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American Pie - American Wedding

original title: American Pie - American Wedding


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated Version
Release: Oct 01, 2008 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: SpecialEd - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated Theatrical Version and the Unrated Version.

The Unrated Version totally runs 426 seconds (7:06 minutes) longer than the theatrical version. The runtime of changed scenes is 492 seconds totally (8:12 minutes).The Rated-R-Version was not cut for theatrical release in the USA. Rather, a new version was made especially for the release of the DVD and for that reason additional scenes were filmed – the very unrated version! In the bonus section, the director gives this away.

The changed scenes mainly affect the bachelor party which now includes hotter scenes with the two dominatrixes. But the unrated version not only contains additions of sexual nature but black humor, too, as the scene with the dog shit proves.

The US-DVD contains both versions of the movie.

5:08 Min. - 5:10 Min.: Restaurant


In the unrated version Michelle gives Jim a big kiss at the restaurant, then hugs him in a different shot. The theatrical version only shows the beginning of the kiss-shot but not the kiss itself. In exchange for that the shot of the hug is slightly longer. The editing of the theatrical version is very good, because of the fluent transition between the scenes the audience does not notice that something was omitted.

Runtime: 2 Sec., Unrated 1 Sek. longer

9:34 Min. - 9:48 Min.: Residence of the Levinstein´s

Stifler enters the Levinstein´s home, accompanied with blaring rock musik. Stifler swings in time to the music and talks trash to two elder ladies, empties a glass of champagne – when he walks through a door, the theatrical version starts again, being very briefly longer in the beginning of the shot.

Runtime: Unrated 14 Sec. longer

9:53 Min. - 10:01 Min.: Residence of the Levinstein´s

Different editing:

The theatrical version shows Stifler approaching the wedding cake without saying something – in the unrated version he says the following in a different shot:

"Oh, gee. Thanks for inviting me to the graduation party, fucker!"

Runtime: 8 Sec., Unrated 7 Sek. longer.

10:03 Min. - 10:10 Min.: Residence of the Levinstein´s

Stifler licks off his fingers in a different shot. Then he exclaims:
"Oh. Fuckin' right, doggy. That's good cake!". People are turning to him. Then a shot from backwards: Stifler: "Holy Shit!"

Runtime: 7 Sec., Unrated 5 Sec. longer.

13:33 Min. - 13:42 Min.: Residence of the Levinstein´s

Stifler plans the bachelor party with the following content: "Chicks and boobs, tits and ass, titties, ta-tas, casabas, bazoongas all up in your friggin faces!" The unrated version shows the subsequent "Buck up fellas, show some enthusiasm!" in a different shot.

Runtime: 9 Sec., Unrated 7 Sec. longer.

20:01 Min. - 20:28 Min.: Dancing lessons with Stifler

Jim's "Go ahead, surprise me." to Stifler is an extension of the earlier shot in the theatrical version, in the unrated version the subsequent shot of Jim is longer. The "Go ahead" belongs in the theatrical version to the 1. and in the unrated version to the 2nd shot. Both lines are slightly different, so it isn´t the same take!

Only in the unrated version the following happens:

Stifler demands to have his fun at the wedding if he teaches Jim to dance (e. g. "No Pussy, no Dancing!"). As he leaves, Stifler provokingly touches his crotch!

Runtime: 27 Sec., Unrated 24 Sec. longer.

43:47 Min. - 43:54 Min.: Bachelor Party

The bachelor party was edited very much. Order of shots:

  • We see again Miss Brandi´s buns (the cleaning lady-dominatrix).

  • Kevin and Stifler cheer.

  • Then Finch in a different shot.

  • Shot of Officer Crystal (Cop-Domina)

Theatrical Version:
  • Finch cheers in a different shot.

Runtime: 7 Sec., Unrated 5 Sec. longer.

43:56 Min. - 43:59 Min.: Bachelor Party

In the unrated version, Officer Crystal slaps Miss Brandi´s bottom once.

Runtime: Unrated 3 Sec. longer.

44:04 Min. - 44:06 Min.: Bachelor Party

Another shot of Stifler and Kevin, followed by a shot of Officer Crystal: "You boys are gonna talk!"

Runtime: Unrated 2,5 Sek. longer.

44:10 Min. - 44:11 Min.: Bachelor Party

In the theatrical version, we just see Finch looking horny, the unrated version also shows Officer Crystal topless in the foreground.

