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Armour of God (aka Operation Condor 2: The Armour of the Gods)

original title: Long xiong hu di


  • International Version
  • HK Theatrical Version
Release: Sep 09, 2010 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
The Jackie Chan movie "Armour of God" was - just like many other Jackie-movies - heavily cut for international releases. The cuts mostly concern comedy and plot elements. This Version has been released in several coutries like the UK, Germany and the USA.

The British Label "Hong Kong Legends" (HKL) re-released the movie as a Special Edition - a completely re-dubbed version of the HK Version. Fortunately, the DVD contains the (moderate) English sync as well as the Original Cantonese Soundtrack.

Comparison between the old international version, represented by a German TV-Version, and the original HK theatrical version from the Hong Kong Legends DVD (BBFC-15)

The UK VHS also includes the international version. As this was in fact done with lots of Jackie titles distributed by Miramax / Buena Vista, it was assumed that a version with different cuts was shown in the USA. Therefore we also checked the US DVD and the new US BD. The only difference between these two releases are different credits (the DVD had new credits with the rather confusing US title "Operation Condor 2" while for the BD the original international credits were restored) but both contain the international version with the exact same cuts that are described in the following report.

The time designations are determined by the HKL-DVD.
12 cuts + 1 mistake of the master = 9 Min. 34 Sec.
Conversation about Jackie's former rockband
Before the conversation begins, the international version is missing out on a scene of Jackie performing a song with his band.
36 Sec.

The main part end of the conversation was cut out.
Jackie's friend tells him that she hopes to find his friend still alive. Jackie is shocked about this statement; then we see his friend again before both leave. A lot of content was cut out:

His friends gets ready to leave. Before he does so, he fishes a present for Jackie out of his luggage. Jackie then admits to be stubborn. When his friend denies this statement, Jackie again says that he is be stubborn. His friend ironically confirms Jackie to be stubborn and says that he does not want to argue anymore.
Jackie now resolves upon helping his friend who now is not even sure about saving his friend anymore. The reason for the change of his state of mind is his friendship to Jackie that he does not want to put in jeopardy.
Jackie puts his arm around his friend's shoulder and then they leave the square.
67 Sec.

Attempt to get the parts of the rich man's armour
Jackie and his friend tell the man that they need the armour, as it is the ransom for Laura. The old man ironically replies "Sure" - then follows the cut.
In the HKL-version, the old man additionally gives them a cunning reason, why he does not at all sees an urgency to help them. He tells them that for him, every life is equally important or unimportant. Then he says that if he would give them the two parts of the armour, he (because of his philosophy) would be forced to give away all his belongings to help starving people in Africa.
Jackie then says that they only want to borrow the armour, promising to bring it back to his owner. When being asked if he could ensure this plan, Jackie decisively confirms that they will bring it back. The man laughs and says that he could not at all trust them.

Both versions include Jackie's friend calling for a price to buy the armour.
33 Sec.

The old man leads Jackie and his friend into a room full of antiques. There, they are being told that museums all over the world borrow his antiques to exhibit them.
The international version then misses Jackie's friend saying that the safety must be pretty high when there are so many valuable items in the house. The old man tells them that he owns 50 dogs and three leopards who at night wander at large. The old man puts his arm around Jackie and wittingly mentions that he would not need any guards. Jackie laughs, making a perplexed facial expression.
16 Sec.

Jackie's friend plans to steel the armour
Jackie's friend says to Jackie that he obviously rather wants Laura to die so that he can't have her; then he slams his bedroom door shut.
In the international version, Jackie then also closes his door.
In the HKL version, Jackie follows his sore friend and opens the door again; they start to argue. Jackie thinks that as a guest you are not allowed to steal anything. His friend wants the armour really bad and says that it would be much easier and faster to just steal the armour and then return it later. The conversation ends with Jackie's friend again slamming the door shut.
46 Sec.

In the international version, Jackie has a nightmare: he runs away from his own car and then sees his friend and Laura (who seem to be a happy couple) standing in front of a door. In between, there are cuts to Jackie, tossing and turning in his bed.
When he falls out of the bed, a man approaches him, bends over him and says that the baron wants to see him.
36,5 Sec.

At the cloister
Jackie and his friend dressed up like monks and sneaked into the cloister with some prostitutes - the daughter of the rich man is one of them. In the cloister, the sect leader is listening to a report about the production made by one of the monks (including drugs and a lot of new recruitments). A monk comes in and whispers something into the sect leader's ear, whereupon both leave the room. The sect leader tells his deputy to go on with his work.
In the HKL-version, the deputy approaches the monks and thells the correspondant to keep it short. He anxiously replies that he's done. The deputy says that after 30 hard days of work it is finally time fot the feast. For this he wants to thank their god with a prayer.
Both versions correspond again when Jackie and his friend inconspicuously mix with the other monks during the prayer.
27 Sec.

