The monster tosses a severed penis to him. The monsters vanish and leave Niki back cringed.

Another change of scenery. First a shot of the city, then a tracking shot of a house. Niki gets beaten up by his dad. His mom comes in to support her violent husband. The father drags Niki away and the beating continues offscreen. Then a stop down to a black screen and finally the following scene. Niki regains consciousness. He hears the monsterís voice and reaches for a hatchet. First he hesitates but then he chops off his penis.

Shot of Amano & Co. flying in the sky after a change of scenery. Amano carries Akemi and Kuroko Nagumo. Suddenly Kuroko drops Nagumo because Kuroko is POed, Megumi gets after him to save him. After Amano said they were almost there, the movie version continues as well.

Difference: 9 min. 34 sec

Additional shot of the clouds in the OVA Version plus extended beginning of the following scene.
12.64 sec

The environment is colored differently in the following scenes in Jujinkai. Furthermore the movie version contains an alternate shot of Jujinkai.
no difference

Movie VersionOVA Version

The shot of Niki has been re-insert in the movie version here starting with the woman holds out her foot to him (4 screens as illustration). The sex scenes of the woman at the beginning are missing. Another aspect is the missing image that turns bloody-red during the massacre.

Narrowed image section in the movie version when the monster tosses the penis to Niki so that the viewer never sees the entire penis.

Movie Version OVA Version

The movie version lackst the entire shot of the penis in Nikiís hands and the shot of the city (only the OVA Version contains that footage).

Now the scene with Niki and his trashing dad in the movie version, then the shot of Niki severing his penis. But the movie version lacks the shot of Niki being told by the monsters to sever his penis. (screens from the movie version as illustration)

+258.92 sec = +4 min. 19 sec

Extended shot of Choro. The beginning of the following scene is also missing.
2.75 sec

The white image during the change of scenery is longer in the OVA Version. Then a shot of some people assembling in the yard.
7.09 sec

Extended shot of one of the guys that knocked Niki down. Then a tracking shot to the top and a man with three women pop up.
3.84 sec

The end of the shot of the man plus the following shot of Niki are missing in the movie version.
0.54 sec

After Niki jumped up, the movie version lacks some frames until he kicks the man in the face.
1.13 sec

The OVA Version contains two shots zooming out from the screaming womanís face. The first one is missing in the movie version.
0.62 sec

Extended shot of Niki, Nagumo aund Akemi facing each other.
1.04 sec

Extended shot of Niki dragging Akemi over plus longer beginning of the following shot in the OVA Version.
1.96 sec

During the zoom to Nagumo the movie version misses out on a few frames.
0.46 sec.

Shortly after the beginning of the scenes where the women start to pleasure Niki, the movie version cuts to the next scene. The three women please him a little longer; subsequently you see Niki grabbing one of the girls between the legs.
10.3 sec.

During the tracking shot of the screens the movie version cuts to the next scene. A few scenes of Niki having sex with the women in various positions are missing.
31.36 sec.

The end of the shot where the camera zooms to the picture was cut out of the movie version.
2.42 sec.

When Niki pulls the woman he mistakes for Akemi close to him, the image section is smaller in the movie version. Additionally, the OVA's version is longer.
3.5 sec.

Movie VersionOVA Version

Shortly after this shot the movie version cuts to the next scene while in the OVA version there's a longer sequence with a few scenes that evolve the plot further.
Niki stimulates Akemi's nipple; then he begins to glow and we see his penis starting to burn. The women disappear and Niki holds his penis which dissolves in his hands. He screams for help. On the screens we see the monsters who gave him the penis. They talk to him and then disappear.

After a scene change we see Nagumo and Akemi having sex. He pleases her. The scene where you see Akemi's pubic area was brightened up and slightly blurred. Megumi watches the two of them while masturbating. Again, we see Nagumo and Akemi. The shot where she puts his penis in her mouth again was brightened up. Nagumo climaxes on her face.

Suddenly, Niki breaks through the window and kidnaps Akemi. When he licks the sperm of her face he suddenly gets a huge penis. He asks Nagumo to come to Yamate if he ever wants to see Akemi again. Niki and Akemi disappear between the houses and Nagumo shouts after them.

241.45 sec. = 4 min. 1 sec.