Runtime: 1 Sek., no time difference


Theatrical Version

44:12 Min. - 44:18 Min.: Bachelor Party

Both versions show Crystal taking off her jacket and throwing it to Finch in different shots. Finch´s different point of views from the earlier shot are resumed from the sentence "Are you gonna stand there and drool". In the unrated version we see breasts again while the theatrical version only shows Finch and a frontal view of Crystal topless as she throws her jacket to Finch. The concluding line of "Or are we gonna have a bachelor party." Is made in connection with slightly different shots of Crystal.

Runtime: 6 Sek., Unrated 1 Sek. longer.


Theatrical Version:

44:26 Min. - 44:36 Min.: Bachelor Party

In still another shot Crystal fumbles the whip in Finch´s face: " I can't hear you! Louder, louder!". Horny Finch cries: "Stick a finger in my ass!". This is followed by a shot of Miss Brandi as well as one of Stifler and Kevin, who find this a very strange plea. Finally Crystal answers: "You just wait!".

Runtime: Unrated 10 Sek. longer.

44:41 Min.: Bachelor Party

The unrated version misses Stifler saying: "This is awesome!" (which appears later in the unrated version).

Runtime: Theatrical Version 2 Sek. longer.

44:45 Min. - 45:07 Min.

As Kevin says: "My girlfriend has strict rules about this. No touching!", the unrated changes after „this“ into a breast-shot of the dominas("No Touching" then spoken offline), while in the theatrical version he ends that line in the old shot.

Then Crystal grabs Kevin´s ear in theUnrated Version and hisses: "What are you, a dancing clown? You wipe that shit-eating grin off your face, you punk-ass little bitch.". Then she knocks him onto the couch.
Now the earlier shot of Stifler from the theatrical version appears ("This is awesome!"). This is followed with Stifler´s attempt to touch Crystal´s breasts, but he is rejected harshly and gets Brandi´s feather duster in front of his face!

In theTheatrical VersionKevin gets undressed with soft pressure after the line of "No Touching!". Again Stifler thinks everything´s "awesome"! Then already Brandi appears with her feather duster, but in a different shot.

Runtime: 22 Sec., Unrated 12 Sec. longer.

45:10 Min. - 48:14 Min.: Bachelor Party

After Stifler drunk his beer, the theatrical version continues with the scene when Brandi strips Finch off his clothes. However, the unrated version offers here lots of new stuff and the Kevin´s stripping-scene from the theatrical version (see earlier cut)

New in the Unrated:

The unrated version shows both dominatrixes are schmoozing Finch in a highly erotic way, who wears a cowboy hat and sits on a chair. Brandi strips off her blouse. Meanwhile Finch and Bear are talking. Finch says that he thinks Crystal is very hot: "No one has ever slapped my ass like that. No one's ever pinched my nipple with such ferocity.". Then he tells about his Tantra-skills.

Change of scene. Bear is monlogizing in front of a mirror. Stifler joins him and makes fun of Bears campy outfit. Then he runs to Brandi, who gets chewed out by Crystal in an erotic way ("Naughty, naughty girl.") and pretends to make love to her from behind. Brandi turns around … shit, it is Finch, dressed up as a blonde woman! He now gets in trouble with Brandy, who rips off his clothes, cursing ("Bitch fucker!") . When Crystal pinches his nipple, Finch utters a very feminine cry.

Change of scene to a hommage to part 2. Both dominatrixes want to play lesbian games. But after their bad experiences with that in part 2 the guys want to renounce that. In exchange of this one can see the women dancing with Finch, Kevin and a big dog. Meanwhile the little poodle takts the inflatable cow from behind. Subsequently we see Crystal and Stifler have a conversation. Stifler is bored and despaired because he just cannot make his move.

Only now Kevin gets his clothes ripped off his body like before in the theatrical version. This is followed by Stifler who unnverved talks to a inflatable doll with a beer bottle in its pussy-opening. Now we se more scenes of the dominatrixes binding Kevin to the chair. The transition to the theatrical version happen when Finch gets stripped by Brandi.

Runtime: Unrated 184 sec. longer.

48:19 Min. - 48:34 Min.: Bachelor Party

Brandi to Finch, tickling him with the feather duster: "How can I clean you, if you are not dirty?". Finch shrugs his shoulders.

Theatrical Version:

Here are two different shots: one of Finch´s belly with the feather duster, and one shot showing Finch´s face.