The sect leader's deputy took the rich man's daughter up to his room because he thinks she's a prostitute. In the international version he in the next scene already lies on top of her and tries to kiss her.
In the HKL-version, they first sit on the sofa and drink an alkoholic beverage. The man empties his glass with one sip. When the woman wants to drink something, too, he takes her glass away and tells her to be careful with strong alkohol. She asks him if he's not afraid to get drunk. He tells her that he is not afraid of strong liquor and spits a sip of the liquid into the fireplace - resulting in a huge firing burst. He then tells her that they should not waste more time, pulls her legs on his lap and then springs at her. Just before his lips touch hers, she manages to put her hand in between. He goes on trying to kiss her but only ends up getting some of her hair in his mouth which he then spits out.
The versions correspond again during the next few overtures.
41 Sec.

Before the woman tries to wake the monk up, you (in the international version) see his fall:
He is standing on a wall, faltering, and boasts with all the keys he has to open many different doors in the cloister. He shows each of them seperately and then falls over on the bed. The woman watches him and then approaches him carefully.

Both versions correspond again when shes standing above him.
19 Sec.

Back in the Hotel
Jackie's friend comes into his room to talk about Laura. Jackie goes to the bathroom and then sits down next to him.
After Jackie sat down, his friend in the HKL-version asks him, if he recognized anything strange about Laura. When Jackie denies the questin, his friend says that she seems to be different. Jackie tries to be funny and claims that she's no chicken.
14 Sec.

HUGE CUT: The comedy scene where Jackie tries to hide his friend from May is continued in his room.
She sits down on the bed and asks herself what he might have wanted to show her. He sits down next to her and stutters a little. Then he reaches for his bag and says thathe wanted to show her some pictures of his childhood. In the same moment, Laura jolts up behind Jackie's bed, frightening both of them. May gets angry and shouts at Jackie because she thinks that he wanted to show her Laura in his bed. She smacks him and leaves the room.

Jackie asks Laura why she's there. She says that she was waiting for him. When being asked what exactly she's waiting for she just says that she didn't see him for a while and started to miss him. Then she throws herself at him. He tries to get her off and asks her about Alan. She doesn't even want him to mention that name; She falls on the bed with Jackie and immidiately tries to kiss him. Again, Jackie fights back. She looks at him, says that she will be right back and goes into the bathroom.

Jackie's friend comes into the room and asks him if he had seen Laura. Jackie denies it. His friend sits down on an armchair and recognizes that someone's in the bathroom. He asks him if someone's in there - again, Jackie denies it. His friend gets up and wants to take a look but Jackie is faster and closes the bathroom door. His friend smells a rat and asks who's in the bathroom. Jackie lies and says that it is May, justifying his previous lies with the fact that he didn't want to put her in a bad light. He suggests that his friend should leave (of course on behalf of May).

When being asked when it all began, Jackie replies that it has just started yet. In the corridor, Jackie's friend tells him that the smack was totally worth it when suddenly May stands in front of them. Angrily, she approaches both of then and Jackie's friend immidiately asks who really is in the bathroom. Jackie again tells a lie, saying that their bathrooms were connected and he was forced to act like he didn't know it.
May asks Jackie's friend if he had seen the whole scenery, too. While she is talking about Laura, Jackie's friend mistakes her question to be about Jackie's made-up relationship between the two and tries to calm her down. He tells her that the times had changed and that they could only get even closer that way. The conversation goes back and forth and soon she leaves , disgusted about what she jsut heard. Jackie's friend can't understand her reaction at all.

Jackie tries to act like he wants to find Laura. However, his friend pushes him towards May's door. After a short argument, he actually knocks at her door and she opens. Angrily she asks him what he wants. He answers that he only tries to get two people to love each other, obviously annoyed. To her shocked expression he replies that this does not concern her.
Then Jackie sees her packing together her stuff and asks her what she's doing. She tells him that she can't stand him any longer. When Jackie helps her packing her stuff, she leaves the room in anger.
When they both left the screen, we see Jackie's friend looking at May's room and starts to doubt that her room is really connected to Jackie's room.

All in all, this scene makes up 230 Seconds (= 3 Min. 50 Sek.) of cut out footage.

Mistake of the master: Jackie can be seen a little earlier, walking up the steps.
1 Sec.