When Amano meets Suikakujo, you now in the movie version see the flashback in Tokyo with Amano and Suikakujo and the city being destroyed. However, the scene was shortened and is shown in color. The movie version (among others) misses out on the following scenes: The beginning (where you see the date) where Amano runs through the fields is missing (in between the camera constantly cuts to Suikakujo and the woman). Of course, the hardcore sex scenes were cut out. The ending of the scene where you see the flood wave as well as the buildings collapsing is not shown. (The following images show the scenes that are missing.)
+102.14 sec.

Nagumo runs to his house. In his thoughts he hears Akemi shouting for him. When he arrives he sees that his apartment was vandalized. Inside the fridge and a container he finds 2 corpses. He wants to run away but the door opens and one of the monsters appears. Then we see a flashback of Chojin destroying the hospital. Then Amano transforms and a pillar made of heads breaks out of his body towards the monster. When the movie fades to the next scene, the movie version continues.
119.54 sec.

When Amano and Suikakujo fly through the air, we see the passersby a little longer.
0.5 sec.

Suikakujo's energy beam and the beginning of the following shot of Amano and Suikakujo are shown longer in the OVA version.
0.42 sec.

When Amano falls, the beginning of the tracking shot towards the street was cut out.
1 sec.

The persons inside the car Amano falls on are shown earlier.
1.17 sec.

At this point we now see the scene of Nagumo and Akemi having sex in the movie version. Then we see Niki kidnapping Akemi. However, the movie version of course misses out on the hardcore sex scenes. Among other things you don't see Nagumo performing oral sex on Akemi and Megumi watching it while masturbating. The following oral sex scene was cut out, too. (Again, the images show the missing scenes.)
+87.75 sec.

During the timespan 51:41-58:46/37:12-46:54 the two versions have a different order of scenes. Thus, the scenes are shortly described and there will be descriptions of missing/additional scenes in the movie version. Of course, there will be pictures for these scenes.
Still, it will be quite hard for external readers who are not familiar with both versions to keep track of the coherences of the scenes. At least this overview will give you the opportunity to see which scenes are missing in the respective versions.


Scene at the Buliding Site with Megumi, Niki, Akemi and Nagumo

The beginning of the tracking shot towards Megumi's face was cut out.
9.47 sec.

A shot of Nagumo was cut out.
3.5 sec.

Niki touches Akemi's private parts.
3.84 sec.

A missing additional shot of them facing each other.
3.59 sec.

Difference: 19.6 sec.

After Nagumo was buried under the steel beams, only the movie version shows a scene of Niki laughing out loud. Megumi and Kuroko look at the site in horror. Subsequently you see the field of rubble from above.
+11.14 sec.


Battle between Amano and Suikakujo

The beginning of the tracking shot towards Suikakujo was cut out.
0.83 sec.

The beginning of the explosion is missing.
1 sec.

A shot of Suikakujo's hair was cut out.
0.75 sec.

Suikakujo destroys the facade of the building.
2.34 sec.

Difference: 5.17 sec.


Niki and Akemi who Masturbates

In the movie version there's an additional shot of Niki. He tells Akemi to touch herself. Then we see Akemi crying. She tells Nagumo that she loves him. Then her hand slowly moves towards her private parts.
+16.77 sec.

The beginning of the shot where Akemi masturbates was cut out.
2.42 sec.

Now we see another shot of Akemi pleasuring herself. Niki watches her and gets aroused.
5.71 sec.

Difference: +8.5 sec.


Battle between Amano and Suikakujo

The people stand around the window and watch the battle. Then we see Suikakujo's hair.
8.21 sec.


Niki and Akemi at the Building Site

Only in the movie version we see Kuroko and Megumi watching Niki and Akemi having sex. When Megumi realizes that Kuroko gets aroused she hits him.
+16.43 sec.

Niki violently spreads Akemi's legs and she covers her private parts.
2.71 sec.

When Niki rapes Akemi the movie version shows an altered image section - you mostly see Akemi's face and her hips, thus you don't really see what Niki does. All the hardcore sex scenes were cut out.
26.32 sec.

Movie VersionOVA Version

Niki sprears Akemi's legs and penetrates her.
4.59 sec.

Niki remembers how Akemi used to be nice to her back in the days. He wipes the tears off her face.
15.68 sec.

Differenz: 32.82 sec.

After Niki was thrown into the little house at the building site you see him lying on the floor twitching.
2.5 sec.


Battle Between Amano and Suikakujo

The beginning of the shot of the energy beams by Amano and Suikakujo in front of the full moon is a little longer in the OVA version.
1.75 sec.