The shot of Brandi saying "Go, put something on, that I must clean off with my tongue!" is in each case a different take (but they seem the same), but it sounds in the unrated version much “hotter”, in exhange for that Brandy sucks seductively on her finger. Only in the unrated Finch is saying:"Ohh, anything for a French person." And runs from the living room into the kitchen, uttering the words "If you insist, Fräulein." where the theatrical version continues.

Runtime: 15 sec., Unrated 9 sec. longer.


Theatrical Version:

49:13 Min. - 49:19 Min.: Bachelor Party

"You dirty little pervert!" Stifler is called in another shot (once again we can see Crystal´s breasts). However, in the theatrical version the old shot gets only prolonged. Afterwards Crystal presses his head between her breasts only to push him right back on the couch.

Runtime: 6 Sec., Unrated 5 Sec. longer.

52:35 Min. - 52:46 Min.: Bachelor Party

The unrated version shows Crystal packing in her breasts again. The whole sequence of the two dominatrixes having a conversation, is just one shot in the theatrical version – in the unrated version, however, it consists of two shots and there is a new line where Crystal says: "I guess we'll just wait for them to call us.". Thus the line "Who knows what kind of kinky shit they're getting ready for us." gets moved into the Off of the scene with the sextoys. This scene also appears in the theatrical version but without any dialogue.

Runtime: 11 Sec., Unrated 3 Sec. longer.

52:51 Min. - 52:54 Min.

After Brandi asks whose turn it is to use the anal-sex-toy, the theatrical version switches into the kitchen – in the unrated version one sees that it is obviously Crystal´s turn because she lifts her finger. Brandi shrugs her shoulders.

Runtime: Unrated 3 Sec. longer.

55:19 Min. - 55:31 Min.

Finch´s explanation where Brandi comes from consists of different takes in the unrated version which
look very similar compared to the theatrical version but show more of Brandy´s breasts. The dialogue is identical.

Runtime: 12 Sec., Unrated 2 Sec. longer.


Theatrical Version:

56:51 Min. - 56:56 Min.

Officer Crystal calls Mrs. Flaherty "Dirty Whore", rips open her jacket to press Mrs. Flaherty´s head between her breasts.

Runtime: Unrated 5 Sec. longer.

60:17 Min. - 60:29 Min.: Car Ride

Stifler´s and Cadence´s conversation while the car ride is a bit longer in the unrated version.

Runtime: Unrated 12 Sec. longer.

60:48 Min. - 62:06 Min.: Hotel Lobby

Stifler learns that his room reservation was cancelled. He shall move to Finchs apartement. Stifler is angry that Finch cancelled the reservation. The concierge and Finch have fun to score off Stifler. Stifler goes postal, curses at the concierge and gives him the finger.

Cadence observes the scene. When Stifler and Finch realize that, they quickly assume their swapped roles. Stifler becomes very tame while Finch cranks up, curses and grabs his crotch. Mrs Flaherty thinks it is disgusting and grabs Finch´s earlobe and pulls him away. She books a beauty program, Stifler would like the same.

Runtime: Unrated 79 Sec. longer.

67:29 Min. - 67:37 Min.: Hotel Park

Stifler´s line "If I were lying, I'd think of something better than a kiss." is a different shot in the unrated version and continues with "Maybe a blowjob or some titty grabbin. No pussy for you, Finch!". Finally he says in the theatrical version: "Game over for you Finch!".

Runtime: 8 Sec., Unrated 3 Sec. longer.

70:05 Min. - 70:17 Min.: Dog Shit

The unrated version shows Mrs. Levinstein and Mrs. Flaherty. Mrs. Flaherty asks: "Is it Swiss or French Chocolate?". Stifler answers "Maybe German!". Again Mr Flaherty´s question in the Off in the unrated version:"Is it creamy?". Stifler affirms this and says that he really likes the taste.

Runtime: Unrated 12,5 Sec. longer.

70:24 Min. - 70:32 Min.: Dog Shit

Stifler und Mr. Flaherty continue to ponder on chocolate.

Runtime: Unrated 9 Secc. longer.

70:38 Min. - 70:53 Min.: Dog Shit

In the unrated version, Mr. Flaherty tells Stifler to bring something for everybode next time. When Stifler says good-bye, it is shown in slightly different takes but his leave is also shown in the theatrical version.

Runtime: 15 Sec., Unrated 10 Sec. longer.

Totally, the unrated version is 426 seconds (7:06 minutes) longer than the theatrical version! The runtime of all modified scenes is 492 seconds totally (8:12 minutes).