Amano is shown a little longer on top of the energy field. The next shot begins a little earlier, too.
3.09 sec.

Amano and Suikakujo are shown 11 frames longer in the movie version. (+0.46 sec.)
In return, the OVA version shows an additional shot of Amano. (1.96 sec.)
1.5 sec.

Movie VersionOVA Version

Difference: 6.55 sec.

Now you in the movie version see the scene of Nagumo and the monster inside the house with the 2 corpses. However, the beginning (where Nagumo runs to the house and we see the flashback of the destruction of the hospital) is missing. (Images only show the missing scenes.)
+56.35 sec.


Battle Between Amano and Suikakujo

The beginning of the scene (before Suikakujo extends his spikes) is shown longer.
1.88 sec.

The energy beam which hits Amano is shown longer.
1.21 sec.

Amano's energy beam hits Suikakujo.
2.08 sec.

Suikakujo is shown longer, bleeding. Amano's energy shield disappears.
3.08 sec.

After Suikakujo burned we see Amano who asks what Suikakujo could have wanted to say with his statement that Chojin is not what Amano thinks he is. Then he walks towards nagumo. The beginning of the shot of the roundabout was cut out, too.
10.43 sec.

The first 16 frames of Suikakujo (now completely burned) are only shown in the US version.
+0.67 sec.

End of the Different Order of the Scenes.

Akemi begs that Nagumo and Niki stop fighting.
7.59 sec.

Additional shot of Akemi holding Niki in her arms.
13.97 sec

Amano remains with Nikiís body and doubts Chojin. A shot of Choro follows and Amano believes Choro withholds sth. from her. Then a shot of Amano flying away. The shape of the woman (Suikakujo, back then in Tokyo) emerges at Nikiís. She sticks one of Suikakujoís horns in his mouth and Niki opens the eyes.
49 sec

Tinge of red in the shot of Jujinkai in the movie version, as beforehand. The shot of Jujinkai at the beginning is also different.
no difference

Movie Version OVA Version

Extended tracking shot during the sex scene.
5.55 sec

Nagumo flies past some people who have sex with one of the creatures.
3.09 sec

Extended black screen in the OVA Version during the tracking shot of the bridge.
1.38 sec

Extended black screen. The final credits of Part 2 have been removed.
137.8 sec

The End OVA 2

Total amount of the OVA 2 cuts (without final credits) = 1246.14 sec (1108.34 sec) / Difference in running time without final credits = 1110.80 sec
The remaining difference results of cuts <5 frames that couldnít be considered.


Movie Version

Now some parts of the scene with the woman who emerges at Nikisís in the movie version. She sticks the horn in Nikiís mouth which is why he opens his eyes. She starts praying. Then Niki again. Heís lying in the pool of blood on the ground. During this tracking shot, the versions are back in sync.
+31.24 sec

OVA Version

OVA 3 in the OVA Version begins with a prolog. Subsequently a summary of the scenes with Amano in the future. Then the title of OVA 3 is being displayed.

Distance shot of the construction site where Niki died. Shot of the praying woman. With the shot of Niki on the ground, the versions are back in sync.

316.73 sec = 5 min 17 sec

Difference to the Movie Version: 4 min 45 sec

Niki/Suikakujo grabs the womanís crotch. She moans and leans back. A second woman arrives and starts kissing Niki. Then a distance shot of the three of them and of Niki fingering the woman. The following shot contains a girl on girl oral sex scene. The details have been blurred again.
Furthermore the OVA Version contains two scenes that were exclusively at the beginning of OVA 2 in the movie version. A monster hatches out, another monsterís head gets snapped off.
After the shot of Nikiís face, the movie version is back on the field.
63.15 sec

Nikiís tentacles spread the womanís leg.
0.96 sec


Movie Version

The image section of the shot of the screaming woman has been narrowed. Then a shot of the tentacles clinging round her breasts. The movie version continues after the womanís body isnít visible anymore. Moreover the image section of the shot of Niki has been enhanced in the movie version. Please see either of the last screens. (+4.05 sec)

OVA Version

Extended shot of the woman being dragged to the back so that her genital area is visible. The tentacles cling round her breasts and penetrate. Then a shot of Niki satisfying the other woman orally. The close-up has been blurred again. The beginning of the shot of Niki being ďdown thereĒ is also missing. (16.31 sec)

12.26 sec

Two penis tentacles clear themselves and penetrate the women, several HC shots included. The woman make out.
45.5 sec

A bloody wound is being formed on Nikiís forehead, followed by a further sex scene.
8.26 sec

In the OVA Version, the shot of the horn growing out of Nikiís forehead is interrupted by a short HC shot of the tentacles in the womenís vaginas.
1.08 sec

The movie version lacks the ejaculation.
0.63 sec

When Akemi is running past the couple, the man has his hand ďdown thereĒ and moves it. Zip happens in the movie version.
no difference

Movie Version OVA Version

Only the movie version contains an additional shot of the garden and the building before Nagumo shows up at the window.
+13.01 sec

Megumi and Kuroko are on top of the building with Nagumo and Akemi in it. Then the audience gets reminded of Amano. The destruction and people on the run are being shown.
13.01 sec

Some scenes in Jujinkai contain a tinge of red (no screens).
no difference

Only the movie version contains an explicit shot of Nagumo penetrating Nagumo. Unfortunately, the image is blurred in the OVA Version.
3.09 sec


Movie Version

Now the beginning of the scene at 1:14:41/12:57-13:10. The camera tracks upwards the exterior wall, the scene with Megumi and Kuroko follows. But the scene with Amano is still missing. (17.52 sec)

OVA Version

Extended kissing scene. Then a transition to the following scene, theyíre having sex. A shot of the night sky follows. (19.6 sec)

2.08 sec

Alternate transition during the sex scene so that the movie version reveals less details. The OVA Version is also longer, a blurred HC scene included.
9.09 sec

Movie Version OVA Version

Another blurred HC shot.

The OVA Version contains an additional shot of Akemi and Nagumo including a blurred HC shot. Then the camera tracks from Akemiís face to Nagumo. The movie version contains a shot of Akemiís face instead, followed by a narrowed image section of Nagumo.
9.09 sec

Movie Version OVA Version

Nagumo transformed into the white-haired monster and continues to have sex with Akemi.
16.35 sec.

Now we see another sex scene with the monster. The hardcore sex scenes were blurred. The following scene was darkened in the movie version so that you only see Akemi's upper body.
2.25 sec.

Movie VersionOVA Version

Again we see a sex scene. During the following scene the movie version altered the image section so that you only see the faces of Akemi and the monster.
3.75 sec.

Movie VersionOVA Version

We see Akemi. Then the camera pans down her body. Subsequently, Akemi falls forward.
13.68 sec.

We see 2 blurry hardcore sex scenes.
5.83 sec.

Akemi lies on top of the monster and continues to have sex with it. Then follows a blurry detail shot.
7.97 sec.

The scene where Akemi has an orgasm was cut out.
4.21 sec.

The following shot begins a little earlier in the movie version.
+1.88 sec.

The flood wave is shown longer in the movie version.
+0.71 sec.

The end of the scene where the energy beams destroy the flying creatures as well as the beginning of the following scene are longer in the movie version.
+2.75 sec.

The energy field is shown earlier in the movie version.
+0.58 sec.

The impact as well as the white light are shown longer in the movie version.
+1.53 sec.

Again, the white light is shown longer in the movie version.
+0.91 sec.

While Nagumo plants himself in front of the camera, several shots are a little longer in the movie version. (In order to make this overview more clear, the cuts were taken together.)
+1.42 sec.

The shot of the monster is slightly different in both versions. Additionally, the OVA version has an animated background while the movie version zooms out of a still picture.
No difference in time.

Movie VersionOVA Version

Amano asks "3000 years ago?"; then Akemi's and Nagumo's child (in the shape of Akemi) explains how the three worlds were created and that Chojin would destroy the world if evil was able to take the worlds over after 3000 years.
80.83 sec.

A shot of Amano is shown earlier in the movie version.
No difference in time.

A shot of Amano and Akemi was postponed in the movie version.
No difference in time.

The scene change is shown longer in the OVA version.
2.79 sec.

After the epilogue the, the movie versionís credits roll over the moving images. In the OVA version the credits are shown AFTER the end of the scene. Additionally, the original version is longer.
4.63 sec.

End of OVA 3

Sum of the cuts in OVA 3 (not including epilogue and credits) = 573.08 sec. (570.45 sec.) / Difference in time (not including epilogue and credits) = 574.32 sec.
The rest of the difference in time results from cuts that are shorter than 5 frames and thus had to be ignored for this report.